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Chapter: 638

Chapter 638: Shearing Wool

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Atlas Studios Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Atlas Studios

Thinking about it carefully, the last time he went back to see the Xuantian Sect’s emperor-level experts, there were only two of them.

It had only been 1,500 years.

In the past thousand years, with the clarity of the world and the support of the Land of Demon Slayers, there should be two more people.

Even before this, the Xuantian Sect only had four or five emperor-level experts.

"What’s the use of making wild guesses? When the time comes, we can just go back and take a look. If we really don’t want to go back, isn’t there a ready-made person here?"

He would ask her after her detoxification cultivation improved.

Chen Yueyue was not considered a stranger.

"Meeting here can be considered fate!"

Li Mu threw out two more bottles of pills. Then, he appeared in the sky above the wilderness and scanned his surroundings with his divine consciousness.

Then, his figure kept moving and appeared in the sky above dozens of states.

"It seems that only Chen Yueyue came alone. The others didn’t appear. But how could Chen Yueyue be chased by the Tang Sect?"

When he returned to the mountain, Li Mu found that the Tang Sect’s Ancestor was hiding not far from the mountain and watching him.

"He won’t stop until he kills Chen Yue!"

He glanced at Chen Yue and found that she was not far from breaking through to the Paradise Realm.

Since that was the case, it was better to leave this grudge to Chen Yue herself!

In the Xuantian Sect.

Li Pinlin and Li Yu’an had reached the peak of the Virtual Realm.

The Li family outside the Imperial City had produced many prodigies in the past thousand years.

‘The few grandsons and daughters-in-law who had previously complained saw their descendants becoming more and more geniuses. With the help of the State of Great Xia and the Xuantian Sect, the entire Li family’s strength became stronger and stronger. In the past thousand years, from two to three hundred people to a family with tens of thousands of people, the entire Li family had completed a transformation.

Many prodigies in the clan entered the State of Great Xia to serve, and some joined the Xuantian Sect. Everyone was living well.

Other than cultivation, there were no other problems to consider.

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The Li family had the resources.

Moreover, the State of Great Xia and the Xuantian Sect would sometimes allocate more of them.

With the backing of the State of Great Xia and the Xuantian Sect, no force dared to provoke them.

For a thousand years, the Xuantian Sect had continuously produced emperor-level experts.

The Human Clan was the strongest in the world.

A third emperor-level expert had also appeared in the State of Great Xia.

In the Land of Demon Slayers.

‘The new emperor-level expert of the Xuantian Sect entered a white world.

"Is this the core of the Land of Demon Slayers?"

While he was puzzled, he heard a voice.

After a long while, the emperor-level expert finally woke up from his shock.

All the stories of the entire Xuantian Sect surged into his mind. Not only that, but he also obtained a huge secret.

"Since that world is so dangerous, I’ll wait. At the very least, I’ll look for opportunities when my cultivation can’t increase."

After coming out of the Land of Demon Slayers, this emperor-level expert was in seclusion like Li Jiao.

After entering seclusion, this emperor-level expert was still in shock for a long time.

After a few days, he still couldn’t devote himself to cultivation.

"Should we ask Senior Li Jiao? How did she calm down back then?"

At this moment when the emperor-level expert was conflicted.

In the Land of Demon Slayers, another emperor-level expert of the Xuantian Sect was also approaching the core area.

"After so many years, I’m finally close to the core."

Time passed bit by bit.

All the emperor-level experts of the Xuantian Sect also knew this secret.

Finally, one day, an emperor-level expert couldn’t take it anymore.

"Everyone, I want to go and take a look. With you guys guarding the sect, having me around won’t be of much use."

‘The one who spoke was a young man.

His name was Xie An.

‘A genius that the Xuantian Sect had accepted in the early years had experienced many great changes.

After the Demon Smelt Tower and the Land of Demon Slayers became the trial grounds for the disciples of the Xuantian Sect, this person’s cultivation level increased rapidly.

It rose at a visible speed.

Coincidentally, the time when Xie An grew up was the time when the Xuantian Sect did not lack resources.

His senior brother had been delayed for decades because of resources, and he had never missed many opportunities that should have been theirs.

‘As for Wang Qian‘an, he was even worse.

At the advanced stage of the Semi-god Realm, his potential was exhausted.

If he had half of Xie An’s opportunities during his growth, Wang Qian‘an could guarantee that his cultivation would not stop.

Other than Xie An, the Xie family also had a genius, Xie Xuan.

Now, he was also a dazzling genius of the Xuantian Sect. Last year, he obtained a Wanxiang Pill from the Land of Demon Slayers. In just a year, his cultivation level directly broke through from the initial stage of the Semi-god Realm to the advanced stage of the Semi-god Realm. "If you insist on going, we won’t stop you. We’ll only worry that you’re not strong enough and will encounter danger outside."

LiJiao said.

He was already at the third level of the emperor-level, but he still didn’t have much expectations for going to that dangerous world.

The patriarch said that it was very dangerous there.

‘What was the ancestor’s cultivation level?

Small fries like them were far inferior to the Ancestor. If they went, there would probably be more deaths.

In the Xuantian Sect, they were the ancestors.

No one could touch them. With endless opportunities, as long as there was enough time, their cultivation would definitely increase.

Especially the cultivation methods obtained from the Land of Demon Slayers, they were all extremely powerful.

As the laws of the world became clearer and the prenatal qi became denser, their cultivation would also increase.

If they went to challenge that dangerous place now, no matter how they looked at it, they wouldn’t know.

"Tl go over and scout first."

Xie An said.

They would definitely scout the way.

More importantly, he didn’t want to miss any opportunity that would help him grow.

Looking at the Xuantian Sect, there were geniuses everywhere.

Many geniuses had higher aptitude than him, but in the end, they were still in the inner sect. They had missed too many opportunities that should have been there.

"It’s good if you’ve thought it through! We’ll go anyway. When the time comes, we might join you."

"We’re all emperor-level experts. It’s meaningless to say more. Let us know when you leave and we’ll send you off."

A few days later, Xie An left the Xuantian Sect and returned to the Xie family.

After staying for a period of time and handing over some matters, he returned to Xuantian Sect half a year later to find Xie Xuan.

"Tl help you find a way out. When I find the way, I’ll come back to pick you up, regardless of whether you’re already an emperor-level expert." "Brother, go ahead! If you really encounter any danger and leave news of your enemies, I can avenge you in the future."


Xie An slapped Xie Xuan’s face.

"When I go, I will definitely be able to kill a world for you."

Xie An raised his head and said.

"Brother, you must live!"


"Say something auspicious!"

Xie An was about to leave.

Just as all the higher-ups of the Xuantian Sect were about to send Xie An off.


Xie An entered the Land of Demon Slayers.

Half a year later, Xie An came out with a large number of pills.

"Sorry, I want to bring more life-saving things."

"Get lost!"

Xie An left.

The higher-ups of the Xuantian Sect sighed.

"We just watched the child we spent a huge amount of resources and painstakingly raised leave like this?"

A few old eyes were filled with reluctance.

"Isn’t that normal? A grown eagle will fly away. If he leaves, he won’t be our child no matter if he’s dead or alive. He’s the child of God."

"What I mean is that our Xuantian Sect spent countless resources to watch Xie Xuan become an emperor-level expert. Then, he left without paying much for our Xuantian Sect. I’m a little happy!"

"Why don’t we capture him and let him serve a few years of hard labor?"

"Catch him! He made a bad start. He just left. Before he left, he even cut a handful of our wool."

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