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Chapter: 566

Chapter 566

"Tsk, a person without Rinnegan actually has the nerve to sit here." The girl that Yamanaka Ryo met at the beginning glanced at Otsutsuki Urashiki and said with disdain.

As if he did not hear it, Otsutsuki Urashiki continued to refine the chakra with his eyes closed. There was no reaction even when he was humiliated, and Urashiki’s reaction made others look down on him even more.

‘Ryo, this guy is not simple! He can still cultivate calmly when he is humiliated.’ Korin transmitted his voice to Yamanaka Ryo.

‘Mm. In terms of temperament, he is indeed the calmest in this classroom. His strength can clearly crush most students here, but he can still remain calm in the face of these people’s provocation… Moreover, I can feel the fluctuations of space from his body. He should be like Minato nii-san, having special talent in space.’

‘Ryo, do you know what his name is?’

‘He should be Otsutsuki Urashiki.’

The two of them chatted for a while.


It was not until noon that the elders of the Otsutsuki clan came to the classroom. When the students saw the elder, they quickly stood up and greeted the elder under Otsutsuki Momoshiki’s command. "Hello, Elder!"

‘Elder Raishiki? It seems that he is the Ōtsutsuki Raishiki of Ōtsutsuki Clan this generation. Korin, you go to Ice World, ready to bring Minato and the others out.’

Korin nodded. She opened a spatial crack from his ninja bag and entered the Ice World.

What Yamanaka Ryo didn’t expect was that with such a slight movement, Otsutsuki Raishiki and Urashiki’s eyes instantly focused on Yamanaka Ryo.

Otsutsuki Raishiki frowned. ‘Why is there a spatial fluctuation on this student? I remember that he shouldn’t have a spatial ability! Strange!’

Behind him, Otsutsuki also had similar thoughts. He turned to look at Otsutsuki Raishiki, and Otsutsuki Raishiki nodded imperceptibly. Otsutsuki Urashiki out his hand and opened a spatial crack behind Yamanaka Ryo.

Yamanaka Ryo could clearly sense the small movements of these two people. He also guessed that the spatial fluctuation of Korin entering the Ice World had attracted the attention of the two people. That was why he had made a move to test him.

Yes, it was a test.

The spatial crack opened by Otsutsuki Urashiki did not have any offensive power. He just wanted to know if Yamanaka Ryo could sense this crack.

At first, Yamanaka Ryo intended to ignore it, but when he saw the seriousness in Otsutsuki Raishiki’s eyes, he gritted his teeth and decided to make a bet.

Yamanaka Ryo put his hands behind his back, grabbed the space crack, and directly closed it. Then he turned around and glared at Otsutsuki Urashiki.

Otsutsuki Urashiki gave Yamanaka Ryo a deep look, lowered his head, and said nothing.

But Yamanaka Ryo was keenly aware that when Otsutsuki Urashiki lowered his head, his eyes flashed with jealousy and hatred.

Yamanaka Ryo was a little confused. Otsutsuki Urashiki’s reaction was completely inconsistent with his performance just now.

On the other side, Otsutsuki Raishiki took in Yamanaka Ryo’s small movements. His eyes lit up, and his expression gradually became excited.

"Cough, cough. Students, you can go ahead and cultivate! You… Come out with me!" Otsutsuki pointed at Yamanaka Ryo and said.

Yamanaka Ryo immediately pretended to be terrified and froze in place. Only when Otsutsuki Raishiki called him for the second time did he carefully and slowly follow Otsutsuki Raishiki out of the room.

After the two of them left, Otsutsuki Urashiki raised his head, his expression full of unwillingness. On the other side, Otsutsuki Momoshiki looked at Otsutsuki Urashiki with interest.


Otsutsuki took Yamanaka Ryo to another room. Yamanaka Ryo sensed that there was no one else in this room, and there were only puppets patrolling nearby.

To him, this room was really a good place to kill people. Thinking of this, the corners of Yamanaka Ryo’s mouth raised into a faint smile.

As for Otsutsuki Raishiki, he was also very excited. He was excited that a young man with Rinnegan’s talent had finally appeared in the clan.

This made Otsutsuki Raishiki, who had been looking for a successor for so many years, extremely excited. His Rinnegan was related to spatial ability, and he was looking for a successor with spatial talent.

Unfortunately, after searching for so many years, out of the more than twenty thousand clansmen in the clan, only Otsutsuki Urashiki had spatial talent. However, Otsutsuki Urashiki did not have Rinnegan.

This made Otsutsuki Raishiki very disappointed, but there was nothing he could do, and he could only temporarily raise Otsutsuki Urashiki as the successor.

And now, there was finally an outstanding heir like Yamanaka Ryo, who possessed the ability of space and Rinnegan. Otsutsuki Raishiki even felt that this was a gift from God.

"Cough cough, boy, don’t be nervous. There is a good thing that I called you over."

"Good thing? Elder… Elder Raishiki, you…"

"Haha! I told you not to be nervous. Relax a little. I want to take you as a disciple and let you inherit the position of Elder Raishiki."

Yamanaka Ryo pretended to be frightened and stayed where he was.

Seeing this, the smile on Otsutsuki Raishiki’s face became even more brilliant. "I will nurture you well in the future. One day, you will be able to travel through the starry sky and occupy other planets to find the fruit of the Tree of God. Maybe, you can be like the patriarch and achieve eternal life."

The more Otsutsuki Raishiki talked, the more excited he became. He didn’t even notice that the temperature of the room had changed. In the next second, Yamanaka Ryo, who had merged Korin’s power and Rinnegan’s eye power, suddenly attacked. Otsutsuki Raishiki was stunned. Before he could react, he was frozen into an ice sculpture by Yamanaka Ryo.

Otsutsuki Raishiki’s five senses were frozen, and even his thoughts were stagnant. This was Yamanaka Ryo’s trump card. His ice temperature was already very close to absolute zero degrees.

After reaching this level, Yamanaka Ryo’s ice only needed a thousandth of a second to freeze a person, just like it did, and there was no time to react at all.

And the person who was frozen felt as if time had suddenly stopped.


After freezing Otsutsuki’s Raishiki, Yamanaka Ryo immediately read his memory and then threw him into the world of ice.

"Everyone, the one I threw into the world of ice was the elder of the Otsutsuki clan, Otsutsuki Raishiki. I used ice to restrict his movements, but I couldn’t kill him in a short period of time. He should be able to break out of the ice soon."

"Please think of a way to keep him in the world of ice… Minato nii-san, come out and continue to move with me."

When everyone heard this, they immediately jumped up, looking eager to try.

When Namikaze Minato heard this, he immediately left the Ice World.


After arriving outside, Yamanaka Ryo transmitted all the memories of Otsutsuki Raishiki to Namikaze Minato. After Namikaze Minato finished reading it, he turned into Otsutsuki Raishiki.

In the Ice World, Otsutsuki Raishiki finally broke through the ice and came out. He looked at Naruto and the others who suddenly appeared in front of him with a dumbfounded expression.

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