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Chapter: 501

Destroy It

Chapter 501 Destroy It  "We did everything to be prepared. But it looks like we didn't see it coming…" said Shun.

They have been trying to figure out "that man's" primary objectives.

They watched the future closely and changed a few things as necessary.

Now a question in their heads.

They may have been led into a trap by that man.

Now that they have reached a plausible conclusion. It made them realize that their preparation was not enough.

They thought they'd outsmarted him by keeping changing the present time and getting a different result for the future.

They keep preventing Hailee and Vincent from meeting and stopping the guy from dying.

After many changes in the past few years, they seemed to succeed. However, it feels like they are falling into a black hole's warp.

"Could it be that his goal also changes because we keep pushing Hailee and Vincent's fate to a different course?" Derek raised a question that made everyone enlightened.

"Derek is correct." Shun concurred. He added, "We are not the only ones who've been working so hard all these years. Using Hailee against us is the best move for him to win."

"We could only do a little against Hailee." Madison chimed in and shared her thoughts. "Hailee could gain a connection like you, Papa if she lived to her name as the daughter of Lord Jacob Davies. Only recently did Hailee reveal her real identity. She is now known to the world not just as the owner of DV Gem, Davies Cosmetics, and hotel chain, but as the owner of Dream City, an heiress of trillions. Hailee's fame is incomparable to us ever since she stopped living a low-key profile."

"And the world is following everything in her life, even a very minor thing, but then it's a big issue for the netizens. Nowadays, people live on the internet like they almost worship gadgets. When you make a fake story, everyone is buying it immediately." said Levi.

Recently, Shun and the Dawson family formed two teams to play in an ambush drama to make the world believe that Vincent was attacked in the middle of nowhere and not in the lodge. Then he escaped and was safe and only hiding until the investigation finished and located the mastermind after they apprehended the assassins. 

The drama was all over the news now. 

"Let us talk about the different TIMELINES that Madison and Levi traveled to." After listening for a while, Lady Isabella spoke and shared her viewpoint. "The first timeline shows that Shun killed Vincent on his wedding day. Now I want to believe that Vincent is actually HIM by then."

"Mama can be right. Probably, that man reveals himself for Shun to confront him. It was his scheme for Hailee to see that Shun is the villain in the story."

"I agree with that! Levi and I only witnessed something like that happen in the future, but we did not investigate further," said Madison with gloom.

They only focus on Hailee, so they miss the bigger picture in front of them. Vincent's death is not only to touch Hailee's bottom line, but there is more to that.

"That man wants to manipulate Hailee with certain methods," said Shun. "Hailee and Uncle Jacob entrusted all their companies to Vincent. Even Uncle Jacob's top bodyguards and Hailee's knights follow Vincent's order. Hailee is giving everything to him. Her heart, body, even her soul, and all her wealth. In fact, she will do everything for him. That is how she is madly in love with Vincent."

He went on, "Then, in that timeline, after I found out that Vincent's soul is no longer in his body, but that man is pretending to be him. I confronted him, and we fought as I wanted to protect Hailee, and she misunderstood me."

"With Vincent's death, Hailee would do everything to avenge me and strip me off with everything I have, which leads to killing me. Now I'm thinking about the other timelines. Possibly that man took over one of the babies' bodies and pretended to be Hailee's son, who he will avenge his father later in the story." 

"All the possibilities will happen, Shun," said Derek. "One of them is my father's reincarnation. Since he could harm you, maybe that man took his body and pretended to be Vincent and Hailee's son. In that way, he could easily manipulate her. Even if he becomes Vincent or Hailee's son, it doesn't matter to him as long as he could use her for his plans."

"Since Hailee is in love with Vincent and cherishes her children, she would believe him." Levi phrase. 

"But I think Hailee would know the difference between the Vincent she knew and the Vincent who will pretend to be her husband." Madison explained, "When I was trying to save Hailee a while back. Even though it looked like Vincent, she was terrified of that man. But the problem would be when he brainwashed Hailee with his power not to see his true identity." 

"Then, if that's the case, we must watch Hailee and the children 24/7. No one can be near them but only our most trusted doctors and nurses. It would be better if the entire floor were closed, but more agents will be on watch, and only immediate family members may visit Hailee." 

After Shun said this, he looked at Hector.

"It is my honor, Master Shun." Doctor Hector Payne bowed like a humble knight. He is not only a good friend of Hailee and her loyal knight. But he also serves under Shun and practices medicine under Doctor Derek, so he knows enough about what is happening in this world without everyone's awareness.

"Alright. Since Liam is still not waking up, I had to wait for him before I could proceed with my plans."

"Don't worry, Papa. Levi and I will watch Hailee and ensure he can not get near Hailee again." Madison assures him.

"I'll be the one to watch the kids. I would not let him use dad for his plans." There is firmness in Derek's voice when he says this. He is determined to stop him so that his mother becomes a mortal once again and she can reunite with her lover in their next life. "I will use all my knowledge to keep the babies alive, Shun. They are my nephews and nieces, even though one of them is my father's reincarnation."

"Thank you, everyone. I am at ease having you there."

"Don't stress yourself too much, Papa. We will end this all together."

"Madison is right, Shun." Derek raised a thumb, and Levi did as well.

Shun nodded and smiled at his family. He is blessed, after all.

After exchanging a few more words, Shun hung up and hosted a meeting with a few Elders in the Alliance he trusted most.


Lamandi Palace

"Ahhh!" a scream followed by things that seem broken.

The man shouted after the crystal ball floating in the air shattered and disappeared into thin air.


The man trembled with anger. After he calms down, he laughs out loud.

He was too close to trapping Hailee's soul in his palm.

But Madison appeared, and that girl was getting more powerful, like Isabella when he made her immortal three hundred years ago.

"After all, she's your niece, Isabella!"

Again, the man laughed creepily.

"As expected, to my children. They are as great as me! Hahaha!"

Outside, the palace guard on night shift is dozing off in his post, suddenly sobers up after hearing these creepy laughs.

'When would this man die?' He thought while shivering.

However, he wouldn't dare say it because it was only wishful thinking. That man has no death. He witnessed it in his very own eyes. Several palace guards attacked him, but nothing happened. Instead, this man's wounds only healed on their own.

Meanwhile, back in the palace chamber. The master dialed a particular contact. 

"What is John doing now?"

"He is on the plane, heading to T Country, Master," Samuel replied from the other end of the call.

"Great! I want to know about Shun's next steps to rescue Vincent. I am sure Shun Crow is using his satellites to look for him. I want to be updated if they found his location. We will take him from them once they find Vincent dead or alive. I know Shun would not just sit around even after his threats."

"Understood, Master. John told me his entire plan. He will woo Miss Dawson's family and get back together with her so that he can monitor the Prime Minister as well."

"Great! He has been really useful all this time. So, what happened to that girl, by the way?"

"I heard Miss Dawson got multiple injuries from the attack, and she needs rehab to walk again."

"Hah! I got it! That's a brilliant plan!" The man laughs delightedly.

He could already picture. John went to such lengths to complete his work. Pretending that he still cares for that woman is a clever move indeed.

Women quickly become a toy once they are madly in love with someone.

"Good! It seems like he works hard for me to fascinate him. One day, he will be rewarded by meeting me in person." 

Besides, if he becomes Vincent Shen, John will be the closest puppet standing by his side wherever he goes.

Recently, John and Vincent had become good friends. Or is it just what Vincent believes in…

"Hahaha! I like it more!" He was too full of himself.

'Shun Crow... Do you think you are the only one who had any backup plans? All I need is to make anyone around you fall into my hands.'

'Two birds, one stone. How exciting!'

He shudders from the thrill. 

He could not wait to destroy Shun Crow and end his immortality and could no longer reincarnate again but vanish for eternity. 

And then, most of all. He will settle another score with Emperor Xing.

Five hundred years ago, a great shaman built a sword. He destroyed it already, but the blade fragments were rebuilt one hundred years later and given to Emperor Xing.

However, after he destroys and annihilates the Xing family four hundred years ago, the sword is nowhere to be found.

Then, someone changes the timeline, and suddenly a survivor from the Xing family appears!

So he believes that Vincent Shen keeps the sword and doesn't know how to use it. That made him grateful somehow.

The man curled his lips into a triumphant smile upon thinking of that. 

'All of you are still a bunch of fools! Hah!'

'Anyway, I need that sword to fall into my hands and destroy it! So I must become Vincent Shen or be one of his sons to achieve this goal!' 


See you all in the Book Sequel! Thank you! 

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