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Chapter: 500

Take Over His Body

Chapter 500 Take Over His Body  Madison approached Hailee, but her body hit on something.

She raised both her arms and slammed her palms to realize there was an invisible wall in between them, and Hailee would not hear her.


"Listen to my voice!"

"Look this way!"

Madison didn't give up making noises as she kept slamming her hands on the invisible wall. She took a few steps backward and ran toward it.

It was still no use to her disappointment, but she didn't give up. Not when she could see how Vincent forced Hailee to make love to him.

Hailee looked terrified at Vincent, which made Madison wonder.


She doesn't understand what is happening, but it tells her that Hailee needs to be saved from Vincent. Otherwise, something will go wrong, and she will lose Hailee.

Madison placed both of her palms on the invisible wall and closed her eyes.

She recalls all her training with the Shamans. They teach her how to use her energy to repel other shamans or sorcerers' forces.

However, with what Madison did, the man eventually noticed her presence.

"It looks like we have company, love." The corner of Vincent's mouth curled up.

"What are you talking about?"

Hailee looked around, but she didn't see anyone. Suddenly, a creep surged in her chest.

"Please, let me go!" She begged over again.

However, the man even pressed her onto the bed, and his weight fell on her body. Gladly, he stopped halfway because of the way he moved behind her; it felt like hell being tortured by him.

Vincent has never been this rough. Also, this man is not using their endearment while speaking to her.

"Why are you pretending to be Vincent? What do you want from me!?" she screamed.

The man held Hailee by her chin and attempted to kiss her, but she struggled to avoid his mouth. With what she did, instead of getting angry, the man grinned, then whispered,

"Do you want to hear what I want most?"

Hailee shook her head. The man sounds creepy behind her ear, so she is not interested in whatever is in his mind. Rather than she would feel thrilled to hear his thoughts, it was the opposite.

"It is you…. And everything that you have! Don't you want to become the Empress of this world whose everyone bows to your feet?"

Hailee was terrified by the way the man talked close to her ear. She believes Vincent would not say nonsense like this. Although Vincent would say, she was his empress. But the way this man spoke gave a chill to her spine.

She and Vincent have been together for a year. Even though he is a jealous man, Vincent is gentle with her all this time. He may be snobbish to many people, but he is not rude to them.

Unless that person is disrespectful toward her, Vincent always lets them taste his fierceness, which in those times, she was in an act as his mistress.

"Vincent would not speak like this! You are sick, perhaps!"

"Sick? I would die to give you the world, and you will call me that!"

Hailee could see how the veins on his hands bulged from anger.

"Get off me! Stop touching me! Ugh!"

Hailee screamed. The man presses her body to the bed as he moves roughly behind her.

"Stop! I don't want this! Please, let me go…." Tears dripped from her eyes.

Hailee gritted her teeth and gathered all the strength left her. She tried to face the man. From that position, she will attempt to be free from him.

However, the more she struggled, the more the man would press his body into hers and thrust violently on her insides.

'No… Vincent…'

On the other side, Madison did her best to destroy the invisible wall that separates her from Hailee.

She could not clearly understand what the man spoke to Hailee. She could hear muffled voices. But it only made her desperately want to be free from him.

'Hang on, Hail. A little more… Don't give up. Fight him!'

"Help me!"

Madison caught Hailee's cry.

"Whoever is there… Please, help me!"

Madison clenched her jaw. It looks like the man even strengthens the wall in between them.

But there is no way she would give up.

Little by little, the invisible wall cracked until it completely shattered into pieces.


At last, she could break the wall. She rushed toward the bed, but the man raised his hand, and things began flying toward her.

Now that he got distracted, Hailee took it as an opportunity to pounce on him and run toward Madison.

"Madison!" Hailee stretched her hand toward Madison, and she felt like she had fallen into nothingness.


"Hah!" Madison woke up. She gasped for air to fill her chest. Slowly, with the help of her husband, she sat up from the stretcher.

"Sweetheart, what happened?" Levi queried him, who never left his wife's side, but attentively wiped the blood gushing out her nose. "Let me wipe your nose, sweetheart."

"How's Hailee?"

"Her vitals are stable now."

Madison sighs with relief.

"Thank god… Wait!" Madison suddenly got up from the chair and walked around the room.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Levi wondered why his wife was acting strangely. "Careful, sweetheart."

Levi immediately caught Madison and supported her to stand.

"He's here!"

At the same time, Levi and Derek asked, "Who?"

"Who's here, Lady Montfort?" Remain silent on the side, Doctor Hector asked curiously.

"That man! He's here in Dream City! I felt his presence! He even pretended to be Vincent!"

"What?" the three men exclaimed at once.

"How?" Hector, who does not entirely understand everything yet, is confused.

"I think he's the one who tried to trap Hailee inside her dream. But for a reason, Hailee senses he is not Vincent."

"That man is here?" Levi muttered to himself. "How could he enter the city?" Suddenly, he becomes vigilant and looks around for nothing he sees but medical machines.

"He could do that without being physically here, Levi." Derek reminded the guy.

"I know that, Derek. He could not break in easily. I am trying to say that Lady Isabella and a few shamans put a seal in this place. But now?"

Just then, Derek understood Levi's point.

"That made sense, Levi. Probably, that seal weakens as Mama is also losing her ability." Derek thought that Dream City was the safest place for Hailee and those involved with that man like Shun and Cassandra. "Athena, connect a video call with Mama and Shun." 

Not long, both Isabella and Shun appeared on the screen. 

"What is it, Derek?" asked Shun.

"We just saved Hailee from a seizure. However, Athena detected that Hailee's psyche was behaving abnormally. And so I asked Madison to help Hailee. Then…" Derek trailed his last word and glanced at Madison, a gesture that he was giving her the floor to explain further.

"Papa… I felt that man is inside Vincent's body. I am uncertain if…." 

"Say that again, Madison?" Isabella asked, cutting Madison's statement.

"I'm not sure if he is truly Vincent or just an illusion. Or he is…?" 

"Or that was Vincent, but his soul is no longer inside his body." Isabella finishes Madison's sentence.

"That's it!"

Derek, who raked his head for an answer, finally found all the pieces of the puzzles that they were trying to solve.

"That man… He wants Vincent dead to take over his body!" 

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