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Chapter: 637

Chapter 637: Chen Yue Came

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Atlas Studios Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Atlas Studios

Seeing that the wilderness was right in front of her, Chen Yue heaved a sigh of relief.

"This place isn’t that wild!"

He scanned his surroundings. Compared to the dense areas of the human race, it was indeed a little desolate.

However, it was not as rumored. This place was deserted. Demon beasts were everywhere, and miasma was everywhere. The people who came here were basically famous outside. Robbery and slaughter were common, and it was not suitable for humans to live. Although what he saw now was a little desolate, it was similar to a sparsely populated place.

"Let’s continue forward!"

Seeing such a scene, Chen Yue still felt a little insecure.

How could he avoid the Tang family’s ancestor in such a place?

It didn’t look like the wilderness at all.

Chen Yue walked forward carefully.

If it didn’t work out, he would go deep into the wilderness.

Otherwise, there was no way to survive.


Not long after Chen Yue left, a figure appeared at the place where Chen Yue had just stayed.

"Humph, she wants to hide in the wilderness. Now that the wilderness has moved to the Demon Clan’s territory, only that place will prevent human experts from appearing. This little girl is doomed this time." The figure snorted coldly.

Now, the experts of the Demon Clan could barely take care of themselves. They rarely took action at the border of the Demon Region, let alone here.

In the past, there were many great demons in this wilderness. When human experts appeared, they had long regarded them as opponents or delicacies. Therefore, the Wildlands was a paradise for low-level cultivators.

With one low-level and one high-level cultivator chasing after him, high-level cultivators would definitely be unlucky.

Similarly, there were many human masters in the wilderness.

‘The Demon Clan experts couldn’t even take care of themselves, so they commanded the experts to attack. Otherwise, the pursuers and those being chased would become food for the beasts. In short, in this chaotic place, people killed every day.

Relatively speaking, experts or low-level experts would die here.


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‘The Tang family’s ancestor scanned with his divine consciousness and appeared at the foot of a mountain in a flash, blocking Chen Yue’s path.

"You have nowhere to go. Be beheaded!"

"Hehe, your Tang family will be finished sooner or later!"

Chen Yue smiled bitterly.

He didn’t expect that he still couldn’t avoid the pursuit.

"I don’t know if our Tang family will be finished, but you will definitely be finished."

‘The Tang family’s ancestor reached out to grab Chen Yue.

Chen Yue retreated repeatedly.

"Trying to escape?"

He immediately changed his claw to a palm and attacked Chen Yue.


The mountain shook!

Everyone in the Wildlands turned around.

"A fight between Void Realm masters?"

Not far away, a mountain was staring at him. Li Mu was startled awake.

After so many years, one was looking for an epiphany method.

He had finally found a hint of enlightenment, but it was interrupted.

He was furious and scanned with his divine consciousness.

"Yue Yue?"


After two palms, Chen Yue flew out.

"Is it painful? I asked you to kill yourself just now, but you refused. I’m afraid it will be impossible for you to kill yourself in the future. When the time comes, you will beg me to kill myself." ‘The Tang family’s ancestor said hatefully.

If it wasn’t for this woman, the Tang family wouldn’t be in such a sorry state.

If it wasn’t for this woman, the Tang family wouldn’t have destroyed the Fleeting Cloud Sect and taken such a huge advantage.

"Give me a quick death if you can!"

In the air, Chen Yue’s expression changed as she roared angrily.

She, who was already heavily injured, was no match for the Tang family’s ancestor.

However, the Tang family’s ancestor did not kill her.

After fighting with the Tang family for so many years, Chen Yue knew the methods of the Tang family. If she didn’t kill them, she would probably be tortured. He indeed regretted not self-destructing just now.

Now that she was mobilizing her vital essence, Chen Yue realized that she was actually mobilizing her vital essence the same way.

He was poisoned!

Previously, he thought that socializing might attract experts, and he still had a chance to escape.

He didn’t expect that after two attacks, not only did he not attract the attention of the experts of the Wildlands, but he also became a fish on the chopping board. "What do you want?"

"Tl capture you and take back the interest that my Tang family lost bit by bit. Ill let the Tang family’s juniors play for a period of time first. When my Corpse Refinement Method succeeds, I’ll refine you into a bronze corpse that will serve my Tang family for generations."

As the Tang family’s ancestor spoke, he had already arrived in front of Chen Yue. He waved his long robe and rolled up Chen Yue, wanting to take her away.


‘When the Tang family’s ancestor moved, Chen Yue also moved under her robe.

He fled towards the mountain behind him at an even faster speed.

"Hmm? She still has the strength to escape! Is it because my poison is not good, or is this woman too cunning?"

‘The Tang family’s ancestor frowned and chased after Chen Yue.

After chasing for so many years, he didn’t expect this woman to escape from him time and time again. She was already like this, yet she could still escape. It seemed that she had a lot of secrets!

These secrets are all mine. They are all mine.

Thinking of this, the Tang family’s ancestor’s speed increased.

‘With more secrets, their Tang Sect would have more trump cards.

Chen Yue was getting faster and faster.

‘The Tang family’s ancestor moved even faster.


Suddenly, the Tang family’s ancestor seemed to have bumped into something, and his expression was solemn.

"Not good, it’s a great formation. It’s not inferior to the great formation of the Flowing Wind Sect."

‘The Tang family’s ancestor shouted secretly.

After shuttling through the formation twice, he was attacked by the formation and had no choice but to retreat.

"What a powerful formation. I almost couldn’t come back."

If he was not decisive enough, he would be trapped in the formation.

‘Who was setting up the great formation here?

‘The Tang family’s ancestor pondered.

At the same time, his face was extremely gloomy. He was about to catch that woman, but she actually escaped again.

In the formation, Chen Yue flew back uncontrollably.

At first, he thought that he was being dragged by the Tang family’s ancestor, but when he saw the Tang family’s ancestor’s figure getting further and further away, he was confused. After entering the formation, Chen Yue felt a sense of familiarity.

This formation had too many similarities with the Xuantian Sect’s formation.

Before she could observe and understand the formation, her figure had already passed through the formation and appeared on a mountain.

"Where am I? Why am I here?"

Staring at the Tang family’s ancestor at the foot of the mountain, Chen Yue had another reaction.

If the Tang family’s ancestor was blocked outside the sect, then how did he pass through the formation?

His mind was filled with questions.

However, because he was poisoned and unable to move, it was impossible to investigate these doubts.

He scanned his surroundings with his divine consciousness.

Other than a few thousand meters in front of him, he couldn’t see anything clearly.

On the mountain top and even under his feet, there was a cloud. Not only did it block his vision, but it also blocked his divine consciousness.

Could it be that some master was living in seclusion here?

"Which senior saved me? I’m very grateful. Senior, please show yourself."


Apill appeared in his mouth.

"Open your mouth!"

A voice appeared in Chen Yue’s mind.

Then, Chen Yue couldn’t help but open her mouth. The pill entered her mouth and turned into a warm current that flowed into her stomach.

Soon, the poison in his body was cured, and his injuries were stabilized.

"Thank you for the medicine, Senior!"

Chen Yue endured the pain and thanked him.

"Rest well and cultivate! When your cultivation level increases, the doubts in your heart will naturally be resolved."

Li Mu said from the top of the mountain.

‘At this moment, Li Mu was still wondering why Chen Yue was here.

Only emperor-level experts could enter the core of the Land of Demon Slayers. It was not strange for an emperor-level expert of the Xuantian Sect to obtain the information. How did Chen Yue, who was at the peak of the Semi-god Realm, know about this world? That entrance was extremely secretive!

"Could it be that some emperor-level expert of the Xuantian Sect told Chen Yue that Chen Yue took the initiative to come here to scout?"


T already said that this place was dangerous. Even emperor-level experts had to be careful when coming here.

‘That pathfinder was also at the emperor-level.

"Lwonder how many emperor-level experts the Xuantian Sect has now, and how many have seen the information I left behind?"

There were probably not many.

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