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Chapter: 669

Chapter 669: Competition

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

‘The Demon Clan masters in the Youwu Forest were surprised. "Why did this person go crazy again?"

The few great demons were instantly awakened and looked at the wilderness.

"You can’t even take down a great formation in thousands of years. It’s not worthy of being called the seventh level of immortality."

Qionggi said disdainfully.

"Quan Feng is just a wind that has been baptized by spiritual qi for many years and gradually gained intelligence. In terms of innate intelligence, he is inferior to us. He can reach the seventh level of immortality by relying on years and years of living. It’s really difficult for him to crack the formation." "Sigh! Our Demon Clan has suffered quite a bit this time. This Quan Feng is still wasting time with a big formation."

"There’s no hurry. When the time comes, pull two experts of the Phoenix Clan over. Even if the Phoenix Clan wants to split from the Demon Clan like the Human Clan, it’s impossible. Coincidentally, we’re already old. We can’t leave the Youwu Forest without any demons."

"Which one of the Phoenix Clan do you think is better? That Qing Luan or the Phoenix?"

"At the moment, it seems to be the two of them. There’s no hurry. Let’s wait and see. Maybe two phoenixes will appear."

At this moment, a few immortals of the Phoenix clan were targeted by a few old fellows from the You Fu Forest.

In the Phoenix Clan.

After the immortal appeared in the Golden Crow, the entire Phoenix Clan was happy for a long time.

As time passed, the Phoenix Clan discovered that there was no more movement from the Demon Clans.

"By right, they should have given us resources, but they haven’t given us all of them after so many years. Now that the Golden Crow has appeared, the Demon Clans should have taken action. Why is everything so quiet?"

"Lalso find it strange. In the past, our Phoenix clan is the most lively at this moment."

"Is the Demon Clan trying to renege on their debt and not give us resources? If we don’t have that many, how can our Phoenix Clan grow?"

A few late-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm Phoenixes were anxious.

In the past, the resources in the clan were not bad, especially after Qing Luan became immortal, they obtained more resources.

Only then did the Vermillion Bird Clan and the Swan Clan pile up resources on the experts with the last potential in the clan. In the end, the two clans achieved immortality as they wished.

After having two more Immortals, even if they obtained a lot of resources from the Demon Clan, the three Immortals consumed more resources to cultivate.

Now, the Golden Crow had also become immortal.

It was nothing to begin with.

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The four immortals gave the Phoenix clan other late-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm role models, especially those who cultivated together with the Swan, Vermillion Bird, and so on. Seeing that their former clansmen had become immortals and were high and mighty, they were anxious. They kept putting resources into their pockets.

‘The Phoenix Clan had developed to this day.

‘The emperor-level experts that Qing Luan brought up had all reached the Heaven Enlightenment Realm. Even a large portion of the Phoenix Clan below the Semi-god Realm had reached the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

Especially in the past two hundred years, the late-stage Heaven Enlightenment Realm experts of the Phoenix clan were born almost every month.

‘There were many Heaven Enlightenment experts, and they needed more cultivation resources.

Originally, there were few resources. Many selfish and important Heaven Enlightenment experts secretly left a hand, and the resources were even tighter.

The tighter the resources, the more selfish they were.

This caused the resources to be even more scarce.

Under this transmission, the entire Phoenix Clan became nervous.

"I think the Demon Clan doesn’t want to give us resources."

"Hmph, how dare they."

"Why wouldn’t I dare? Resources are important to any clan. The fate of many clans is related to resources. Who would be willing to hand over their lives? Don’t forget that hundreds of years ago, there were demons who were unwilling to hand over their resources, and a lot of trouble happened." "They probably don’t want to hand it over just to see our expressions? At this time, if we retreat, we can forget about getting those resources. I think we should share the clan’s worries and ask for it!"

Suddenly, a Golden Crow of the Heaven Enlightenment Realm said.

As soon as the Golden Crow finished speaking, the other Heaven Enlightenment’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Amoment later, the others also understood.

If they went to ask for things, they could investigate the thoughts of these Demon Clans so that the clan could make preparations. If they arrived, that would be even better. The pavilion closest to the water had the moon first. The resources in their hands, how they wanted to distribute them was their business.

There was still a lot of profit in this!

No matter what, it was a good thing.

"Yes, you’re right!"

‘A few members of the Heaven Enlightenment Phoenix Clan agreed.

Three days later, a few phoenixes left Wutong Mountain.

‘Twenty years passed quickly.

The few Phoenix Clan’s Heaven Enlightenment Realm masters who went out returned with fruitful returns.

Immediately, the other phoenix clans in the Heaven Enlightenment Realm were envious. After understanding the reason, they all flew out.

If others didn’t give it, he could take it. If they didn’t give it, he could snatch it.

Which family in the world had four immortals now?

Who dared to attack them?

He was really stupid to wait for resources at home.

Asa large number of Phoenix Clan’s Heaven Enlightenment Realm experts came out, the other Cave Virtual Phoenix Clan also saw hope and followed them out to snatch resources.

The Demon Clans were shocked when the Phoenix Clan came out.

Seeing that the Phoenix Clan was powerful, many Demon Clans could only hand over a portion of their resources to buy their own peace.

There was nothing they could do about their dissatisfaction.

But not everyone was afraid of the Phoenix Clan.

Especially when there were immortal and tough beasts in the clan.

A few Hole Void Phoenixes asked the White Tiger Clan, but they were killed.

Then, the Phoenix Clan’s Heaven Enlightenment experts moved out.

The atmosphere of the entire Demon Clan suddenly changed.

"The immortal of the White Tiger Clan was killed for our Demon Clan. The Phoenix Clan’s crusade will probably disappoint many of our Demon Clans."

"This White Tiger Clan is a member of the Tiger Clan. The Tiger Clan is not weak. Dealing with the White Tiger Clan is equivalent to fighting against the entire Beast Clan. If things go wrong, our Demon Clan will be in big trouble."

"Is there no relief?"

"No! If the Phoenix Clan wants to develop, they will need resources. Sooner or later, they will have to snatch them. It’s just that our Demon Clan will be in turmoil for a few more years."

‘The Demon Clans immediately became nervous.

Just as many Demon Clan masters had guessed.

‘The Phoenix Clan and the White Tiger Clan fought over resources.

As time passed, the entire Tiger Clan was involved. Then, half of the beasts fought with the Phoenix Clan. The Phoenix Clan was defeated for the first time.

However, the Beast Clan was not happy for a few days. The Phoenix Immortal took action.

The entire Tiger Clan’s resources belonged to the Phoenix Clan.

However, the Phoenix Clan’s disciples outside became the targets of the Tiger Clan and the Beast Clan.

Soon, the Phoenix clan adjusted the "manpower" of the clan and placed the main force on important resources. The other scattered territories were abandoned.

Even so, the Beast Clan and the Phoenix Clan became enemies.

"Sigh, if this continues, our Demon Clan will really show signs of splitting up. I think we should deal with the two immortals of the Phoenix Clan now!"

In the forest, Qionggi said worriedly.

"It’s not to the point of splitting yet. Besides, this wound is nothing in front of the Human Clan. Find a subordinate to persuade the Phoenix Clan to attack the Human Clan."

"Four Immortals, aren’t they too weak to attack the humans?"

"Let’s talk about it first and plant a foundation in the hearts of the Phoenix Clan’s upper echelons. This time, the Phoenix Clan has snatched so many resources. I think the fifth Immortal will appear in the Phoenix Clan in a few years."

‘As soon as he finished speaking, a cloud rose at the edge of the sky.


"What he said really came true!"

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