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Chapter: 690

Chapter 690 Crossing the Tribulation Like This

A huge pressure assaulted him. The few of them were puzzled.

Then he looked up.

"This is…"

"The tribulation clouds…"

"The tribulation clouds that can give us Heaven Enlightenment experts such pressure are only immortal."

Without needing their analysis, the red clouds quickly pressed down layer by layer. Even the Virtual Entity and Semi-god Realm warriors could feel that the tribulation clouds were not simple. "This formation is indeed an unusual force. Another immortal expert has appeared." A moment later, the clouds were dense.

All the human and demon experts woke up from their cultivation and looked towards the wilderness.

"Another immortal master of the Human Clan?"

"The timing of the immortal appearance of the human race is just right. Let the Phoenix experts see that the result of their infighting will only benefit others."

The Demon Clans didn’t seem to be interested in the new immortals in the Wildlands.

Firstly, the inner circle of the Demon Clan was serious, and they all wanted to break it with external forces. Secondly, the masters in the formation of the Wildlands did not seem to interfere in the war between the Demon Clan and the Human Clan. As long as they did not provoke him, it would not be a big problem.

Besides, if the Human Clan became stronger, wouldn’t the Demon Clan have the help of the tall ones?

There were so many immortals in the Phoenix clan.

Especially the two immortals who appeared out of nowhere. They had already found out that they were immortal experts of the Phoenix Clan.

After receiving this news, all the Demon Clan experts wanted to lie flat.

With so many immortals in the Phoenix Clan, the future resources of the Demon Clan would naturally belong to the Phoenix Clan. They couldn’t win. The Fearsome Forest had already helped them once by taking away two important emperor-level experts of the Phoenix Clan.

Little did they know that the two emperor-level experts behind the Phoenix clan were the result of the Hidden Fear Forest’s secret help.

Some human experts had complicated expressions when they saw the tribulation clouds above the wilderness.

"What a pity! This person from the Wildlands hasn’t made a stand yet." "If they have one more immortal, it means that our human race might have one less immortal."

"Let’s go and take a look! I hope we all know this new immortal expert. Otherwise, I’m afraid a large force that has nothing to do with anyone will appear in our human race."

For such a force to have a level seven immortal old monster that they didn’t know, it already made them uneasy. If another immortal that they didn’t know appeared, no one would be able to accept it.

"I’ve already dismissed the sect’s intelligence elder for what happened last time. If another immortal without a background appears this time, I, as the intelligence elder, will have to die for the sect."

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When the lightning tribulation descended, Senior Brother Feng and the others quickly retreated.


Then, Senior Brother Feng and the others opened their mouths wide!

"That… that formation blocked the tribulation clouds?"

"Are you crazy? Isn’t the formation afraid of the Heavenly Tribulation’s backlash?"

The few of them were shocked.

The heavenly tribulation could not interfere. The more he interfered, the stronger the heavenly tribulation.

Unless this formation was powerful enough, the person undergoing the tribulation had been hiding in the formation.

Was it possible?

What kind of formation could stop the heavenly tribulation of an immortal expert?

If he really did that, then the person undergoing the tribulation would never become immortal and would always be threatened by the heavenly tribulation.

He was already an immortal, what else could he not see through? If his heart was not firm enough, he would not be fearless enough to become immortal.

"If a Semi-god Realm warrior is transcending the tribulation, this formation can really block the wind, fire, thunder, and even destroy the inner demon."

"Could it be that the seventh layer immortal wants to challenge the heavenly tribulation?"

Soon, many masters appeared around the Wilderness.

As time passed, more and more masters appeared.

Every master who appeared outside the Wilderness had a very strange expression.

"I don’t understand what the people in the great formation are doing?"

"If we keep blocking the heavenly tribulation, the attack power of the heavenly tribulation at the end is not something Quan Feng can compare to."

Millions of miles away.

Li Mu brought Su Fei out of the cave. When he looked up, his expression changed drastically. "I still have something to do. Go back by


With that, Li Mu’s figure disappeared.

"Senior is always unpredictable!"

Sophie looked at the empty place in front of her and pouted.

Along the way, he was used to Li Mu’s strange behavior.

He didn’t even want the good cultivation methods, medicinal pills, and spiritual herbs. He just stared at some words on the ancient ruins.

"Eh, there seems to be an expert transcending the tribulation!"

Suddenly, Sophie discovered that the Dao technique fluctuations in the sky were powerful "This tribulation cloud should be… immortal


Sophie was shocked.


The second lightning tribulation descended. The formation trembled, and then a sword qi pierced into the sky.

The tribulation clouds that had just condensed were minced by the sword qi.



All the masters were stunned. "Are we really going to challenge the heavenly tribulation?"


"Oh my god!"

"I didn’t expect an immortal-level master to have such a fool! To think that I thought he was a reclusive master."

Inside the formation, Guo Huai had already adjusted his state of mind and was waiting for the lightning tribulation to descend.

After a long while, there was still no movement in the sky.

Raising his head, he found that the condensed tribulation clouds had dispersed.

Then, the dispersed tribulation clouds quickly gathered, and the thick tribulation clouds piled up thicker and thicker.

An even greater pressure came.

Even the Heaven Enlightenment Realm experts thousands of miles away felt a huge pressure.

Just like that, the tribulation clouds were still condensing. "Retreat!"

The early-stage Heaven Enlightenment expert was the first to retreat.

The cave masters who dared to come stopped and stared at the tribulation clouds from afar.

"Something is going to happen!"

Half a day later, the tribulation clouds had already arrived in front of Senior Brother Feng and the others.

"Retreat! The heavenly tribulation is angry!"


Just as they retreated, the lightning and fire tribulation struck the great formation.


The formation trembled, and even more powerful sword qi rose into the sky, devouring everything around the heavenly tribulation. The tribulation clouds instantly disappeared.

"Something big has happened!"

All the masters’ hands trembled.

"Is the human immortal really going to fight against the heavens?"

"Good thing! Once the human experts die, our Demon Clan will definitely have the upper hand."

While the Demon Clan experts were shocked, they revealed joy in their hearts. "The third tribulation cloud has been destroyed. It seems that they are really resisting the heavenly tribulation. At this time, if they want to give up resisting, I’m afraid the heavenly tribulation won’t even agree."

A moment later, the tribulation clouds in the sky appeared again.


At this moment, a shadow flashed into the formation.

After returning to the formation, Li Mu scanned it with his divine consciousness.

"Who is this?"

Li Mu was stunned.

He had never seen this person before. More importantly, this person was actually transcending the tribulation.

"Extreme Mystic Method? Someone from the Xuantian Sect?"

Li Mu was stunned again.

Since when did the Xuantian Sect have such an expert?

In the Xuantian Sect, the strongest geniuses were only Xie An and Xie Xuan.

As for the others, it was impossible for them to reach the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.


The tribulation clouds in the sky instantly gathered. "Forget it, let’s save him first!"

Li Mu waved his hand and the formation opened.

The formation master was stunned at this moment.

"What are you doing? Opening the formation to transcend the tribulation at this time? Are you courting death?"

"Could it be that this person disliked the heavenly tribulation and wanted to transcend the great tribulation?"

"This method of transcending the tribulation is unprecedented!"

They were shocked!

All the experts who transcended the tribulation hoped that the heavenly tribulation would be weak. Who would wait until the heavenly tribulation was strong before thinking of transcending the tribulation?

"Are the people inside sick?"

"Shh! Keep your voice down. There’s an Immortal Realm Level 7 master inside."

"I wonder who it is. I must get to know him!"

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