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Chapter: 796

Plan is Conducted

Chapter 796: Plan is Conducted

Oscorp itself has a close relationship with Stark Industries due to the relationship between Harry and Lin Rui. After Tony Stark and the SHIELD alliance, Lin Rui gets Harry to give SHIELD something for a fee.

Among them, Titan’s genetics-enhanced Serum is something SHIELD has paid a heavy price for. Compared to a modified soldier Hoverboard, Genetically enhanced Serum, which enhances a soldier’s individual combat capabilities and qualities, will take SHIELD to the next level.

Therefore, SHIELD has used the Serum even before Oscorp could do various experiments and announce its exitance to the general public. For this reason, SHIELD will help when Oscorp prepares to launch this product on open the market with the improved normal version of the gene Serums in the future.

It was because of the alliance of these forces that SHIELD was able to develop so smoothly and rapidly. At this time, even if there is no Avengers Alliance, there are already other teams within SHIELD that can stand on their own. The mobile team in the second round was just one of them, and it was also the first team that Coulson released to test the waters.

Bang Bang Bang!

"Can they control the battlefield? You should know the strength of those enemies very well!" Roy asked with a worried expression on his face when he saw that the mobile suits with special equipment had already launched an attack on the enemy.

From what he could see on the screen in front of him, the individual hoverboards were firing more fire than the average machine gun.

Except for highly directed weapons such as laser beams, other kinds of weapons are not very effective against those enemies. That’s why Roy was worried when he saw that the mobile Suit’s weapons were more generic.

"Roy, do you know what the enemy we are facing this time?" Coulson on the side of the screen looked at him and asked calmly without immediately answering Roy’s question.

"Although I don’t have enough clearance but I can guess. Are they… are they… aliens?" After Coulson asked back, Roy answered in a cautious tone.

"Aliens?!…" After Roy answered, the two people beside him were shocked before they shut their mouths.

"That’s right! What we are facing this time is indeed a threat from an Alien Civilization. Moreover, we know something about them. In terms of strength, our mobile unit is not strong enough to fight them. However, our goal is just to block them here." Coulson said with a smile on the screen as he wasn’t surprised by Roy’s guess.

"You mean… You planned to destroy this area?!" After hearing Coulson’s answer, Roy asked as if thinking of something.

"That’s right, the support of the Helicarrier in the sky is only to control the situation without the Avengers. Our ultimate goal is to protect the earth! Therefore, the destruction plan still exists, and the Damascus Reese Sword is almost ready." On the screen, Coulson seemed to be looking somewhere else but he still explained his plan to Roy.

The Damascus Reese Sword is SHIELD’s space-based weapon system. Compared with the unnecessary casualties of the environment and personnel caused by the use of miniature nuclear bombs, the use of space-based weapons is not only equally powerful but also reduces a lot of subsequent damage.

"Damascus Reese Sword! It seems that you are aware of the threat of this Alien civilization!" When Coulson mentioned that the destruction plan would use the Damascus Reese Sword, Roy couldn’t help saying.

"Why do you think Captain Rogers and the others haven’t come back yet?" Coulson on the screen asked meaningfully after hearing Roy’s words.

"So that’s the case……"

"Also, don’t underestimate our mobile suits, each of them is the elite of the elite."

Pū Pū Pū!

While Coulson and Reese were talking behind the battlefield, the battle had broken out again.

Two more war beasts came out of the dimensional space after the previous attack of the laser beam, and they were being provoked by the four Mobile Unit Soldiers. From time to time, bullets are shot into their bodies, which, although not fatal, can cause some minor damage to them.

The remaining seven Dark Elf fighters seemed to be frightened by the laser beam strike that was enough to kill them, and they chose to defend against the various strikes of the mobile unit.

Because the dimensional space in the center of this ruin has always been there. No matter how fierce the battle became, this dimension seems to have not been affected much.

No, it can’t be said that it has no impact at all, it’s been a while since Dark Elf warbeasts or other Dark Elf warriors flooded the space where they first appeared.

However, the space waves from the dimensional side are still strong, and support from the Dark Elves is expected to arrive at any moment. For the sake of Aether, Malekith could not have given up such an opportunity.

Therefore, to guard the dimensional space and allow their support to arrive safely, the remaining seven Dark Elf warriors guarded the dimensional space from seven directions. They will defend against the attacks of the mobile unit soldiers. There would have been many casualties if it weren’t for the fact that these mobile unit soldiers have become very proficient in the control of individual Hoverboards. After all, those weapons in Dark Elf’s hands could also fly at a frightening speed.

Brush Brush!

In addition to the Mobile Unit Soldiers dispatched from the SHIELD headquarters, the Iron Man Suits who had dodged the first round of laser beam strikes also rushed out again as their mission is not over yet.

So, at this point, each of the seven Dark Elf warriors is facing at least three or four attacks. Even if they were powerful, they aren’t able to take it easy when they were pinned down on this side of the earth against the best warriors.


Just as the Mobile Unit Soldiers on the SHIELD side cooperated with Iron Man to suppress the remaining Dark Elf warriors, the concentration of alpha particles at the location of the dimensional space began to rise again, and it soon exploded.

"Time is up! Initiate Space Blockade!" Coulson issued an order with a serious look in his eyes as a strong spatial fluctuation came from the dimension space.

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