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Chapter: 668

Chapter 668: The Phoenix Clan’s Mad Growth

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"The great formation… hasn’t been broken yet! That’s great."

After opening his eyes, the first thing Xie An confirmed was that he was still in the formation.

Then, he stared at the formation for a long time. After confirming that the formation was not broken, he ignored his injuries and crawled to the stone tablet, fusing himself with the stone tablet to form the foundation. After waiting for a long time, Quan Feng’s attack did not land.

Then, he looked at the cracks on the stone tablet.

"No! There’s something wrong with the cracks on this stone tablet!"

Although there were also cracks on the stone tablet.

However, this pattern was different from the one he remembered, especially the one in the middle.

"What’s going on?"

Xie An was shocked, thinking that he had remembered wrongly or was hallucinating.


It was impossible for him to remember wrongly.

He had been guarding here day and night, watching the stone tablet shatter. Almost every crack was more familiar than his face. He could admit his mistake, but how could he admit his mistake? An illusion?

What a joke!

Looking around, everything was normal.

The unconscious Chen Yue and Xie Xuan.

Could it be that something happened after I fainted?

No matter what happened, the cracks on the stone tablet could not be changed.

Was the Ancestor back?

If the Ancestor came back, there was no need to keep this broken stone tablet.

"We have to wait for Chen Yue to wake up and ask her clearly!"

He checked Chen Yue’s injuries.

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It was very heavy.

He touched the pills on his body.

Xie An let out a long sigh.

After wandering for a thousand years, he had already used up all the pills on him.

Every time he came back with serious injuries, he would use Chen Yue’s pills.

Speaking of which, he had implicated Chen Yue.

"Cough cough… I’m sorry, Ancestor. I had no choice but to use your spiritual herbs to save you."

He slowly walked into the spiritual herb garden.

He plucked a few spiritual herbs that were more than ten thousand years old.

After swallowing a few spiritual herbs, Xie An felt much better. Hence, he plucked a few more and gave one to himself. As for the rest, Xie An minced them into juice and dripped it into Chen Yue and Xie Xuan’s mouths. "I can’t take the blame alone. I can’t eat these spiritual herbs alone. When the Ancestor blames me, he can’t blame me alone."

A few days later, after Xie An finished refining the spiritual medicine, his mind was no longer so dizzy. He sized up his surroundings again.

"This stone tablet has definitely been changed. Moreover, it hasn’t been a year or two since I fainted. I wonder why Quan Feng didn’t attack?"

His divine consciousness swept out of the formation.


It was as if a needle had pierced his sea of consciousness.


‘Then, Xie An fainted again.

‘When he woke up again, it was already three months later.

This time, Xie An did not use his divine consciousness when he woke up. After suffering a loss once, how could he suffer again? He rushed into the spiritual herb garden and had a good time. After he used the spirit herbs, he gave them to Xie Xuan and Chen Yue.

Half a month later, Chen Yue woke up slowly. She glanced at Xie An and then looked around. She let out a long breath and then fainted again.

"Senior Sister Chen’s condition has finally improved."

Xie An also heaved a sigh of relief.

He turned around and looked at his cousin, Xie Xuan.

"You’re at the first level of the Void Realm. After so many ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs, you should have woken up long ago. Besides, your injuries aren’t as serious as Chen Yue’s. It’s impossible for you to not wake up for so long, right?"

"Brother, I was only seriously injured at the first level of the Void Realm. You are all at the third level of the Void Realm and can withstand the attack of Quan Feng. How can I?"

"Chen Yue and I have resisted many power struggles together… You’re playing dead!"

Xie An was furious.

Xie Xuan got up.

"If I don’t pretend to be dead, where would I get so many spiritual herbs! You forcefully fed us these medicinal herbs. If the Ancestor blames us, it has nothing to do with me?" "You!"

"Brother, I didn’t expect you to be more resistant than us and wake up first. I misunderstood you. You’ve finally developed a body of resistance over the years."

"You’re courting death…"

In the spiritual herb garden, all the grass that was more than ten thousand years old in the formation had been plucked by Xie An.

"Brother, are you really not afraid of the Ancestor blaming you?"

"What are you afraid of? I’l take responsibility for everything. Chen Yue, I owe her. What about you? You’re my brother. If I don’t take responsibility, who will? The sooner you recover, the sooner I can rest assured. I wonder what Quan Feng is doing? Who can guarantee that he will go crazy and attack the formation one day?"

Xie An said. He dripped the spirit herb juice in his hand into Chen Yue’s mouth and threw the remaining dregs to Xie Xuan.

Xie Xuan took the spiritual herb dregs and refined the remaining medicinal strength.

Half a year later, Chen Yue woke up.

Then, he remained silent for a few months before entering seclusion to recover from his injuries.

Spring passed and autumn came.

The formation was unusually peaceful.

Two hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.

The internal strife of the Demon Clans gradually calmed down under the power.

Not long after, tribulation clouds appeared above the Demon Clans again.

"I’s the Phoenix clan again. This is the fourth immortal of the Phoenix clan, right?"

The humans were nervous.

‘The demons were even more nervous.

Many demons felt a chill in their hearts.

He had just given away so many resources. Was it coming again?

This time, not only were the hearts of the forces of the Demon Clans that did not have any Heaven Enlightenment experts holding down the fort completely cold, even many of the Demon Clans who had Heaven Enlightenment or even immortality were shocked.

"The Phoenix Clan’s potential is too great. How many years has it been since another immortal appeared? At this rate, in less than tens of thousands of years, half of our entire Demon Clan’s immortality will come from the Phoenix Clan. If something happens to our Demon Clan again, I’m afraid it will be another human!"

"It’s useless to worry. The Phoenix Clan’s power is irreversible. Unless we suppress them now. With the Phoenix Clan’s current talent, I’m afraid it won’t be able to suppress them for long. At that time, if we offend the Phoenix Clan… Sigh!" "Yes! It’s not too late to suppress them while there are no intermediate Immortal Realm masters in the Phoenix clan."

Just as the few immortals of the Demon Clan were about to join forces to suppress the Phoenix Clan.

Qing Luan had broken through.

Second level of immortality.

‘When the news spread, the demons moved even faster.

This time, all the forces in the Demon Clan did not mention the distribution of resources again.

Even though Qing Luan had already broken through and the threat was greater, no Demon Clan spoke.

In the wilderness.

Quan Feng came out of the formation.

They looked at the sky in confusion.

"That’s right, my previous deduction was not wrong at all. Why hasn’t that great formation been destroyed after so many years? Are you deliberately showing this rule to tease me?"

Quan Feng’s spirit had already collapsed.

After repeatedly checking, his calculations and guesses were all correct.

Over the years, he had used the rules he had already mastered to crack the operating logic of a few more rules.

At least the illusion formation inside was useless to him.

Of course, the illusion formation was useless to him, a level seven immortal.

Quan Feng was muddle-headed for half a year. After entering the formation for a hundred years, he came out again.

"Perhaps there’s no problem with what I cracked previously. It’s just that the foundation of this formation is very powerful, or the result of the maintenance of the experts in the formation."

In his muddled expression, his eyes suddenly lit up.

"Fortunately, I have already grasped the logic of the operation of many great formations. The maintenance of one formation foundation can be explained. A small portion of the formation foundation has problems. Let’s see how you will maintain i


Wind blew in the wilderness.

The savage land that had just turned green was once again swallowed by the desolate aura..

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