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Chapter: 667

Chapter 667: Internal strife among the Demon Clans

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"Every time the Phoenix Clan encounters a calamity, they will be reborn. After being reborn, the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline will be even stronger, and their strength will be far stronger than their own clan. Their entire body will become fiery red. This is the transformation. After the transformation, it will be the true Phoenix. The most powerful bloodline of the Phoenix Clan is the Phoenix."

All the experts of the Demon Clan stared at the fire-colored Dharma Idol in the sky that was constantly evolving. It was different from the red shadow from before.

The color of the fire slowly turned golden.

The red feathers turned golden and gradually lengthened. The long feathers, wings, and tails were very beautiful under the reflection of the heavenly tribulation. Boom~

The last heavenly tribulation descended.

A huge bloodline pressure swept the surroundings.

The entire Demon Clan felt the suffocation of their bloodline being suppressed.

"This is the Phoenix!"

"Too terrifying! With such a divine item appearing in the Phoenix Clan, who in the world can suppress the Phoenix Clan?"

"When the Phoenix appears, the world will be shocked!"

The entire Demon Clan was in chaos.

Some were prepared to cozy up to the Phoenix Clan, while others were thinking about the distribution of resources.

"Tm afraid the humans are even more nervous!"

"Take care of ourselves first!"

In the Feather Clan.

Several Heaven Enlightenment Realm experts gathered together.

"Three immortals have appeared in the Phoenix Clan, and one of them is a phoenix. I’m afraid the structure of our Demon Clan will change."

"No matter what the other Demon Clans think? Our Feather Clan must rely on the Phoenix Clan. If the Phoenix Clan can eat meat, we can drink soup. If we do anything behind the Phoenix Clan’s back, our Feather Clan might split up and become enemies with the Phoenix Clan. I hope that all the members of the Feather Clan will be clear-headed and not be bewitched by the other Demon Clans."

"I don’t agree! Everyone, think about it. Three Immortals suddenly appeared in the Phoenix Clan, and one of them is a Phoenix. How many resources would this require? How much territory would it take? Would the other forces agree? Even if they agreed, would those resources be enough for the three

Immortals of the Phoenix Clan? Don’t forget that the Phoenix Clan has a powerful bloodline, and there are many Heaven Enlightenment experts in the clan. These all require a lot of resources. Eat meat? I’m afraid that at that time, there won’t even be enough soup for the Phoenix Clan to drink. Would they

leave it for us?"

"No matter what, the Phoenix Clan is also a member of our Feather Clan. If we don’t side with the Phoenix Clan, are we going to side with other clans?"

"Will the Phoenix Clan occupy the territory of the Feather Clan if they expand their habitat? The sky is only so big. If the Phoenix Clan takes a step forward, we will have to take a step back!" "It seems that you have been lobbied by other clans."

"You’re not thinking for the Feather Clan. I think you’re a traitor of the Feather Clan."

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‘The two opposing views argued.

The other Feather Clan experts were all silent.

‘What they said made sense.

‘What should they do?

‘Two years later, the Demon Clans were in chaos.

The three immortals of the Phoenix clan meant that they had to take away three territories that immortals should have from other forces. It would be fine if other immortal clans appeared, as long as they returned these resources. But the Phoenix Clan was a new force.

Without immortality, that was still an internal matter of the Feather Clan.

However, three immortals had appeared in a row.

If there were three, then there would be three. At most, they would grit their teeth and squeeze out a little.

But looking at the Phoenix clan, the three immortals were not the final result. Qing Luan had only broken through to immortality for less than a thousand years, and it was unknown how many years before he died of old age. Legend had it that it was very likely that he would reach the second level of immortality within ten thousand years.

‘The Phoenix Clan that had already broken through to the Immortal Realm was getting stronger and stronger. There were still many Immortal Realm juniors behind them.

Could it be that all the resources in their reserves would belong to the Phoenix Clan?

"Our ancestors have lost so much blood and lost so many lives to occupy such a large mountain. You want to give it to the Phoenix Clan with just a word? We won’t use our resources to curry favor with the Phoenix Clan. If you have the ability, step over our corpses!" Ina certain Fog Shadow Clan, a few cave masters said angrily.

"Sigh, if you have the ability, your Fog Shadow Clan can also produce a few immortals. No one in this world will dare to attack your Fog Shadow Clan. Instead, they will worship you." "Appoint them! Hand over the territory and resources yourselves. It’s better than the Phoenix Clan attacking and causing bloodshed!"

The masters of the Shadow Fog Clan sneered.

"Hehe, immortal, how impressive. Do we deserve to die?"

The chaos among the demons intensified.

Within the great formation of the Wildlands.

Under the nourishment of a few years of prenatal qi, the heavily injured Chen Yue and the others began to slowly recover.

In the formation, Chang Ming’s primordial spirit woke up from meditation.

The fine cracks on his primordial spirit disappeared. His entire primordial spirit looked dispirited and unexpected, as if he was fine.

"Finally, I don’t have to worry about my clone dissipating at any time. In another thousand years, I will definitely be able to recover."

Coming down from the mountain, Chang Ming carefully observed everything in the great formation.

"Spirit Herbs Garden. It seems that Senior wants to use this place as a foothold for Xuantian Sect."

After climbing a mountain, they arrived at a valley. There were many precious trees in the valley.

"These two fragrant trees are still useful to me. Come back and pick some more leaves! Senior won’t blame me for picking some leaves."

After crossing the valley, an attic appeared.

"The library? It seems that Senior has really established another sect here. There is no gatekeeper in this library. If possible, it would be a pleasant thing for me to stay in the library." Chang Ming went up to the first floor of the library.

The books on the first floor were all rumors of this world, and there were also some low-level cultivation methods of some sects.

The cultivation methods upstairs were getting higher and higher. They were basically cultivation methods owned by large sects.

When he reached the fifth floor, Chang Ming was stunned when he saw the words "Yin Yang Sect" and "Yuhua Sect".

He had just flipped through the books on the first floor. The Ascension Sect was once a top sect. Although it had declined by a few million, it seemed to have bared its fangs again. It was said that there were late-stage Heaven Enlightenment experts in the sect, and Guo Huan seemed to be still alive. Needless to say, the Yin Yang Sect was an overlord.

‘There was actually a copy of the methods of these two sects here. It was just an ordinary method, but it seemed to be an extraordinary method.

‘When he reached the sixth floor, Chang Ming was shocked for a long time.

"They are all top-notch cultivation methods, these…"

After a while, Chang Ming came back to his senses and muttered, "Ordinary people on the sixth floor can’t come up. Otherwise, something big will happen."

‘As he muttered, Chang Ming found a method to cultivate the primordial spirit.

He took it and read it as if it was a treasure.

A few days later, Chang Ming put the book back.

The shock in his heart could not calm down for a long time.

"Senior is indeed a senior. My injury is finally saved."

He looked up at the seventh floor.

The methods on the sixth floor were all methods that could be cultivated to the Immortal Realm. What about the seventh floor?

With this thought in mind, he walked towards the seventh floor.


‘As soon as he stepped on the stairs, he was bounced back by the formation.

"L.. can’t enter yet! That’s right, the method on the sixth floor is so terrifying. It’s impossible for my clone to enter the seventh floor with his mid-stage Heaven Enlightenment realm cultivation." After returning to the sixth floor, Chang Ming was even more curious about the seventh floor.

"Forget it, let’s recover from the injuries first. Those old fellows in the You Fu Forest are watching me at all times!"

After obtaining the secret manual, Chang Ming hid on the sixth floor of the library and began to meditate.

Two hundred years later, Xie An slowly woke up..

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