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Chapter: 797

Damascus Reese Sword

Chapter 797: Damascus Reese Sword

After Coulson gave the order, the Mobile Unit Soldiers who were still entangled with the Dark Elf warriors, directly suppressed the Dark Elves with the most intense firepower. Whether it was a rapid-fire machine gun, a laser weapon, or a burst of micro-missiles, even the alloy darts of the shuttle under the individual Hoverboard were fired.

Pū Pū Pū!

During the full-scale attack of Mobile Unit Soldiers, the Dark Elves who had to guard the dimensional space had to shrink their defenses again.

The spatial fluctuations from the dimensional space behind them are getting stronger and stronger, and support will come soon. This time it is likely that Malekith will come in person. Therefore, they cannot let the enemy affect this space teleportation.



Under the cover of so much firepower, a hole suddenly opened at the bottom of the Hoverboard under the Mobile Unit Soldiers’ feet. Then, a silver metal cylinder was shot out. However, the target of this cylinder is not those Dark Elf warriors, but the surrounding ground where the dimensional space is located.

Pū Pū Pū!

Under the precise control of each Mobile Unit Soldier, eighteen metal cylinders were quickly inserted into the ruined ground around the dimensional space. After being inserted into the ground, these metal cylinders lit up with circles of red light which indicated their active status.

"Mission Complete! Let’s go!" One of the soldiers in the Mobile Unit spoke after confirming that the eighteen metal cylinders were inserted in the expected positions and were all activated.

Brush Brush!

Then, without any hesitation, the eighteen Mobile Unit Soldiers stepped on their Hoverboards and rushed towards the sky. The rest of the Iron Man Armors are still fighting as they can’t leave without further orders.


While the Mobile Unit Soldiers have gone high into the air and retreated, the space fluctuations on the other side of the dimension are getting stronger and stronger and based on previous indications, something is about to arrive.

The metal cylinders on the ground that surround the dimensional space also quickly release a special energy fluctuation after activation.

This energy fluctuation is an electromagnetic wave with a fast frequency, and the energy fluctuations emitted by the eighteen metal cylinders continue to fluctuate. After some time, they were able to connect.


Under the cover of the strong spatial fluctuations on the other side of the dimensional space, the electromagnetic energy waves emitted by the eighteen metal cylinders silently constitute an energy barrier, just enclosing the central dimensional space.

Grounded in the ground, the 18 metal cylinders are the connection point, and when fully constructed, this energy barrier is six or seven stories high, like a giant cylindrical cover that appears out of thin air to cover the dimensional space.

Of course, this electromagnetic barrier composed of eighteen special equipment also surrounded those Dark Elf warriors. At the same time, the Iron Man Suits are still fighting inside.

"Good! Space lockdown is complete! Release the Damascus Reese Sword! Let’s show them that it isn’t this easy to attack earth!" As the electromagnetic energy barrier on the ground takes shape, Coulson’s eyes light up inside the Helicarrier, and then he lets out a faint exclamation of excitement.

"Coulson! You bastard!… Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate as far as you can!" After Coulson spoke, the ground force commander Roy shouted angrily from the screen in front of him.


Just as Coulson had just finished speaking, and the ground-based Roy was nervously arranging the retreat of the ground troops because of the imminent arrival of the space-based weapon, a roar gradually came from the 10,000-meter altitude.

The people on the ground can’t see much because of the clouds, but above the clouds, suspended thousands of meters above on the Helicarrier, people can see the amazing sight.

Far above their Helicarrier’s location, an object was falling so fast that it was enveloped in a long white stream of air and it was descending at a speed they couldn’t imagine. This is the Damascus Reese Sword, the most powerful space-based weapon in the SHIELD Arsenal.

The long object inside the white cloud explosion is a relatively small superalloy rod that was launched from low Earth orbit. It picks up enough kinetic energy from the force of gravity to destroy buildings over a kilometer, and as far as the center of its impact goes, there would probably be nothing left.



"The orbit correction is complete, and the Damascus Reese Sword will hit the target in three seconds." The Damascus Reese Sword had already rushed down from the Helicarrier, and Coulson was getting updates from his men behind him.



Brush brush!

With three seconds to go before the strike of Damascus Reese Sword, the center of the dimensional space blocked by the electromagnetic barrier finally reappeared.

Moreover, there are quite a few people present this time, including Malekith who is different from the other Dark Elf warriors. Malekith finally took matters into his own hands after the advance troops had poked their way.

"Roar~" With a roar, a giant war beast the size of a truck rushed out of the dimensional space.

On the back of this giant war beast, Malekith was coldly surveying the situation around him. Malekith revealed an expression of disdain after seeing that he was trapped inside a translucent barrier.


The next moment, Malekith waved his hand forward. Under Malekith’s action, the Dark Elf warriors and giant war beasts who followed him out of the dimensional space immediately rushed out. Their primary goal is to get rid of those Iron Man Armors who are still fighting them as they can that those flying Iron Man are the enemy.

Especially for those Dark Elf who fought against Lin Rui, they saw this kind of flying thing in the beginning. In Asgard’s forbidden area, the Iron Man suit that Lin Rui wore at the beginning was destroyed by several Dark Elves.

So, these Dark Elf fighters will do their best to destroy these Armors because they think that every Iron Man suit is the same enemy as Lin Rui.

Bang Bang Bang!

Three of the ten Iron Man suits left were destroyed in an instant. Meanwhile, Malekith has already reached the translucent electromagnetic barrier on his giant warbeast.

"This is… um?!" Just when Malekith was about to test what was going on with the barrier blocking him, his expression changed suddenly, and he raised his head the next moment.


As Malekith looked up, there was a distant roar coming from above the thick cloud. In the next second, a circle of white sonic booms took the lead in breaking through the thick clouds. Then, the super-alloy long rod dragged the white airflow straight down!

Malekith: "…"

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