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Chapter: 139

Still Early in the Morning (6)

The only silver candlestick that lit up in this distant darkness was on the table between the two. The ever dangerous scarlet light created a gloomy atmosphere as if it were being summoned.

The man, wearing a black hood and a mask, naturally melted into the darkness as if he were born from the darkness.

While staring at the candle with bored eyes for a moment, he opened his mouth again. It sounded like a somber song.

"I picked up the trash rolling around on the way and knocked them out, so take care of it."

"What? Why don’t you do it yourself…"


When he called out his name softly as if warning him, Neil had a face that looked like he was about to start a game.

"I told you to clean the area properly while I was away. How old are you?"

"Fi, twenty-five…"

"If you’re that old and you can’t clean up properly, you’re gonna put your life in order."

"I’m sorry."

He apologized reflexively, but Neil felt wronged. The owner of the underworld has always had enemies and enmity. In recent years, the highest demand for the assassination guild was probably him. Of course, he’s heard recently that most assassination guilds don’t accept requests related to district 23 to prevent guild members from dying.

Anyway, one can’t know when, where, and what kind of crazy route will appear, so how does one know and clean it up?

In the past, however, he used to solve it in a flash, but he has recently been acting like a saint. Not long ago, when someone who was trying to save his life appeared, he stunned them as much as possible, then ordered his subordinates to take care of it, and now he even gave an absurd order to clean up on his own.

He even seemed reluctant to kill.

Ha, the underworld master, reluctant to kill?

Neil thought that the assumption he came up with was ridiculous. That’s because he became the ruler of the 23rd district, also called the Empire’s lawless zone, by spraying the blood of countless people.

In order to become a top authority, it had to be as natural as breathing to take a life.

It was like that in reality. The murder kept him standing here.

In fact, the way he handled dozens of people without blinking made his servant Neil fear before awe. The master was undeniably a bloodthirsty murderer.

But Neil’s ridiculous hypothesis seemed to be somewhat correct. He wasn’t reluctant to kill, he was reluctant to smell blood, to be precise.

Master muttered to himself, "When she smells blood, she recognizes it and becomes like a ghost."

Neil didn’t have the nerve to say ‘Who the hell?’

The only person in District 23 who could talk back to the owner and give him harsh advice was the late-night doctor Kilix. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here, so Neil had no choice but to shut up until his master found out and opened his mouth.

"The smell of blood is ingrained in the soul, not the body, so it cannot be erased."

He smirked after saying something that seemed to come out of the Bible verse.

"So, go to hell for me, Neil."


Neil was dumbfounded. He can’t believe that the devil hates hell. It wasn’t even funny.

"If there’s anyone who’s been wandering around my area in the future, clean it up. Let me tell you."

"Yes! I see."

But if the boss tells you to do it, you have to. It was the master who held the rope of life and the money. Neil thought, grinding his teeth inside. He’s so flattered that master even bought him a ticket to hell.

‘If we die, we’ll all go to hell together.’

Neil answered politely, then carefully raised his head.

"A lowlife came to visit while the Master was away."

"What about his bloodline?"

"The Bron family."

"That’s a lowlife indeed."

The man, who recalled Duke Bron’s brown hair, twisted his mouth sideways.

The Bron family said they were neutral, but they were only wandering lowlife. Until now, he had not stood on the side of the emperor nor on the side of the aristocrat, but he managed to operate and absorb aristocrats, both large and small, and then he began to develop his influence threateningly.

‘I’ve been letting it go because it’s still negligible.’

It’s probably not that he got lost and flowed in the wrong way, maybe it’s just a dream of treason.

Otherwise, it is hard to explain why the noble Duke Bron flowed into District 23. The master of the underworld burst out laughing low. It was more of a laugh than a laugh because it was really fun.

Ah, that’s why I made a lily girl by hand.

It hasn’t been long since he dominated lawless areas and appeared on the surface, so it wasn’t too much to come in contact without knowing anything.

"That’s great, I actually needed it. I’ll make an appointment."

He recently said, recalling an emperor who was bored and constantly coveted for his own. He was going to act as a cupid that was never in his life so that he wouldn’t be distracted.


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