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Chapter: 648

Chapter 648: Qing Luan’s Breakthrough

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Atlas Studios Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Atlas Studios

The Tang Sect was locked in a city.

Just as Chen Yue made her move, a phantom appeared above the city.

The virtual shadow glared at Chen Yue.

Awave of emotions rose from his heart.

Then, his primordial spirit began to weaken, and his eyes instantly lost their gaze.


Chen Yue shouted and ran out of the city in a flash.

Not long after Chen Yue left, three hollow figures appeared at the place where Chen Yue disappeared.

"It’s that woman!"

The expressions of the few cave masters were extremely gloomy.

"Second level of the Void Realm. It’s impossible for the three of us to stop her!"

"Hmph! When she transformed, we didn’t even keep her. Don’t even think about it now."

"She seems to be injured!"



In the distance, Chen Yue spat out a mouthful of blood.

Just a glance had injured her primordial spirit.

That phantom was probably the Tang San mentioned by the Tang Sect!

Now that he was seriously injured, not to mention taking revenge, it would be troublesome if he was surrounded by the Tang Sect’s experts. Sensing that the Tang family was flying over, Chen Yue flew towards the wilderness without saying a word.

Half a year later, Chen Yue entered the mountain with injuries all over her body.

Half a day later, the Tang family’s ancestors stared at the mountain helplessly.

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"Let’s go! We can’t enter this formation. The Tang Sect can’t lose us."

"Are we going to let her go just like that?"

He was unwilling!

They also knew that after letting Chen Yue go this time, the Tang Sect would face even more heavy losses.

"There’s no other way! I hope that she won’t be able to recover in a short period of time after being seriously injured this time. The rest can only wait for Ancestor Tang San." The three hollow masters of the Tang Sect left with disappointment.

Half a month later.

A figure stumbled into the formation.

Following that, a few figures shouted, shouted, and charged into the formation.

Several cave masters had been attacking the formation for many days. Seeing that the formation could not be broken, they could only wait outside. Inside the formation, Xie Xuan fell to the ground. He looked back and laid on the ground.

"That was close. Fortunately, I have enough trump cards. The important thing is that my Xuantian Sect has always been familiar with the story of Liu An and Wei Yang. Otherwise, we would be finished this time." After taking a few breaths and recovering some strength, Xie Xuan slowly climbed up the mountain.

Two years later, Li Mu left the cave with the immortal monster of the Yin Yang Sect.

After recuperating for two years, Tang San’s injuries had mostly recovered.

When he was sure that he could move, he returned to the Tang Sect before Li Mu.

At this moment, in the Tang Sect, other than a few core cities, other places had seen disciples being killed.

As for the city that had occupied the Flowing Cloud Sect, it had been taken back by the disciples of the sect.

On a mountain in the wilderness.

In two years, Chen Yue’s injured primordial spirit had recovered a little.

After tidying up the futon under her, Chen Yue walked up the mountain.

"Senior is back?"

Before reaching the top of the mountain, Chen Yue captured the aura of a human.

"This aura is quite unfamiliar. It’s not Senior!"

Chen Yue’s heart clenched.

‘At the same time, Xie Xuan opened his eyes and glanced down the mountain.

"I saw someone. This is…"

Xie An’s divine consciousness moved for a moment before retracting it.

"Not long after I left, another emperor-level expert appeared in Xuantian Sect, and it was a second level emperor-level expert. Such a genius…"

Xie An’s divine consciousness moved again.

"Chen Yue? Why is it her?"

Xie An knew a little about Chen Yue, but he had never paid attention to her.

In the Virtual Realm, Chen Yue was still his senior sister.

At that time, Chen Yue was still an influential figure among the inner sect disciples.

He had once seen Chen Yue from afar.

After that, he worked hard to catch up. His talent was discovered by the elder and he was accepted as a true disciple. The resources he obtained far exceeded that of an inner sect disciple. His realm also quickly surpassed Chen Yue’s. After that, Chen Yue and the other influential figures in the inner sect never bothered him.

After stepping into the True Realm, the disciples of the Xuantian Sect had fewer and fewer opportunities to meet each other.

If it wasn’t a lover, he basically wouldn’t see them.

He spent most of his time in seclusion.

By the time he became an emperor-level expert, the Xuantian Sect already had five emperor-level experts and hundreds of advanced stage Semi-god Realm experts. Most of these people were hiding in the Land of Demon Slayers, and a small number were hiding in the Demon Smelt Tower.

They didn’t see each other all year round.

"She… is also seriously injured?"

The scene of Chen Yue accidentally revealing her cultivation method and being chased after appeared in Xie An’s mind.

"Tsk tsk, this injury is much more serious! It’s basically just a physical injury. I can recover with pills and enough prenatal qi. Forget it, I’ll help him. After all, we’re from the same sect." Xie An took out a pill from the bag and slowly approached Chen Yue.

Chen Yue was shocked.

His thoughts raced.

The senior must have allowed them to enter the formation.

"How is Senior Sister Chen? I didn’t expect her to break through to the emperor-level after me. Moreover, she actually became a second level emperor-level expert after me." "You are the Xuantian Sect…"

Chen Yue’s eyes widened.


Xie An said and threw the pill in his hand to Chen Yue.

He couldn’t bear to see Chen Yue eat it.


Chen Yue closed her eyes and refined the pill.

"It’s just a pill. Wait for the Ancestor to come back and ask him for it."

Xie An said with heartache.

These words were meant for Chen Yue and himself.

Li Mu returned to the great formation and instantly saw Xie An.

"The Xuantian Sect?"

Li Mu frowned.

He had no impression of Xie An at all.

After observing Xie An for two days and confirming that he was a disciple of the Xuantian Sect, Li Mu appeared.

‘When Li Mu appeared, Xie An knelt down without saying anything.

"Greetings, Ancestor!"

He had discussed the situation of this mountain with Chen Yue over the past two days.

He knew that there was only one Xuantian Sect senior on the mountain.

When he came, he had also thought that the Xuantian Sect’s Ancestor was alone on the mountain, or that the Ancestor had taken in a disciple. After receiving Chen Yue’s affirmation, he saw that the person’s aura was like an abyss.

"Tell me about the Xuantian Sect!"

Li Mu didn’t say anything else and said directly.

In the Demon Clans.

Ina cave in the Heavenly Cloud Peak, a gust of wind suddenly gathered.

"Our Demon Clan has a new immortal? The primordial spirit has fused with the world, which can be considered a path of immortality. In time, we will definitely succeed." He stared at the sky.

"It’s good that they’re not from the You Fu Forest."

Ina certain forest.

On the huge parasol tree, Qing Luan slowly retracted his aura.

A few months ago, it suddenly had an epiphany.

When he woke up, his cultivation had reached the peak of the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

"This can be considered an opportunity!"

His figure moved, and six flames appeared on his body.

They were white, purple, green, black, and yellow.

The laws of each color and flame were different.

"The most powerful six heavenly fires in the world. As long as I want them, they are mine. This is no longer an ordinary fire method."

The flames around Qing Luan’s body were of different shapes and colors.

Suddenly, the six-colored flames formed a new Qing Luan.

"Hehe, now you’re my substitute. I’m going into seclusion!"

Qing Luan said and disappeared from the sycamore tree.

Then, the Qing Luan formed by flames stood on the Wutong branch with its eyes closed, as if it was cultivating…

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