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Chapter: 800

Hurries Back

Chapter 800: Hurries Back

Harry knew exactly what Deadpool was saying but he was a little embarrassed by his outburst and didn’t explain anything, so he let Deadpool get the wrong idea.

"Well, I am familiar with your work." In the end, Harry simply followed Deadpool’s words.

"Oh?! Really? What do you know about me?!" At first, Deadpool thought that this Boss of Oscorp just happened to know his name, but now it seems that he knows him, so of course, Deadpool needs to ask some more questions.

Harry: "…"

"Ahem, what are you doing here?" Without intending to answer Deadpool’s words, Harry decisively changed the subject.

"Uh… By the way, I’m here to tell you that we, and by we, I mean the League of Defenders have a way to save the guy inside." Deadpool quickly said after hearing Harry’s words.

"League of Defenders have a way to save Jackson?!" Harry spoke with a surprised expression on his face after hearing Deadpool’s words.

Harry was also a member of the League of Defenders, and if the League of Defenders had a way then how could he not know about it.

However, Harry’s thinking was wrong. Because Jerry was too anxious, he didn’t tell Harry what he thought of. Actually, Jerry had forgotten that Harry had reached the Stark Industries building to see Lin Rui.

"Yes, I think JARVIS should already know what to do by now. If you have any doubts, you can ask him." Seeing Harry’s disbelief, Deadpool explained it simply.

"JARVIS? I’ll…" Harry’s eyes flashed when he heard Deadpool’s words, and he had already contacted Jerry directly.

Then, Harry got the plan to save Lin Rui from Jerry. After listening to Jerry’s approach, Harry also felt that their approach was better than Thor’s. However, Jerry’s approach is also very uncertain. That is, Jerry can’t be sure whether X-Men can get Rogue back. If Rogue didn’t come back, then Jerry’s plan would not work.

"It’s still better than having no hope!" Harry thought silently in his heart after confirming that the X-Men were already trying their best to find Rogue.

"By the way, do you know what that thing he’s holding in his hand? That thing has been supporting him until now, right?" Just after Harry had gotten the plan from Jerry, Deadpool pointed to the infirmary and asked.

"Well, the reason Jackson is hovering between life and death is because of the residual dark energy in his wounds. What Jackson is holding in his hand was not able to counter those dark energies, but it was able to provide Jackson with a special type of energy that kept pulling his life force back." After Deadpool asked the question, Harry simply replied.

"Since you have come here then you know that Jackson is a very amazing person, and it wouldn’t be too strange for him to have such a thing," Harry added after answering.

"Well, of course, I’m not surprised that this guy has this kind of thing in his hands. It’s just that I feel a little familiar with this thing." Hearing Harry’s words, Deadpool nodded and said.

Speaking of which, it’s true that Deadpool is familiar with the Heart of Life in Lin Rui’s hands. Because, when he was on that alien planet, Deadpool was also attacked by that B-Grade plant monster. And this heart of life is what Lin Rui got from the monster’s body, so it’s normal for Deadpool to feel familiar.


"By the way, I haven’t introduced you guys. This is Deadpool, a member of the League of Defenders. And this… er, he’s a friend of Jackson’s." Harry didn’t think much about what Deadpool said and then started to introduce Deadpool and Thor to each other.

"Well, I know him." Facing Harry’s introduction, Thor simply nodded and had no plans to communicate further with Deadpool.

Deadpool: "…" Seeing Thor’s attitude, Deadpool certainly wouldn’t take the initiative to say anything.

Then, outside the ward where Lin Rui was receiving the most high-end medical care from JARVIS, Deadpool was waiting for other news. Of course, they are also paying attention to Lin Rui’s life all the time.

While Deadpool and the others were watching Lin Rui’s situation, Tony, who was rushing back finally came back to New York. Along the way, Tony has learned from JARVIS that Harry and Jerry have some ways to save Lin Rui’s life at this time.

However, none of these solutions seemed so certain to Tony. Therefore, Tony had to see Lin Rui’s situation as soon as possible before making a decision.

From the very first time he knew Lin Rui, Tony took care of this talented young man as a very important junior. Especially since Tony knew that Lin Rui was Mirage Knight, he was very grateful to Lin Rui for saving his life a few times.

And Lin Rui’s identity is also very sensitive, if it wasn’t for Tony’s help, Lin Rui’s Mirage Knight’s identity would probably have been all over the city long ago.

For Lin Rui and later Spiderman Peter, Tony has his own sense of responsibility towards them. He may not be as old as these two boys in many respects, but he will do his best to protect them.

For example, Tony has long suspected that Lin Rui inherited the legacy of an extraterrestrial high-tech civilization lost to Earth. However, he did not speak about it with Lin Rui but cooperated with him to make their relationship more stable.

So this time, Tony is responsible for Lin Rui’s life, and Tony Stark may not approve of the solutions that others think are feasible. He can’t make a decision until he sees the problem. And if Rogue is the only safe way and if the X-Men don’t get her back then Tony Stark will do whatever it takes to get her back.

"Sir, the battle over London has ended, and the dimensional space has been shattered by the impact of the space-based weapon. The beasts and warriors of the Dark Elves who rushed out of the dimensional space have all died, and the casualties of the SHIELD London branch are Ten Units or so." JARVIS’ voice rang in Tony’s ear as he rushed into New York and was about to arrive home.

"Okay. The Helicarrier and the Damascus Reese Sword system have been dispatched. If Coulson couldn’t even destroy one dimension with these things then he and SHIELD are useless." Hearing JARVIS’ report, Tony spoke without any change in his expression.


In the next moment, Tony rushed to the top floor of the Stark Industries building in the center of New York. There, Pepper was looking up at the sky with a worried look on her face.

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