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Chapter: 692

Chapter 692 The Guo Family

"You can’t attack us. The sect’s ancestor will kill you."

Senior Brother Feng and the others said arrogantly.

Although Guo Huai had reached the Immortal Realm, he was only at the early stage of the Immortal Realm. They were from a large sect. The Immortal Realm master of the sect was a veteran, although he had just broken through to the Immortal Realm not long ago.

"Then you guys try."

Guo Huai teased.

"Guo Huai, are you going to make an enemy of the entire human race?"

"You guys can’t represent the human race!"

As soon as he finished speaking, sword gi surged out from the side and attacked them. "You…"

Senior Brother Feng and the others did not expect Guo Huai to attack just like that.

It was too late to escape.

A huge sword qi charged over, and the few of them were instantly terrified.

The peak of the Heaven Enlightenment Realm was an expert, but it was far from the Immortal Realm.

He had no intention of resisting.

"How dare you!"

The moment Guo Huai stood up, the expressions of the immortals who had been watching changed drastically.

They were going to kill the prodigies of their sect.


He couldn’t care less about anything else and attacked Guo Huai.



Guo Huai was sent flying. But the moment Guo Huai was sent flying, the sword qi also invaded Senior Brother Feng and the others’ bodies.

After being repelled, Guo Huai turned around and flew towards the great formation.

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Senior Brother Feng and the others spat out mouthfuls of blood.

At this moment, all the meridians and internal organs in their bodies were crushed by Guo Huai’s Virtual Sword Technique.

The sword qi was not over yet.

The two immortal divine consciousnesses glanced at Senior Brother Feng and the others.

"He’s dead!"

The immortal’s eyes were filled with anger. These prodigies were the most promising Heaven Enlightenment experts in their sect, but they were all killed!

Was it just because of the joke from before?

"Kill him, I’ll protect their primordial spirits!"

"Kill me, come on!"

Guo Huai laughed and quickly retreated. In the blink of an eye, he appeared ten thousand miles away from the formation.

"Damn it!"


One of the immortals attacked Guo Huai from afar.

When this palm approached Guo Huai, Guo Huai retreated another few hundred miles.

Seeing that this palm was about to land on Guo Huai, Guo Huai entered the formation.


A strike landed on the great formation.

"Oh no! Run!"

The immortal who attacked shouted.


Sword qi rose from the formation and charged towards this immortal.

"Let’s go!"

While Guo Huai was fighting with these major forces, the experts of the other forces sent a voice transmission to their disciples.

The two sides fought. No matter the result or what happened, they couldn’t be here.

He couldn’t get involved.

Seeing the formation counterattack, the other experts dodged to the side.

The sword qi flew through the air and chased after the immortal. It did not attack the other experts.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he watched the remaining two immortals leave with the primordial spirits of their sect’s heavily injured disciples.

That’s right!

In just a short while, the bodies of the few prodigies had already shattered. The two immortals protected the primordial spirits of the disciples and returned to the sect to see if there was any way to treat them.

"Who would have thought that Guo Huai, who they used as a stepping stone, would become immortal one step earlier!"

The other masters looked at the departing figure and sighed.

"Guo Huai was clearly a prodigy, but these jealous and petty people insisted on competing with him. In the end?"

"I could tell back then that Guo Huai was a true prodigy. The others relied on the sect’s resources to barely catch up. What prodigy? They were exposed!"

"After this incident, these so-called prodigies’ Dao hearts will be shattered. I’m afraid it’s impossible for them to become immortal."

"Of course! If Guo Huai didn’t give them this sword, they might still have a chance. This sword not only shattered their bodies and primordial spirits, I think their Dao hearts are also shattered."

"It’s already good enough that he’s alive. What’s there to complain about!"

The masters shook their heads.

"No, there’s nothing to see. Guo Huai hid in this formation, and these sects don’t dare to attack the formation again. Besides, there’s still a level seven immortal expert inside. These sects don’t dare to provoke such an enemy.’

"In other words, these prodigies died for nothing?"

"Exactly! How dare they attack Guo Huai?"

"What about the Guo family?"

Someone said.

The others looked at each other.

"The few major sects have never suffered such a huge loss. If they can swallow this, their reputation among the people will be gone in the future."

"Let’s go and take a look at the Guo family! Maybe we can watch a good show." Whoosh

After the few figures left, the other experts looked at each other and also left.

"Let’s watch! It’s best if there’s a good show."

The intelligence elders of several forces thought for a moment and decided to follow.

Some busybodies also flew towards the Guo family.

"I’ve been talking about the Guo family, but I don’t know where they are! Let’s go and take a look together!"

"Legend has it that he was hiding in a remote place in the Dian An region. It was only after Guo Huai became famous that he was gradually exposed."

"The Dian’an region is even more remote than the wilderness… How could a prodigy like Guo Huai appear in such a place?"

Somewhere in the mountains of Qinfeng County in Dian’an.

Several houses were left in the mountains, looking like the residences of the farmers in the mountains.

No matter how one looked at it, this was a small mountain village.

It was a small mountain village.

However, no one knew.

Behind these farmhouses that stood in the mountains or under the houses were tunnels.

The tunnel continued through the mountains.

At the same time, they passed through formations and countless traps and appeared in a valley in the center of a primitive forest.

In the valley, there were nearly ten thousand houses and hundreds of thousands of people.

It was just like a small city.

Outside the valley was the Demon Clan.

The Demon Clans in the Divine Brush Mountain had several Heaven Enlightenment realm demons.

In the valley, other than this tunnel, there were no other paths into the mountain.

Li Mu appeared outside a few farmers.

"Interesting. The tunnels of several houses are connected, and there are traps everywhere. It’s not easy to find the right way through so many intersecting tunnels."

Li Mu looked at it for a while and couldn’t help but admire the person who designed this tunnel.

"Guo Huan, I hope you can leave some news about the Burial Coffin."

Li Mu prayed in his heart.

His figure flashed and flew directly above the Divine Brush Mountain.

He was not afraid of Heaven Enlightenment level beasts.

Soon, Li Mu appeared in the center of the mountain.

Countless mountains stood between heaven and earth like pens.

These towering mountains were surrounded, and countless unfathomable valleys were hidden among these mountains.

The reason why it was unfathomable was that no one knew what was in these valleys?

Li Mu flew for a while, and countless poisonous insects and beasts appeared in his divine consciousness.

With just a sweep of his divine consciousness, his scalp went numb.

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