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Chapter: 560

Chapter 560

On a street in Konoha, the Uchiha clan was in charge of Konoha's prison called over the members of anbus to surround Xi and Suna Nija who were in charge of protecting her.

Suna Ninja put Xi behind them, and the leader of Suna Ninja stood up and asked seriously, "What do you mean?"

"Sorry, everyone in Sunagakure, please don't misunderstand. We are only here to find that woman. When she sneaked into Konoha to collect information, she was captured by Jiraya and was sent to our prison, but we don't know what method this woman used to escape from the prison. We have records of all these."

So we are only here to catch the fugitives, we have no intention of getting into a conflict with everyone in Sunagakure."

The Suna Ninjas in charge of protecting Xi heard this and quickly looked at Xi to confirm with her, "Xi-sama, is what they said true?"

Xi nodded, "That is indeed the case."

The Suna Ninja's faces suddenly turned ugly, and the person in charge of Konoha's Prison revealed a smile: "Everyone heard it, please come with us!"

Before Xi could say anything, the Suna Ninja who was in charge of protecting her stood up and said: "It's impossible for us to give Xi-sama to you. The task that the village gave us is to protect Xi at all costs."

The leader of the guards was Uchiha Izumi. When she heard the firm attitude of Suna Ninja, she immediately realized that this person might not be an ordinary spy, like what Konoha's prison said.

Uchiha Izumi frowned and whispered to the people behind her to investigate this woman called Xi.

"No need to investigate, I'll tell you about her." The members of the Uchiha clan were just about to leave when they were stopped by Yamanaka Ryo who suddenly appeared.

The appearance of Yamanaka Ryo made the onlookers instantly boil: "My God! Is that Ryo-sama?"

"Ryo-sama actually appeared. It seems that this woman's identity is not ordinary."

"She is not ordinary. Since Ryo-sama is here, she should just surrender."

"Please, are you stupid? Look at the position of Ryo-sama. He is obviously protecting this woman."

Listening to the discussion in the crowd, Yamanaka Ryo was a little embarrassed. He coughed twice and said, "Everyone, she is Pakura's sister… It was not her intention to escape from Konoha's Prison. I brought her out of Konoha's Prison for Pakura. After this matter, I will give everyone an explanation. Can we temporarily let her go today?"

Izumi immediately said, "Ryo-sama, you don't have to be so polite. Since you said so, of course, we won't continue to pester you." After that, Izumi left with the people of Konoha's Prison and the members of Anbus.

"Xi, I'm sorry. It was my negligence that I didn't deal with your identity."

Xi waved her hand, indicating that Yamanaka Ryo did not need to care.

Yamanaka Ryo was relieved and teleported back to the Yamanaka clan with her.


On October 30, year 66 of Konoha, this was a special day. All the strong people in the world gathered in Konoha because of this day.

In the territory of the Yamanaka clan, Akamichi and Nara's clansmen came to the Yamanaka clan early in the morning to help arrange today's matters.

Near noon, Naruto and Sasuke were arranged to be in charge of receiving gifts and recording guests at the gate of the Yamanaka clan.

Chinse, Lain, Minato, and Kushina, as Yamanaka Ryo's family, received important guests.

The other members of the Yamanaka clan were responsible for arranging some ordinary congratulations guests to sit.

As time passed, more and more guests came to congratulate. Just as they had expected, there were many people coming to join in on the wedding of Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura. Fortunately, the territory of the Yamanaka clan was big enough. Otherwise, they might not be able to put it down.

"Hokage-Sama, the people from Iwagakure are here."

"Are they finally here? Then I will go first."

After saying that, Minato showed a bright smile and greeted them.

The arrival of Onoki and his people was like a signal, and the other people of the village also appeared one after another.

After welcoming these big shots in, Orochimaru came, but what was unexpected was that Orochimaru did not come to congratulate him as a member of Otogakure, but came together with Jiraya and Tsunade as a member of Sannin.

As for Otogakure, Orochimaru sent Anko and Kimimaro as representatives.

These important guests were basically the finale, and there were no guests behind them, and the mission of Naruto and Sasuke was also over.

At this time, in the territory of the Yamanaka clan, the guests of various villages and families were talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

It was soon noon, and Chinse whispered to Kushina, "It's about time. Kushina should let Ryo and Pakura come out!"

"I know. I will arrange it immediately."

After that, Kushina turned and ran into the house.


A moment later, snowflakes suddenly fell from the sky. The guests immediately realized that today's protagonist was about to appear.

"Look at the door!"

Everyone immediately turned their eyes to the door. They saw a magnificent castle carved from ice slowly drifting towards them.

On the castle, Yamanaka Ryo hugged Pakura and smiled at everyone…

"Ryo really knows how to play tricks," Kushina muttered softly.

"But it looks pretty good. Hana, how about we ask sensei to do this when we get married?"

Otsutsuki Hana nodded. She also liked this ice castle.


The castle floated to the center of the Yamanaka clan and stopped.

Yamanaka Ryo hugged Pakura and jumped down from the castle. Then, he snapped his fingers.

The ice castle instantly disintegrated and turned into countless ice crystals. Yamanaka Ryo controlled these ice crystals to pave an ice road. He and Pakura stepped on the ice road.

Under the cheers of the crowd, Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura came to the front of Chinse.

After that was the wedding ceremony. These days, Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura had rehearsed many times and it was completed smoothly.

At this point, the two of them officially became husband and wife under the witness and blessing of the entire Ninja Realm.

After the ceremony ended, Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura expressed their gratitude to the guests who had arrived. The crowd would not let go of this opportunity to torment Yamanaka Ryo.


After a trip, who knew how much wine Yamanaka Ryo had been drunk, and he could not even stand steadily. Only then did the crowd let him go.

Chinse immediately arranged for her clansmen to send Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura back to their room.


As soon as he returned to his room, Yamanaka Ryo immediately entered ice elementiumization and expelled the alcohol from his body.

Yamanaka Ryo, who had regained his consciousness, let out a long sigh of relief. "These people are really scary, but no matter what, I finally managed to deal with them."

Pakura quietly sized up Yamanaka Ryo's room, then suddenly turned to look at Yamanaka Ryo and asked, "Ryo, is this true? Are we really married?"

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and pulled Pakura into his arms. "You will know soon whether it is true or not."

After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo kissed Pakura on the lips. Both of them had grown a lot on the day of their marriage.

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