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Chapter: 1401

All Tools in the End

Chapter 1401 All Tools in the End  René Alejandro nodded. Although he still believed that Jin Liwei’s elite security staff at Dragon Palace Home #10 were a few levels below that of the abilities of people from his organization, it would still be a mistake to underestimate them. Like what one of his brothers said, they needed to be extra careful if Jin Liwei decided to send some of his people with them on the flight. 

He glanced at his wristwatch for what felt like the hundredth time. "Is she not ready yet?"

Just as he was about to send someone to the main mansion, Wei Lan and Randy finally appeared. They were followed by a bunch of household staff and the bodyguards that Jin Liwei originally lent to her last year but now she was claiming as her own. 

These bodyguards were all professional and excellent in their jobs. However, René Alejandro had long noticed that their skills couldn’t compare to the ones still working at Dragon Palace Home #10.

What he didn’t know was that the ones who remained at Dragon Palace Home #10 had improved their skills by leaps and bounds ever since they started using the special training regimen of Shadow Winds. The bodyguards that were assigned to Wei Lan didn’t have the chance to return to Dragon Palace Home #10 and join their original colleagues with the new training. This was why their skills stayed the same and didn’t improve much since last year. 

The bodyguards and the household staff were dragging a large amount of luggage. 

René Alejandro frowned. "Mamá, why bring so many things? We are in a hurry. It is good to bring only what is necessary, no?"

Wei Lan wiped real tears flowing down from behind her dark sunglasses. "Whaaaaaaaat do you mean that I’m bringing sooooooooooo many things? These aren’t even a tenth of what I usually briiiiiiiiiiiing when I go abroad. I’m ooooooooooonly bringing 25 baaaaaaaaaaags and they’re all necessary!"

"Alright, Mamá." René Alejandro sighed. He didn’t want to argue with the woman.

Time was of the essence. His adoptive father was reportedly fighting for his life right as they were speaking. The organization already sent someone to rescue his father and transfer him in a medical facility. However, he and Wei Lan still needed to go see the real situation. This was part of the plan to make René Alejandro’s background more authentic and aid in his mission.

It was good that Iris provided assistance in the form of sending one of Jin Liwei’s private jets. René Alejandro could definitely use this to strengthen his connection with them. If they could sympathize with him and Wei Lan, then all the better. 

He and his brothers could see as clear as day that the organization was taking advantage of his adoptive father’s serious accident. They knew it but didn’t have any choice but obey. Even though his adoptive father was one of the organization’s highest leaders, it didn’t matter. All members of the organization were only tools in the end.

Nevertheless, René Alejandro and his brothers were genuinely worried about his adoptive father. All of them were orphans and they considered the viscount as their father even when René Alejandro was the only one legally adopted. Even the Matador craved the viscount’s attention and often fought René Alejandro and his brothers because of it.

René Alejandro heard that Emilio Miguel had been reprimanded by the higher-ups because the man wanted to fly straight to the viscount’s side after hearing about the accident. The organization even sent additional people to watch over the Matador just in case he disobeyed his orders and went to see the viscount by himself without permission.

The Matador might be violent and unruly but he was still extremely obedient when it came to following missions. It was just that he often bended the rules to suit his perverted tendencies. His excuse was always that he was bending the rules, not breaking them. Since he was one of the best, the higher-ups often just ignored his actions as long as he wasn’t explicitly breaking the rules and continued successfully completing missions.

René Alejandro might not agree with the amount of tolerance the higher-ups had with the Matador but he wasn’t in any position to criticize them. Like all the others, he was just a tool for the organization along with his brothers. 

He also had no time to care about Emilio Miguel’s situation at the moment. Worry for his adoptive father sat in his gut like a hard and heavy rock. At the same time, he needed to continue playing the role of a distraught yet hopeful son and a concerned, kind stepson.

It was difficult to be patient especially with someone as extra like Wei Lan. They had already wasted too much time because of her. 

Finally, all her bags—each of them weighing as if they were stuffed with boulders—were arranged in a separate van. 

Randy, the Zumba instructor, was also coming with them. At first, Randy didn’t see the need for him to go with them but Wei Lan insisted that he accompany her for moral support. It was a good thing that he wasn’t like her who brought an excessive amount of luggage.

At last, they headed to the private airport where Jin Liwei’s private jet was already waiting for them, ready to fly as soon as possible.

Just as expected, Jin Liwei sent a few additional bodyguards to join them. René Alejandro and his brothers looked meaningfully at each other before acting like there was nothing wrong.

What they didn’t know was that all of these bodyguards were Shadow Winds members. Wei Lan’s bodyguards didn’t recognize any of them but their lady boss already informed them beforehand that these fellows were Lu Zihao’s people. They needed to pretend to know each other. The loyalty of Wei Lan’s bodyguards remained with Jin Liwei and Iris Long until this day.

René Alejandro and his brothers didn’t notice anything amiss about the familiarity (or lack thereof) between Wei Lan’s bodyguards and the additional bodyguards that they mistakenly believed were sent by Jin Liwei. 

It didn’t take long after they boarded that the jet began taking off in the air.


Dragon Palace Home #10.

Jin Liwei got home well past dinner time. Today was particularly productive perhaps because of the buffet lunch that his beloved wife sent for everyone at the company. Jin Liwei himself felt happy at his wife’s surprise visit with their twins. He had been filled with energy and motivation for the entire day. As a result, he was able to finish all the meetings and complete other tasks today in record time.

He might have missed dinner time at home but at least he still got home earlier tonight compared to the past few nights. Last night was the worst. It was already well past midnight when he got home. 

"Welcome home," Iris greeted him when he arrived in the bedroom. 

He smiled and immediately went over to her for a kiss and a hug. "Still awake?"

"I was waiting for you."

He grinned and stole another kiss. Then he checked their twins. 

The babies were already asleep in their crib. Little Mochi was hugging a small teddy bear and twitched a few times. He must be dreaming about something for him to move so much. Compared to him, Little Matcha slept like a log. He didn’t move at all. He was just like his mother who stayed in the same position once asleep. 

Jin Liwei quietly and carefully kissed each of his twins. Little Mochi moved and even opened his eyes a tiny slit. He smiled upon seeing his dad before falling right back to sleep. Little Matcha didn’t move even one bit.

"Ice Cream is with her Lu cousins?" Jin Liwei asked.

Iris nodded. "Little Dima was being fussy and wouldn’t stop crying. Ice Cream decided to stay with her baby cousins again tonight to help comfort Little Dima."

"I see."

While Jin Liwei took a shower, Iris called the kitchen to send dinner for her husband. Dinner was being arranged at their master suite’s living area when he came out of the bathroom. 

"Ketchup told me that you only ate a little before going home," Iris told him before pulling him to sit and starting to serve him food. 

Jin Liwei enjoyed his wife’s pampering. Both of them liked pampering each other.

They didn’t talk much while he was eating. The companionable silence was comforting and not awkward at all. It helped ease Jin Liwei’s exhaustion. 

Only after he finished all the food that they started to chat. Their topic was Wei Lan’s husband. 

"Big Brother is finding out more about the viscount’s accident. He also sent some of his men with Wei Lan and René Alejandro."

"I heard." Ketchup already informed him about it. Then he asked, "Will they bring the viscount with them when they return here?"

"I don’t know. According to Wei Lan, the viscount is in serious condition. I don’t know if she’s exaggerating as usual but she sounds genuinely devastated when she called me earlier. I couldn’t talk to her properly because she was crying so hard. Dom was the one who coaxed the details out of her but she doesn’t know much other than her husband being in an accident and is now fighting for his life somewhere in the Caribbean."

Jin Liwei nodded. "Since you already helped them, then I have no problem with your decision. Do what you see fit. I think it’s also high time that we meet the viscount in person."

"I’m very curious about him. Wei Lan and René Alejandro keep singing his praises. He and René Alejandro are suspicious but it’s better to keep a close eye on them until we determine whether they’re truly dangerous or not."

"En." He nuzzled her hair. "Time to sleep, love."

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