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Chapter: 93

"If not, Ves might come scold you after scolding His Majesty," Etra chuckled as Ilyin quietly laughed along. It was hard to imagine Aden being scolded.

It was equally hard to imagine kind-hearted Ves, who always spoke softly to Ilyin to even have the slightest anger towards her.

"Okay," Ilyin nodded.

Ilyin still couldn’t help the smile on her face. It was because of the Delrose maids, who became bustling up and down, their faces filled with worry as soon as they figured out she was sick. It showed Ilyin that they really cared, and she felt like she had finally come home.

Ilyin didn’t want to worry Aden as he already had a lot on his plate and fell asleep as her nerve was completely unravelled by the Delrose maid’s sweetness.


On the white winter ground, the snowstorm kept blowing in one direction, lifting every particle in its way up and making them dance around. The wind was very strong, and the northern wind made it seem as though the snow was falling across rather than down.

It was in the middle of all this that Ilyin’s eyes slowly pried open. She was awoken by the fact that despite the snowstorm, she was no longer feeling cold.

Ilyin realized it was a dream long before she saw the mobile and her eyes laying on a living creature that she had never before seen only confirmed her first assumption. As expected, when she looked around, the ten coloured mobile was peeking out from under the snow where it was buried not four steps away from her.

The monsters that were running around in front of her had beautiful orange scales. While she had never seen them before she couldn’t shake off the weird feeling that told her that she knew them. She soon recognized them as the Yester Tribe.

In front of her she saw that they were all marching somewhere and were shoving and fighting each other to be the first in line of their group whilst simultaneously battling the northern wind head on.

"Out of my way!" Ilyin could hear them say to each other.

Their movements were so fast that it was hard for Ilyin to keep track of them from the distance.

Where were they headed? Were they ambushing someone? Ilyin turned her gaze towards where the Yester Tribe was headed. She looked and she saw a glowing hemisphere with yellow light in the distance. Ilyin creased her eyebrows in confusion. The glowing light was a dome that looked like it was covering something, like it was protecting something.

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What is it covering?

If Ilyin wanted to see it, she would have to get closer and with curiosity taking over her body, Ilyin started moving. That moment, the scenery around her quickly slid and moved. It only took a moment for her to reach the hemisphere. Like the dream of succession.

Ilyin’s eyes widened as she froze in surprise at such unfamiliar sight. The Yester Tribe marched right by her while she was frozen as if she was not there and of course, since this was just a dream she technically was not there, and the Yester Tribe didn’t notice her. Some of them even walked through her while charging at the yellow hemisphere. Which she discovered was surrounding a city of humans.

Ilyin quickly realized what was happening, the place that the yellow forcefield was covering was Elo’s territory. It was evident as yellow accessories filled the sea of people and even the sword handle held by the knights that looked especially nervous was also yellow.

What she was watching was the Yester Tribe that ambushed Elo. Ilyin felt like she somewhat knew the identity of the hemisphere that was covering Elo.

"If Elo didn’t have strength to hold back the Yesters, then they wouldn’t have put their stronghold there." Ilyin remembered how Aden had once said that to her.

That ‘strength’ she realized must have been the hemisphere. Ilyin looked up the glowing dome encasing all of Elo. Each time the Yester Tribe scratched at it; it flashed a yellow light so bright that it looked white.

Would it hold? Ilyin couldn’t help wondering as she looked at it, an uneasy feeling settling in the pit of her stomach.

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It was then that someone who was standing over the wall caught her eye. She wasn’t sure if it was someone as she wasn’t even sure if it was in fact even human. Ilyin moved to get a close look and just like before, she moved one step and found herself facing the figure’s backside.

He had his back against the northern wind, his long blonde hair waving graciously in the wind. The cape which was half blue didn’t seem to have any insulating ability.

Was it like the Blue North’s cloth? Ilyin carefully observed it.

She felt like she wouldn’t know until she touched it. The Yester Tribe was able to walk through her so she obviously wouldn’t be able to touch anything in her dream yet despite knowing that she still found her hand subconsciously stretched towards the cloth.

Ilyin’s eyes widened as her fingers reached the cape. It was different this time. The feeling at the end of her fingertips was definitely of his cape. As the cape that was fluttering in the northern wind stopped, the owner turned around as if he felt something weird and their eyes met.

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