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Chapter: 670

Chapter 670: The Fifth Immortal of the Phoenix Clan

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The clouds gradually gathered. Half a month later, all the experts in the world stared at the sky above the forest where the Phoenix Clan was.

"Immortal Tribulation Cloud! The fifth phoenix has appeared."

"It’s too terrifying! In less than ten thousand years, an entire clan has appeared in succession. It’s like the apocalypse."

One of the Semi-god Realm Demon Clans had a dazed look in his eyes.

This situation was very familiar.

Just like the humans back then, many immortals appeared in a short period of time and then broke off with the Demon Clans.

The humans had become the cholera of the Demon Clans.

"It’s not a big deal for an immortal to appear. However, after the war between the Demon Clan and the Human Clan, there aren’t many immortals in the world. Even if they have the intention to suppress it, it’s impossible. Unless the masters of the Youwu Forest take action." "It’s all Quan Feng’s fault! He has harmed our Demon Clan."

If it was more than ten thousand years ago, they wouldn’t be worried.

At that time, the Demon Clan had more than fifty immortals.

"How can these immortals leave so many resources empty? If the Phoenix Clan can’t get so many resources, how can so many immortals appear?"

After these immortals broke through, the Qing Luan of the Phoenix clan would not easily obtain so many resources.

Next, the Phoenix Clan would not appear one after another and then snatch more resources.

Even if the Phoenix Clan had great potential, there were still four Immortals. However, if they fought with the White Tiger Clan, a few Immortals would probably be destroyed. ‘The White Tiger Clan was at the intermediate stage of the Immortal Realm.

Moreover, the Tiger Clan still had one immortal. In addition, there were more than twenty immortals in the Walking Beast Clan.

The Phoenix Clan dared to be impudent in front of the Beast Clan?

"Who would have thought that the Human Clan had so many trump cards! More than 70 Immortals are hiding very deeply!"

"I’m not afraid of more than 70 immortals. I didn’t expect Guo Huan to still be hiding. The humans are really detestable!"

"At the end of the day, the Phoenix clan’s luck is too good!"


Lightning tribulation descended from the sky.

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A green shadow appeared at the edge of the sky.

"Qing Luan Aspect? There’s actually a second immortal in the Qing Luan bloodline of the Phoenix Clan."

They were shocked!

If the Qing Luan lineage could have a second immortal, it meant that the Vermillion Bird, Swan, and so on could also have a second immortal. As time passed, the Qing Luan lineage with enough resources would have a third and a fourth immortal. "The world is really going to change!"

"T’ve long guessed that the Phoenix Clan will grow up. This speed is too fast."

The experts above the Semi-god Realm in the Demon Clan were filled with shock.

"With the fifth immortal of the Phoenix Clan, I’m afraid our Demon Clan will be in chaos for a while."

Sighs came one after another.

In the Phoenix Clan.

Qing Luan stared at the Dharma Idol in the sky.

He was the one who brought these Phoenix Clan juniors up.

Back then, they had broken through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm after coming up. Many of the Phoenix clans that were brought up were at the late stage of the Void Realm. ‘There were also several good seedlings left behind by the various clans.

After all these years, he finally saw these good seedlings grow into giants.

"It’s a pity that the Swan Emperor, the Golden Crow Emperor, the Vermilion Bird Emperor, and the Fire Phoenix are all dead. Otherwise, what would happen today?"

If the Phoenix Clan hadn’t suffered such a huge loss.

Today, the world would change.

From now on, it would be the Phoenix Clan’s world.

What a pity!

If the Phoenix Clan wanted to grow and become the master of this world again, who knew how many obstacles there would be.

The immortal eyes of the Dark Forest were filled with complicated emotions.

"It’s time. If we don’t invite the two immortals of the Phoenix Clan over, I’m afraid there will really be a problem."

"I’m afraid it’s useless to invite two! After the Phoenix Clan becomes the fifth immortal, I’m afraid no one will dare to go against the Phoenix Clan anymore."

"Three then!"

"Have you ever thought about it? If the Phoenix Clan really has three immortals entering the You Fu Forest, then after a hundred years, won’t they be in charge of everything in the You Fu Forest? There are many resources in the You Fu Forest, and there are also things occasionally sent by the Demon Clan."

One of the immortals reminded him.

"This… that’s true. If that’s the case, the Phoenix Clan will expand in our Youbu Forest. At present, our strength can only swallow two."

The Phoenix Clan was powerful, and it was not easy to arrange anything.

"Then let’s do it as soon as possible! Without the two Immortals, the Phoenix Clan can also have some peace. Give the Beast Clan some time to grow. Otherwise, I’m afraid something will really happen to the Demon Clan."

In the Yuhua Sect.

Several elders had gloomy expressions.

"The Demon Clan has become immortal again, but our Human Clan has only increased by five over the years. Two of them are from the Yin Yang Sect and the Double Star Sect. When can our Yuhua Sect become stronger?"

"Sect Master, in ten thousand years, our sect has already produced six Heaven Enlightenment experts. They are many times stronger than ten thousand years ago. I believe that in another twenty thousand years, our sect will definitely produce immortals." One of the elders said.

"Another 20,000 years? I’m afraid the Demon Clan can’t give us that much time."

"What kind of medicine did the Phoenix Clan take? Why are there so many Immortals? At this rate, our human race and the other demon clans will be ruled by the Phoenix Clan!"

"We are anxious, but I believe that the Yin Yang Sect and the Double Stars are even more anxious."

On the Immovable Mountain.

More than ten immortals formed a circle.

"The Phoenix Clan is constantly appearing as an immortal. We humans can’t continue like this. The various sects must gather the resources and let the true geniuses enjoy them. If we rely on nepotism to distribute the resources, I’m afraid our human race will be in danger of being destroyed."

"Hmph! The various sects wouldn’t be so muddle-headed about such a thing. On the other hand, the Tang Sect under the Yin Yang Sect has destroyed many good seedlings of the Human Clan over the years. I even suspect that the Tang Sect is a spy of the Demon Clan."

"Chu Feng, what do you mean? How did the Tang Sect offend you?" the immortal from the Yin Yang Sect said hatefully.

"It’s been so many years. Does the Yin Yang Sect want to see what you’ve done?"

"Stop arguing! What we’re discussing today is how to make our human race stronger quickly, not how to compete with each other."

"Tm just discussing the expressions of the powerful humans," Chu Feng said.


The Yin Yang Sect immortal wanted to speak, but he was stopped by the Twin Stars Sect immortal beside him.

"If there’s really no other way, let the Day Gate out! Drive them out of the border of the Dao Demon Region as the first barrier to protect our human race."

"The last time I did that, what happened? The door disappeared."

"It’s different this time. We’ll give them resources and ask them to station in the Demon Region. With them as a barrier, we’ll have time to react."

"There are many immortals in the Demon Clan. Can the White Sun Sect stop them? When the time comes, don’t be devoured by the White Sun Sect. The topic today is how to make us humans stronger. When we become stronger, these problems won’t be a problem." The skinny old man said worriedly.

His words brought the chaotic topic back.

The other immortals also fell into deep thought.

How could he strengthen himself?

Needless to say, every sect would leave their most important resources to important geniuses.

In the past, when nurturing geniuses, they would find a batch of stepping stones for these geniuses.

In the future, these stepping stones might also be nurtured.

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