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Chapter: 666

Chapter 666: Transformation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The world was shocked, and the Phoenix Clan was in the limelight.

He wanted to see which race in the world had two immortals in a short period of time.

‘There was not even one immortal among many races.

Especially on the Demon Clan’s side, more races had chosen a descendant with great potential before the death of an immortal. With the power of enlightenment and bloodline modification, they established the foundation for the second immortal in the clan. That’s right!

Many immortals of the Demon Clan had achieved this.

Therefore, the two immortals of the Phoenix clan were both shocked by their own breakthroughs.

It was the same situation as when Emperor Qing Luan broke through.

Countless demons congratulated him.

‘The banquet lasted for eight years before many Demon Clan congratulators were sent away.

However, this time, there were even more Demon Clan experts who came from afar to listen to the Phoenix Clan’s preaching. Many experts from the Beast Clan and Aquatic Clan outside the Feather Clan came to listen.

"Sigh! Who asked us to have two Immortals? To be honest, it’s really annoying these Demon Clans. Originally, the appearance of Immortals in the Swan Clan was when we used these Dao runes to comprehend, but it was disrupted."

Many juniors of the Wind Clan sighed.

His sigh was filled with pride.

Especially the descendants of the Phoenix Clan below the Semi-god Realm.

They were all descendants of the Phoenix Clan who had moved to this world.

Many other beasts of the same age did not recognize them as they grew up, but they did not have much affection for the "home" their parents mentioned.

With the appearance of an immortal in the Phoenix clan, they had completely obtained the approval of the other beasts.


It should be said that the other beasts were much more polite when they saw them. Their previous arrogance had all disappeared.

Now, another immortal had appeared in the clan.


Those who looked down on us and bullied us had to be returned.

This time, many Feather Clan masters seemed to be staying in the Phoenix Clan. After the Swan Immortal finished his lecture, he was still unwilling to leave and insisted on repeating it.

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He even pulled out the old Qing Luan to preach.

‘The immortal eyes of the humans suddenly widened.

"Another immortal of the Demon Clan has appeared. In just a few thousand years, four have appeared. Two are from the Phoenix Clan, and only three of us humans have appeared."

The immortality of the human race was basically accumulated with a lot of resources after generations of nurturing. Even this corner of the gate was successfully built with the help of a few living immortals. "We have already done our best to nurture immortals. As for the Demon Clans, hehe!"

The other immortal smiled bitterly.

‘There were only a few immortal experts in the Demon Clan.

Those who lived in seclusion still lived in seclusion. A few immortals in the You Fu Forest still did not come out. The Demon Clan’s greatest reliance was still in the wilderness.

Obviously, the strength of the Demon Clan was far less than that of the Human Clan.

In the end, the advancement of the Demon Clan surpassed that of the Human Clan.

He had fought the Demon Clans many times.

‘The Demon Clans relied on their innate bloodline to always suppress humans at the same level.

It seemed that after the war, the overall strength of the humans was lower than the Demon Clans.

Not to mention that Quan Feng was still around.

"Sigh, if this continues, how confident are we humans of winning the next war with the Demon Clans?"


No matter what, the chances of the humans being able to withstand the attacks of the Demon Clans were too small.

"Let’s not talk about anything else. Even if the Demon Clans attack us now, I’m afraid we won’t be able to stop them… Fortunately, Quan Feng is held back by the great formation in the wilderness." "What about Guo Huan? Don’t we humans still have him?"

"What if the last time the coffin appeared was a coincidence?"

Not only were the Demon Clans looking for Guo Huan, they were also looking for Guo Huan, especially the Ascension Sect. Guo Huan was the ancestor of their sect. No one wanted to find Guo Huan more than them. For so many years, there had been no news of Guo Huan.

‘They were more willing to believe that it was Guo Huan’s descendant.

"Two immortals actually appeared in the Phoenix Clan. This Phoenix Clan will be our great enemy in the future!"

"I didn’t expect the declining Phoenix Clan to suddenly rise."


As they chatted, the tribulation clouds in the sky rose again.

The expressions of the human immortals changed drastically again.

Before all the forces in the world were surprised, an immortal aura appeared above the Phoenix Clan’s forest again.

"It’s the Demon Region… this…"

A few days later, under the tribulation clouds, the fiery red Dharma Idol was displayed to the world.

All the masters above the Heaven Enlightenment realm narrowed their eyes.

"It’s the Phoenix clan again!"

"How is that possible! What kind of divine pill did the Phoenix Clan eat?"

"An immortal race has appeared consecutively… Hiss!"

In the Demon Clan, all the masters were as terrified as the humans.

That’s right!

‘The appearance of another immortal in the Phoenix clan was not a surprise to the experts of the Demon Clan, but a fright. Ever since the Demon Clan was born.

‘An immortal race had never appeared one after another.

It was all because of his talent and bloodline.

What did this mean?

This meant that the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline was far superior to the other Demon Clans.

"Is this Phoenix Clan a member of our Demon Clan?"

"Such great potential and terrifying talent allowed me to see the humans in the records. Back then, the humans appeared one after another and continuously occupied the resources of the other Demon Clans. In the end, their territory slowly expanded, so much so that more than half of the world was divided by them."

"Hiss! In that case, the Phoenix Clan might become another human."

"It’s not that they will, but that they will. Unless the Phoenix Clan breaks their bloodline, there will be more and more immortals in the Phoenix Clan. The other experts will need more resources. The resources in the world are limited. For these resources, the entire Phoenix Clan will definitely start a war with many resources."

"No, my opinion is different from yours. The more immortals the Phoenix Clan has, the more resources they will start a war. Don’t forget that the Human Clan has a lot of resources. If the Phoenix Clan’s war is against the Human Clan, we won’t have that much pressure." Another demon expert objected.

Immediately after, voices of opposition sounded again.

"Then when the Phoenix Clan is growing, the resources that the Phoenix Clan needs come from the Demon Clan! Who is willing to give up their resources to support the Phoenix Clan and be sucked dry by the Phoenix Clan?" With the Phoenix Clan’s current strength, it was impossible for them to fight against the humans.

Without growing up, where did the resources needed to grow up come from?

It could only be the Demon Clans.

Encouraging the Phoenix Clan to start a war against the human race?

Not to mention that the Phoenix Clan was not that stupid.

Even if the Phoenix Clan really attacked, it would mean that the Human Clan and the Demon Clan would fight again. In the end, under the influence of the war, the other Demon Clans would suffer.

Only when the Phoenix Clan grew up and fought with the humans could the other experts of the Demon Clan sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.

"What should we do now? Three immortals have appeared in the Phoenix Clan. If our Demon Clan’s forces are really divided again, who should we abandon?"

‘The Demon Clans became worried.

This was also an unspoken rule of the Demon Clan.

With immortal forces, they naturally had to occupy a large amount of resources. Instead of waiting for these immortals to attack in a hurry, it was better to take the initiative to deliver themselves to them.

"No, can you give me less?"

"Many years ago, there was such a force in the Demon Clan that was unwilling to hand over their resources and was then destroyed by an immortal force. If an immortal took action, there would be countless casualties. If they could snatch it themselves, it was not a matter of whether we were willing to give it or not."

"Hiss, I have to say this! The three immortals of the Phoenix clan!" As the few demons spoke, the Phoenix Dharma under the lightning tribulation suddenly expanded, covering the sky and the earth.

"He has transformed!"

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