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Chapter: 502

Marry Your Daughter

Chapter 502 Marry Your Daughter  Hillside Medical Clinic, T COUNTRY

The woman on the bed groaned. Her eyelashes flutter as she attempts to open her eyes; however, her eyelids are heavy. Not only that, she could feel pain in some parts of her body.


Carmen froze on the bed. Tears suddenly welled up in her eyes, even though she tried to suppress them. 

The voice that caught her ears was melodic. It was as if she was in a dream, back when she and John were still in a relationship. 

Carmen pressed her legs to the bed to sit up; however, they didn't move or feel them. She felt her body was heavy, and when she tried to use her strength, her body trembled.

"How are you feeling?"

"John? What are you doing here?" Carmen was stunned to see the man leaning on her. "I must be really dreaming."

With a weak voice, Carmen scoffed and muttered this line. But then, she felt a warm palm holding her hand and then fingers gently caressing her face.

'This is not a dream? Am I really alive?'

But then, the loud explosion, followed by fire, flashes her memories.

"Ahhhhh!" Carmen suddenly screams.

"Carmen! What's wrong? The doctor will be here soon!" John did his best to calm her down. He pressed the button again, but no one was approaching.

John rushed outside the door and screamed. "Where is the doctor!?"

"What happened?" Mrs. Dawson, who was resting in the other room, was startled and rushed outside when suddenly she heard John shouting in the corridor. 

"Carmen is awake, ma'am, but…." John could not finish his words when Mrs. Dawson entered the ward to see her daughter.

"Oh, Carmen, my baby! What's wrong? How do you feel?" Rhena Dawson wanted to hug her daughter; however, she was worried she might get hurt. Carmen's body was still healing from receiving a first-degree burn. 

"Mom…." Carmen cried and grabbed her mom's hand.

"I'm here, honey… Mom is here." 

"Which part hurts? Don't worry. The doctor will be here soon!" After saying that, Rhena glared at John.

"I will fetch them myself, ma'am," said John and left. He didn't wait any longer and volunteered. He went to the nurse's station to see that there was only one nurse there. "Where is the other medical staff? The patient woke up and needs to be checked!"

John could no longer keep his calm. Although the hospital was just a private clinic with a few private rooms, he could not stop himself from feeling disappointed.

Bodyguards and police surrounded the private clinic, but they could not help Carmen.

And the nurse who was terrified of him flinched and stammered. "They… they… they have to attend to the… the other patient, sir."

John creases his forehead. "All of them?"

"Ye—yes, sir. The male patient had a seizure, so they tried to save him."

John stared at the nurse; then, he glanced to the hallway that led to a male ward. Now that he paid attention to other noises, he could hear distinct voices.

'So Pitt is dying.' he muttered to himself. John ensured to remain solemn and conceal the other emotion lingering in his chest.

"Alright. But is it you still have to inform them? The other patients also need their help."

"Yes, sir!" The nurse sprang to her feet and left with hurried steps.

John could not wait. He went back to Carmen's ward and saw if she had calmed down.

Two days ago, he arrived in T Country. Although the Dawson family did not welcome him; however, he had to show his sincerity over Carmen and gain their trust after breaking up with her. 

"What are you doing here? Who told you we are here?"

"Good morning, Mr. Dawson." John greeted the older man politely. "I heard from James about what happened. I got worried about Carmen because of the reason I am here."

John looked at Evan Dawson sincerely as he softened his gaze to look earnest.

"Why are you concerned about my daughter? You broke up with her already, so you are not needed here. You can go back to your sister-in-law. Are you more concerned about her than your girlfriend? Right?" Evan should not say this nonsense like he was the person whose heart was broken. But no one may hurt his princess, even if he was the man his daughter was in love with.

Besides, he suspects John. It was confidential information that the hospital, Carmen, and Pitt were admitted. No other people knew but Master Crow and Jacob.

They even orchestrate an ambush drama to lure the public and media's attention.

John did not argue with Carmen's father but let him insult him. He lowered his head and explained himself. 

"Sir, I am only concerned with my sister-in-law because she was pregnant when diagnosed with cancer. My brother is gone, and the child in her womb is my nephew. They are my responsibility now."

Evan Dawson opens his mouth but is hesitant to say another word. He was prepared to beat him up, as he could not forgive this guy for hurting his daughter. Carmen never had a boyfriend, so he wanted to give John a piece of his mind. 

But listening to John explain his sister-in-law's condition, Evan could no longer act uncivil toward him. 

Seeing Evan's facial expression change, John curled the corner of his mouth. But it was just a flash as he concealed it right away.

"Sir, I broke up with your daughter because I was lost for a moment. After my dad and brother died, there were so many things I had to do. Sir, I want to give justice to their sudden death and make the culprit pay with his life. But then I heard about Carmen. I realize no one is important to me but your daughter."

John paused talking when his voice trembled. He hurled a long breath and let them out so that you could sense how distressed he was at the moment.

After adjusting his emotion, he raised his head and looked straight at Evan's eyes.

"Sir, I want to marry your daughter and love her for the rest of my life." 

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