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Chapter: 95

"There’s no way you are healed already," said Ilyin, unable to hide the astonishment from her voice.

It hadn’t even been a day since Aden got hit by the arrow, never mind the fact that he didn’t receive immediate medical attention when he needed it. As Ilyin remembered how the blood quickly drenched Aden’s shirt and stained her hands red, she thought of how strange it was that he didn’t collapse.

After she was done unbuttoning his shirt halfway through, she reached out to take it off of him but before she could, Aden immediately grabbed her hand.

"I really am healed."

Ilyin narrowed her eyes at Aden’s words.

"If you’re lying, I’m going to tell Ves."

He chuckled as he heard that.

"Fine. Then," he said as he grabbed her soft hand. Ilyin noticed that his hand was shaking. Ilyin couldn’t not notice it as Aden was not usually one to shake, "What are you going to do if I am healed?"


Aden continued smoothly, "Are you going to grant me a wish?"

Ilyin looked up at Aden. There was still a slight tremor in his hands but also a big smirk on his face. They held that position for a while with Aden simply looking at her as he had no intention of letting go of her hand until she answered. His lips were sealed. Her concern won in the end and Ilyin’s pondering didn’t last long.

"Fine," she grumbled.

As soon as she answered, Aden let her hand go, a giant smile playing on his lips. Ilyin rolled her eyes as she slowly pulled his shirt over his shoulder, her eyes all the while at his arm. The shirt came off his upper body easily as it was unbuttoned. Ilyin stopped as she slid the shirt down until his left elbow. Her heart was beating in anticipation.


It wasn’t there. It wasn’t that she was disappointed that the wound wasn’t there, it was just surprising.

But how? How can a wound that big disappear in less than a day without a trace? Ilyin wondered.

Her eyes widened. Maybe she was mistaken about where the wound was? She quickly examined his back and then unbuttoned the rest of his shirt. His strong chest muscles and abs were revealed in the process. The wound was nowhere to be seen. Ilyin hugged him like how she hugged him while they were on a horse to make sure she had the placement of the wound right.

"What…" As she rubbed over his arm in disbelief, his hand touched her arm.

He slowly whispered, "How is it?"

The hand that slowly touched her arm took it off his body and smoothly, his fingers attacked her pale fingers and interlocked them in.

"Can I make my wish?" Aden asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Since there was no wound, Ilyin couldn’t deny it. She was glad he was okay so in her good mood she eventually looked up at Aden and allowed it.


Aden chuckled and, in that moment, the trembling in his hand stopped. Ilyin then realized that that trembling wasn’t because of pain, it was from anticipation.

Aden pushed Ilyin’s body onto the bed. The soft bed bounded up and down from the impact. Aden, who immediately went on top of Ilyin, slowly leaned down and his words brushed against her ears.

"I tried to tell you," Aden laughed softly as he feigned a sigh.

Whenever Ilyin’s hands made the slightest contact with his body or when a fresh summer scent was let out as she tilted her head, it made his mind chaotic. He felt like he was going crazy. He was waiting a while for this, and he didn’t think he could wait any longer.

"You are too provocative to me," he growled as he buried his face deep into her chest.

"You said you’ll grant me a wish," Aden started untying her clothes. The robe she was wearing fell on the bed.

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It was a body that was driving him crazy. He explored her n*pple with his tongue in a circular motion.

"Mmm," Ilyin moaned.

Aden pulled apart and Ilyin’s questioning eyes met Aden’s lustful ones.

"For a bit, will you let me rest?" asked Aden, his voice now deep and hoarse.

To him, resting was something else: burying his body into her scent and inside her. Aden’s hands slid down without waiting for a response. His patience ended.

He completely pulled Ilyin up towards him, his strong naked body completely dominating on top of Ilyin’s. Ilyin could feel his already erect pen*s rubbing against her thigh, the contact driving Aden crazy as Aden remembered just how narrow her inside was.

"Ah!" Ilyin let out as Aden slipped his finger inside of her entrance.

It was ready with wetness asking to be pleasured. Even if she allowed it, he wouldn’t be able to treat Ilyin roughly. The bride was too innocent and lovely of a person for him to unleash all of his dark desires upon.

"Ah…!" Ilyin moaned.

His pillar was brushing on top of her private part. Ilyin flinched as it pressed on her clitor*s and brushed against it repeatedly. Ilyin could feel butterflies down there and her mind was becoming hazy from all the stimulation.


Aden’s waist started moving faster and he became more rough, but as he didn’t enter her it was driving Ilyin crazy.

"Ah, mm! Ah!"

The movement was so stimulating and even more so as she knew that what was brushing against her was wet with her juice.

"Hmm, mm!"

Ilyin’s body involuntarily shuddered. Aden pinned down her hands on either side.

"Aden…!" Ilyin cried out.

Her legs closed unintentionally at such strong stimulation but in doing so trapped the enraged, erected pen*s between her white thighs. Aden didn’t waste any time and started moving roughly in and out between her thighs. Her juice acted as a perfect l*be to help it smoothly slick in and out of her thighs.

"Hmm," Ilyin moaned almost pleadingly. She wanted him inside her.

Finally, it was her entrance that he finally slid down to. It was different from before and as he was already stiff and hard, he easily pushed it in.


Ilyin’s back arched. Her mind was in chaos due to the stimulus that came up from the bottom of her stomach. She couldn’t help squeezing her thighs due to climax which in turn further stimulated Aden.

"Ha…" Aden couldn’t help but let out a shallow breath as he clenched his jaws.

This was only the beginning and for Aden, who had to hide his desire. It was a hard time but also one of the best times.

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As Aden moved a little, Ilyin further arched her back. Aden tried to calm her as he kissed her neck. His whisper that tried to calm her was sweet. Whenever he wanted to move like crazy inside her, he put his lips on her collarbone instead and left a deep mark.


The last place Aden went after leaving his love all over her body was her lips. The deep kiss relaxed Ilyin’s tired body. As Ilyin’s hands brushed against his strong chest, the heat emitting from it made her hot and just for that moment, she felt like she wasn’t in winter. She had reached a place with a clear sky and the strong sunlight streaming down.

Ilyin closed her eyes at the warmth.

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