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Chapter: 136

Still Early in the Morning (3)

She was going to confess to him at least one side, not one side, and push him until he is annoyed. Like when she thought Aiden was a scholar at first and kept flirting with him. She thought it would be unfair if she didn’t confess properly.

"When will you confess?"

"Well, I don’t know about that…"

"Then when do you expect to confess and wait until you confess?"

"Well, it’s usually men who confess first, so don’t you have something in mind? I think you’d rather go and lead a master’s confession."

What the hell is this sound? What if she waited until he confessed and then another girl took him away?

"We don’t have to divide the roles by gender, do we?"


"There’s no law that says a woman shouldn’t confess first."

In fact, Aiden must have given up half of his mind since he was already involved in something that wasn’t ‘normal’ from the beginning. There was no need to follow conventional social ideas now.

Vivian’s goal was to win him once someone confessed first. She could prepare a bouquet and a ring for him. To be honest, she wanted to tie him up and arrest him with the ring she bought.

She wanted to leave a kind of mark on his body, Don’t touch me because I have a tenant.

"But if you confess first, there’s no room for blemish in society."

Social circles. She said with a starry look in her eyes.

"I’m not a nobleman."

"You’ll be the hostess one day."

Vivian shook her head, realizing that the maid’s excitement was worse than her.

What does the hostess mean? Of course, that would be perfect, but she wasn’t as unconscionable as she hoped. She knew her position as a commoner better than anyone else. Now, she was deeply moved just by accepting her confession.

"If he doesn’t intend to confess to me tomorrow, don’t stop me. If I don’t have a ring, I’ll have to make a flower ring and put it on."

If she gets rejected, she’ll confess again the next day. The next day and the next day. Then, won’t the day come when he’ll accept it even if it’s annoying and boring?

Vivian spoke as if she would not break her resolution, and the maids who heard it somehow twinkled even more. They even glanced at her with a slightly recalled ball. They were all affectionate to Vivian at least.

"Let me help you, miss!"

"Me, too!"

"I’ll help you!"

Vivian felt somewhat dismayed because she seemed to have become a religious leader who preached pseudo-principle.

Anyway, can she take this as a gesture of cooperation? She failed to sneak out, but as a result, she felt better. After being silent for a while, she coughed again and asked with her eyes burning with enthusiasm.

"So, does anyone know what His Grace’s favorite thing is?"


"Tsk, this is a novel."

Julian kicked his tongue and threw down the book he was reading. The book titled  was pink with engraved petals from the cover. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

He sighed deeply as he swept away the goose bumps on the back of his neck throughout the whole time he read it. He wondered if the crazy woman had read it and recommended it.

She didn’t expect the quality of the work, but at least there should be probability. The novel written by her was rather better.

"This is what love is…"

Julian recalled the actions of the main characters in the novel and trembled.

He fell down with a deadly disease, caused all kinds of trouble around him despite his parents’ opposition, and eventually fled love, swore love while looking at the sunset, and said he’ll love her in his next life even if he died now.

It was as if he had lost all his life except love. Are these people possessed by ghosts that die if they can’t love?

Julian thought that if this is love, he should never love for the rest of his life.

But after a while, he had no choice but to admit it. That some of his actions are consistent with some of the actions of the male protagonist in the novel.

Reading the novels Vivian piled up like mountains, she could see why she declared his unrequited love as soon as she heard Julian’s symptoms. And he could see how people who fall in love usually feel.

When she’s next to him, she gets caught in his eyes and he looks at every move carefully, or when they meet eyes, he feels good all day long because it’s good to see him smile.

When she’s not around, he keeps thinking about her and wants to be with her even if he’s using the same excuse, and when he’s annoyed at her being involved with another man, he can’t do anything if she’s sad.

It was exactly in line with Julian’s symptoms to the point of displeasure.

The main characters’ actions were different, but the roots were all the same. Love. It seemed to be the behavior of people who are firmly in love.

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