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Chapter: 1032

growing up

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This made everyone happier and more excited.

Several sisters were also relieved, with happy smiles on their faces.

They took out the food one after another and handed it to the deer in front.

want to feed.

This little deer is still not afraid of people, it is very friendly, and stretches its neck to eat the food given by several sisters.

It's such a peaceful scene as it chews on these simple treats.

Moreover, the look of eating with gusto brought smiles to the faces of several sisters.

more and more brilliant.

Afterwards, they even reached out and stroked the soft fur of the deer.

Those hairs are unusually beautiful and smooth, which makes these sisters feel better and better.

They played with this little deer for a long time and finally got a little tired.

"If you're tired of playing, let's go."

Ye Xuan saw that many sisters had no energy to play, and felt that if they continued, it might become a problem to go back.

So he called everyone and wanted to leave this place.

So, everyone nodded and left.

On the way back, the sisters kept chatting and laughing, looking very happy.

Today, they enjoy being in nature and having fun together.

After a while, they approached the location of the empty valley.

Finally got together with the crowd.

Ran Zhu also smiled happily and walked over.

She looked at Concubine Ye and said with a smile, "Have the sisters all played well?"

The sisters all nodded, looking very excited, very satisfied with this place.

However, among the scientific expedition team on the side, someone had a gloomy face and complained: "I'm so sorry to have waited so long to come back!"

The other people were also a little dissatisfied, staring at Ye Xuan and them with bad eyes.

They waited at this place for a long time and thought of leaving.

As a result, Ran Zhu, as a tour guide, wanted to wait for the sisters to return before leaving.

This made them all feel that it was delayed for a long time, so they all felt very unhappy.

Ye Xuan and the other sisters just glanced at them and didn't say anything.

After all, Ye Xuan and the others didn't want to have any conflict with these and affect their bad mood.

Neither of them felt that the people on the scientific expedition team could pose any threat to them.


Upon seeing this, the members of the scientific expedition team gathered and chatted together, wanting to discuss their next actions.

"Let's go to the other side to find it? Let's see if we can find a new type of orchid there!"

"Yeah, this place is so big now that we can't find it no matter how much we look!"

"I still remember that this place did appear before. After all, the environment of this empty valley is the suitable place for the new type of orchids to grow!"

"Let's go, look for it again, don't find anything for a while!"

At this time, everyone showed a look of anticipation, constantly cheering on themselves, and wanting to go to the distance to find it.

They continued to look for it, but it was in another direction, which happened to be the direction of Ye Xuan and the others.

the other side.

Ran Zhu came to Concubine Ye and chatted with them.

"Where did you guys go just now, did you have fun?"

Ye Fei nodded and said with a smile, "I just walked along the road, and we also saw a very beautiful orchid."

Ye Xue smiled and said, "Also, we also found a beautiful orchid, and a deer. They are really well-behaved!"

The other sisters followed suit, telling what they had seen and heard just now, and were very excited about everything they had seen.

Hearing this, Ran Zhu couldn't help but smile. He was very happy for them, and also had a lot of pride in his hometown.

After all, whoever is in nature changes!

Moreover, they also saw so many good things!

Ran Zhu smiled and said, "That's great, it shows that you are really lucky. After all, deer are not common in this kind of forest!"

Hearing this, the other sisters also laughed and looked very excited.

After all, according to Ran Zhu's words, if this little deer is not common, then today, they are very lucky!

They didn't expect that they would be able to get such an opportunity to see the deer and even play with Xiao Lu!

It was at this time, not far away, that the people of the scientific expedition team heard the conversation of these people.

Especially when they heard the orchid, they were all slightly startled.

They seemed to have flipped a switch.

They looked at each other as if they felt something.

Afterwards, they all came over with the idea of ​​not being missed.

Because they all heard about orchids!

This is also their purpose this time!

So, a member of the scientific expedition team came over and asked, "You said you saw a beautiful orchid, what did it look like, and do you have any photos?"

Everyone present looked at this person, their eyes suddenly a little bit.

Because the tone of the man's speech is very strong, it doesn't sound very good.

Before, he also did not behave very well to everyone.

This made everyone have some opinions on the expedition team.


Ye Fei still explained.

"Yes, let me show you!"

After speaking, Ye Fei took out her phone and showed him the photo.

The other members of the scientific expedition team were also slightly startled, and then walked over.

They stretched their necks and looked at the photos on the phone.

When they saw it, their eyes widened and they couldn't help but take a deep breath.

They all felt a strong sense of shock and were shocked.

In the photo, there is an orchid that looks like a lotus flower, very beautiful.

Because, they're sure, this is the new orchid they're looking for!

"Where was this found?"

The person from the expedition team asked very eagerly, his eyes were round, and he seemed a little excited.

The other people also looked at Ye Fei one after another, and UU reading showed some hesitation.

I'm afraid this photo is fake!

Ye Xuan couldn't help but frowned and stood up first, saying, "Why are you asking this?"

The person from the scientific expedition team explained: "Of course I will bring it to study!"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan and the many sisters couldn't help but look at each other.

This is an endangered lotus petal orchid, and the market price is extremely high.

They have all discussed it before.

Such a beautiful orchid, who doesn't want to take it away!

But Ye Xuan and the others did not.

Because they know that this kind of orchid can be regarded as true freedom only when it grows freely in the wild!

And it will grow very well!

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