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Chapter: 689

Chapter 689 Guo Huai’s Opportunity

Guo Huai felt dizzy.

From the moment he entered the formation, he had been in a daze.


He slapped himself again.

He muttered softly, "It doesn’t look like an illusion!"

Putting down the manual, Guo Huai sat down.

He opened his eyes a few days later.

That’s right!

It was still here, and everything felt so real.

"If we are still in the illusion of the great formation, then this illusion is too real."

The things around him were real, but the key was that these secret manuals were too real. On the third and fourth floors, all the secret manuals looked to the side.

That’s right!

These manuals could indeed be cultivated, and they were very complete.

There definitely wouldn’t be such things in the illusion.

Especially high-level methods. Now that he had seen the method of immortality, Guo Huai was sure that the method recorded in these secret manuals could push people to immortality.

It was even more impossible for an illusion to exist.

"But why do I feel like I’m in an illusion?"


I have to ask someone. His divine consciousness moved and he saw two people walking towards him.

Guo Huai was puzzled for a moment.

The characters in the illusion were all related to him.

He obviously didn’t know these two people.

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Could it be a puppet?

One was at the early-stage of the Heaven Enlightenment Realm, and the other was at the fifth level of the Void Realm.

It looked so real. "You are…"


Old Demon Han asked.

Guo Huai bowed and said, "I, Guo Huai, am here to see Senior. Senior, please bestow me with an immortal cultivation method."

Whether it was an illusion or not, it was right to be polite.

"Guo Huai? Never heard of him!"

Wei Yang nodded at Old Demon Han.

It wasn’t from the Xuantian Sect.

None of the masters of the Xuantian Sect were called Guo Huai.


Guo Huai was stunned for a moment.

Never heard of me?

There were only so many prodigies in the world. As a stepping stone for all the prodigies, although not everyone knew about it, as long as a prodigy stepped onto the path of cultivation, they would notice him. At the very least, they should have heard of his name.

Two masters, one at the first level of the Heaven Enlightenment Realm and one at the fifth level of the Void Realm, had never heard of his name.

Could it be that these two people were really puppets?

"Is the method you’re cultivating the Mystic Method?"

Wei Yang asked. "Huh? How did you know?"

Guo Huai’s eyes widened.

The name of this method was the Guo family’s secret.

The Guo family’s ancestor had warned the younger generation many times that the first name of the cultivation method was a secret. The Guo family called their cultivation method the Guo family’s cultivation method.

This secret was only known to experts above the Virtual Realm in the Guo Family.

How did the puppet know?

This illusion was too powerful!

"If it’s the Mystic Method, then everything is right."

Wei Yang heaved a sigh of relief.

It was one of them.

"What’s not wrong?" What did he mean?

"Since you’ve cultivated the Extreme Mystic Method, you’re a member of the Xuantian Sect. It’s understandable for you to enter this great formation. Don’t even mention asking for an immortal cultivation method. In the great formation, you can look through everything you can go to." Wei Yang turned around and left.

Old Demon Han bowed to Guo Huai and left. "The Xuantian Sect… I entered the formation?"


In the next second, Guo Huai appeared at the edge of the great formation and looked at the desert outside in a daze.

"It’s not an illusion. I’m indeed in the great formation!"

He carefully stepped out of the formation and then turned around to enter the formation. After repeating it a few times, Guo Huai confirmed that he could enter and leave the formation at will.

"If everything is true, then those immortal methods are also true?"

Guo Huai appeared on the sixth floor of the library again. Ten thousand miles away, a prodigy scanned the formation with his divine consciousness and said in shock, "Guo Huai!" "Where is Guo Huai?"

Senior Brother Feng and the others suddenly opened their eyes and spread out their divine consciousness.

"I saw Guo Huai just now! Over at the great formation?"


"He has entered the formation!"

"How is that possible?"

"You must have seen wrongly!"

In the great formation, Guo Huai picked out a cultivation method and hugged it in his arms as he found a place with rich prenatal qi to comprehend.

In a cave somewhere.

The huge palace was shining with light.

In the deepest part of the palace.

Li Mu stared at the words on the huge golden dragon pillar.

Decades ago, Li Mu had led Su Fei through one checkpoint after another and walked into this palace.

It took a lot of time to crack every single one of them.

Every paragraph on the dragon pillar recorded the history of the ancient era.

When Su Fei saw Li Mu standing still again, she stared at the words on the pillar and left quietly.

Along the way, this senior would stop to read all the inscriptions or jade slips that recorded the story.

Sometimes, the senior would take a few days to read a story with thousands of words. Taking advantage of this period of time, Sophie put away all the methods and pills left in the palace.

She knew that the senior couldn’t use these things.

But these things belonged to their Daylight Sect.

In the past, no one had the strength to enter this place. Now that she had entered, she naturally had to take it away.

All the formations in the palace had been broken.

Sophie didn’t have to worry about falling into a trap.

A few days later, Su Fei returned to find that Li Mu was still staring at the words on the dragon pillar.

"I wonder what’s up there!"

Sophie took a few glances. She recognized all the words on the dragon pillar, but when she connected them, they formed a paragraph that she couldn’t understand. When she returned to look at the words on the dragon pillar, she couldn’t understand them again.

"Could it be some kind of secret manual?"

It didn’t seem like it!

The test given to them by their ancestor was to pass those checkpoints, and it was not to the extent of carving the cultivation method’s secret manual on the dragon pillar to test them. Besides, this palace had been the main hall of the Imperial Court’s meeting many years ago. Something as important as the cultivation method would not be carved on it. Seeing that Li Mu was still staring at the words on the dragon pillar, Su Fei felt that she should look again.

It was not easy for him to come here, so he had to take away all the good things that he could take away.

A few days later, Li Mu, who was staring at the dragon pillar, woke up.

"I see! In that case, the Heaven Burying Coffin is the true calamity of the world!"

Thinking about it carefully, it was true.

This kind of thing that could isolate the Heaven and Earth Dao methods was definitely not tolerated by the Heaven and Earth.

If the Heaven Burying Coffin countered the world, then it would be a great calamity for a world.

"The Heaven Burying Coffin ended the rule of the Demon Clan and also ended an empire."

Li Mu looked away.

Standing in front of the dragon pillar, Li Mu closed his eyes and sorted out the information he had obtained.

In the formation, Guo Huai couldn’t wait to cultivate after obtaining the method.

Among the immortal methods left behind by Li Mu, there was the continuation of the Xuanji Method. Coincidentally, Guo Huai was holding


Everything happened naturally. Especially Guo Huai, who had been at the peak of the Heaven Enlightenment Realm for many years. He followed the immortal method to organize the meridians in his body and directly cultivated.

On this day, Senior Brother Feng and the others recovered from their injuries.

"Let’s go back and take a look at Guo Huai’s corpse! After that, we’ll go back."

Someone suggested.

"You don’t have to tell me. I’ll go back and take a look. It’s a pity that a prodigy like Guo Huai died just like that."

"But I feel that Guo Huai won’t die so easily."

"I really saw Guo Huai’s figure before!"


Suddenly, the red clouds above the great formation began to condense.

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