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Chapter: 138

Still Early in the Morning (5)

Holy white hair and blue eyes that look like the autumn sky. He had such good beauty that even if he had white wings on his back, he would not seem alien at all. The people even called him the Son of God.

Cardel also thought so when she first met him. Perhaps the angel who came down to save herself, but Julian stepped on her relentlessly with his angel-like appearance.

Why the hell have you been doing this to me?

The resentment sprang up. As soon as she fantasized about him, she fell into the abyss. It was never a feeling to be reversed overnight.

Cardel thought he was a little strange and strange, but that’s all.

"Thank you."

She smiled as if she were about to break, and said.

"Thanks, uh, yeah."

Julian stuttered like a broken machine.

It was an overall challenge. No, he just wanted to die holistically.

Obviously, she didn’t do this in his imagination, but his body didn’t move to his will. He was going to brazenly stick out her doll, pick up her and kiss her softly at her embarrassment.

When Julian pulled out the act of wielding his own way, all that was left was this jerk who couldn’t even speak properly because he had a crush.

His heart was pounding and his brain was ringing. He felt awkward because he didn’t know what to say, and Cardel looked prettier than usual.

He doesn’t know when he brainwashed himself just because she looked so pretty, but after realizing that he was in love once, she now looked like an elf.

Why is she so pretty? If he stares blankly, he’ll miss the timing to talk.

He painted a bright smile as if the petals of the peak had suddenly bloomed. He didn’t even seem to be aware of what kind of face he was wearing.

Cardel likes rabbits, rabbits are white and he am white. As a result, she likes him. After making his own judgment, his face began to burn red.

It is no longer a compliment that he looks like a rabbit, a weak animal, and it is beginning to sound like a confession.

"He, I mean, you, too…"


"He, you’re like, yo…"

Look like a fairy. It was a moment to say so.

Cardel’s face suddenly froze. As the mouth, which had been distorted to tears, hardened straight, the surrounding temperature seemed to cool down in an instant.

Julian was speechless at the first look on her face and briefly blanked out.

"I’m sorry, Your Majesty, but I’m a little tired these days because I haven’t slept enough."

"Are you tired?"

"Yes. Do you mind if I ask for your understanding."

"Oh, well, I see."

If she’s tired, she should sleep. He replied in a dazed voice and nodded stiffly.

If it were before, he’d be like, Well, there’s nothing like sex and then a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to beat around the bush’ or ‘we will warm you up. Pretending to be naïve, but he couldn’t say anything now.

Julian managed to come to his senses after struggling for a long time, holding his white hair like a person who was buried in a blizzard.

There was no word of good night. Cardel, who issued her first order of congratulation, kicked out the emperor with polite words and closed the door.

He stared at the tightly closed door without a moment’s space and made a stupid face. The completely disconnected space seemed to represent her closed mind.

He walked back and forth like a dog waiting for its owner to open the door.

What’s this? It’s worse than before.

However, even the most obtuse emperor knew that he had brought this situation upon himself. It was fortunate that Vivian’s advice prevented the hatred that would have been directed at him as soon as possible.

Julian could not bear to open the closed door and swept up the flowing front hair.


Tak, tak, tak.

Fancy fingers tapped the black mask at a constant speed. Although it was meaningless, the sound of the silence and ringing made the other person’s nerves bristled.


The man with his elbow on the armrest of the sofa called his opponent in a languid tone. It was low and slow enough to create a sense of incompatibility. The magically altered voice penetrated the ear and gnawed at the opponent’s eardrum.


But Neil just gulped down his throat and said nothing. No, maybe it’s closer to the one who couldn’t.

He was born and raised in a slum from birth and was proud to have dealt with all kinds of famous and dangerous people. But the man in front of him was different from the others, a natural enemy.

Like facing the beast, the fear of being eaten raw enough to break into a cold sweat each time eroded through our bodies.

Neil was able to cough up a word after taking a breath in vain.

"Yes, master."

District 23, the owner of the collective underworld, was rumored to be a demon. Neil suddenly thought that the rumor that he had dismissed as nonsense might not have been a rumor.

If not the devil himself, he had at least signed a contract with the devil. He suspected it even though he knew it was nonsense.

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