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Chapter: 503

We Will Support You

Chapter 503 We Will Support You  "Do you expect me to believe you were sincere toward my daughter?" Evan asked John.

John lowered his head and said,

"I know you doubted my feelings for your daughter, sir. I am here to prove that my love is genuine." 

He paused and looked up to meet Evan's eyes. 

"I begged you, sir. Let me see your daughter. Please, let me stay by her side and care for her."

Evan raised a brow listening to John. However, he remained skeptical about whether to believe John's words. As someone who has stayed beside Carmen growing up since she was born, he watched his daughter closely. Carmen is an intelligent girl. She excels in school and is excellent at everything. She always made her parents proud. And so, she is also his pride.

That's why after the breakup, he sent someone to investigate why John changed his mind.

Several men from distinguished families are after his daughter's hand, but he rejects them all because none of them capture Carmen's attention.

He cared for his daughter's feelings, so he didn't force Carmen or arrange her marriage.

However, someone had the guts to break his daughter's heart. He found out after the investigation that John's sister-in-law was his childhood friend. People thought they would end up together, but when his twin brother returned, that girl had a relationship with him.

From a man's perspective. He is certain that John loves that girl, but it is only unrequited love. But now that she is a widow and a single mother, John can persuade that girl.

He believes it was the reason John broke up with Carmen. Then, John said that the girl was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

He didn't want to let his mind go wild. But had that thought, John wanted to go back to his daughter because the other girl was dying.

Would he allow that? As a father who loves his daughter dearly, he would not let Carmen become only a substitute and be blinded by her love for John.

However, Carmen is three weeks pregnant now. It hurts him that his grandson grows up without a father. But he will accept his daughter being a single mother rather than allowing her to suffer from being with a man who loves someone else.

Lost in thoughts, Evan was perplexed about whether to believe John. Probably, he'll just let his daughter decide for herself.

And whatever makes Carmen happy, he will support his daughter.

"Alright. Since my daughter is still in a coma, I will let you stay. But if my daughter doesn't want to see you after she regains consciousness, I will drag you out of this country."

Sadness exhibited in John's eyes almost made Evan soften his heart to believe him. But he is a person who is not easily swayed except for his darlings. Even his wife is also against John being there. And so, he kept treating John sternly over the past two days.


Present Time

Doctor Ben Ryan pants as he chases some air to breathe. His forehead is covered with beads of sweat from saving Pitt's life, which is in a terrible state.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Dawson if I took too long to come. Mr. Cha has a seizure." Doctor Ben quickly explained to the older lady as he approached the sickbed. "How are you feeling, Miss Carmen?"

Doctor Ben performs a basic check-up on Carmen. After then, he invited Rhena to speak with her privately.

"Ma'am, we must transfer your daughter to a better hospital for a thorough test. In my initial examination, your daughter cannot feel her legs."

"Oh my, god! Doctor, are you telling me that?" Rhena burst out crying, thinking her daughter could not walk.

"Don't worry, ma'am. Miss Carmen will get treated. We have several patients who are more severe cases than your daughter. However, the hospitals with advanced equipment to treat Miss Carmen are only in Mainland City and Dream City. So I suggest Dream City as Australia is nearer than the M Nation. Besides, Miss Carmen will be safer there."

"Please help my daughter, Doctor Ben! It pained me to see her like that."

"We will, ma'am. Dream City has excellent doctors, and we could invite more experts to treat your daughter… Mr. Cha also needs an immediate operation. I already requested Mr. Crow, and he already sent a paramedic aircraft. They will arrive tonight. We will transfer Mr. Cha and Miss Carmen to Dream City."

"I understood, Doctor Ben. My daughter needs to recover soon. She is pregnant now. How could she take care of her child if… if ...."

"Doctor Williams is in the city. He could observe your daughter and treat her."

"Thank God. I'm happy to hear that, Doctor Ben." Rhena was grateful that Carmen had great friends. She believes her daughter will recover soon with their help. "By the way, Doctor Ben. How serious is Mr. Cha's condition?"

"It's terrible, ma'am. We might have lost him if he did not get an operation sooner. I need better medical equipment."

"Oh, poor, child." Rhena likes Pitt. Since Carmen broke up with John, she had even had the idea of pairing her daughter with him. Now, both of them end up in the hospital.

Rhena was in deep thoughts when someone spoke behind her.


Rhena looked at him indifferently, and John had to ignore it when he had a purpose of staying by Carmen's side. Otherwise, his plan failed. So he has to bear how Carmen's parents treated him badly. 

"Ma'am, I heard you are bringing Carmen to Dream City. Please let me accompany you. I want to take care of your daughter."

Rhena did not respond. John does not impress her, and she disagrees he was here. However, the final decision will come from Carmen.

"My daughter would decide if she wants you to stay or wishes to see you."

After saying that, Rhena walked past John and left in the corridor.

"Honey?" At the ward, Rhena approached her daughter. Carmen had finally calmed down now after Doctor Ben gave her an injection.

"Mom, did my baby?"

"Don't worry, honey. The baby is safe."

"I'm glad." She let the tears travel her cheeks. Carmen learned she was pregnant two days before the attack, so she was glad she didn't lose the precious life growing inside her.

After Carmen stopped crying, she asked her mom. "Mom, why is he here? Did John already know that I am pregnant with his child?"

Rhena shook her head and replied, "No, he hasn't yet. Even before he came, the doctors and nurses had already been briefed that they should not disclose this information to the public. It's not that we are ashamed or think of our reputation. We only wanted a peaceful life for you."

"Thank you, mom. I'm not ready to tell him yet. I don't want to think about anything yet for now." 

"Don't worry, Carmen. Dad and I were here for you. Whatever decision you make, we will support you."

"I love you, mom. I want to see dad."

"He's on his way. He needs to shake off the reporters that are following him around. They were persistent even after we released a press conference. By the way, they will transport you to Dream City tonight. Do you want John to accompany us?" 

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