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Chapter: 1033

too tired

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As for if someone takes it away...

Ye Xuan just smiled lightly and said, "I'm sorry, we will definitely not tell you, it looks very good here, and it doesn't need to be studied!"

In a simple sentence, he directly rejected the expedition team member.

The tone is firm, domineering, and there is no room for negotiation at all.

This made them all stunned.

All of them couldn't help but turn gloomy eyes and stepped forward one after another.

"This is our scientific research career, you can't refuse it casually!"

"Yes, we really need to find this orchid, so give it to us!"

"You just tell us the location, and don't let you go over to get it. Is it necessary to be so hard-mouthed?"

Everyone looked very dissatisfied and frowned.

Everyone suppressed their anger and did not explode.

They had waited for Ye Xuan and others for a long time before, and now they have even been rejected by Ye Xuan...

This makes them who can calm down!

Facing the dissatisfaction of these people around him, Ye Xuan couldn't help but sneer and said, "I'm sorry, let's not talk about this matter!"

His attitude was even tougher, he spoke again, and directly asked the people around him to deny all the ideas of these scientific research teams.

At this time, the face of the expedition team also pulled down.

His tone was gloomy, and he said, "You just want money, tell me, how much money do you want!"

The other members of the expedition team also stood behind this man, staring at Ye Xuan and them with a very dissatisfied look.

As if applying pressure.

They were very dissatisfied and felt that this was an insult to them!


Ye Xuan's brows raised, looking at the person in front of him, he couldn't help but feel a little funny.


Are you lacking?

Ye Xuan shook his head helplessly and ignored him.

It's probably the stupidest way to buy yourself with money!

He turned around directly, ignoring it.

And Ye Xuan's attitude also made all the surrounding scientific research personnel a little dissatisfied, and the frowns became deeper.

Those on the scientific expedition team were very angry, but they didn't know what to say, so they could only look at Ye Xuan, sulking.

After all, in this place, they don't know where Ye Xuan found the orchid!

Moreover, this place is too big, if they get lost, the consequences will be disastrous!

"If you don't help us find it, then we will find it ourselves!"

The person from the scientific expedition team let out harsh words, then turned around and left, took everyone with them, and found them elsewhere.

They don't know if they can find it or not, and they can only find it for the time being.

Although there are many of them, it is very difficult to find them.

I don't know how long I searched, but I still can't find it, and finally I can only prepare to leave.

As for Ye Xuan and the others, they changed places, wandered around in this empty valley, and continued to play.

They all have no regrets about the decision just now.

Because this rare plant can only be regarded as belonging if it survives in a suitable place!

They didn't want any damage to the orchid.

An hour later, the members of the scientific expedition team came back one after another.

None of them were found, and they stared at Ye Xuan and the others from time to time, full of anger.

They were all dissatisfied because Ye Xuan and the others were indifferent.

Obviously, they can complete the research task this time.

It is because the decision of Ye Xuan and the others is a bit tough, which makes them lose the opportunity.

But what can they do now?

With this kind of mood, they all had gloomy faces and said nothing.

However, their hatred towards Ye Xuan became stronger and stronger.

At this moment.

Ran Zhu looked at the sky and said, "Let's go back now. If we go back late, I'm afraid there will be danger. After all, this is still a jungle, and there are many unknown dangers!"

Ye Xuan and the others nodded without any comments.

Afterwards, Ran Zhu turned his gaze to the other members of the expedition team.

The members of the scientific expedition team who were present all looked at each other, and they were very upset that they had not completed their tasks.

However, there is no way for them to stay here.

After all, the tour guide said so, there must be many unknown dangers in the jungle!

They didn't dare to stay any longer, so they left here one after another.

Afterwards, everyone went down the mountain together and returned to the Qianhu Miao Village.

After returning, everyone parted ways.

Those on the scientific expedition team didn't even pay attention to Ye Xuan and the others, nor the tour guide, so they left and went to eat in a nearby restaurant.

They have been busy for a long time, and they all want to eat something quickly to replenish their energy.

After they entered the hotel, they all chatted.

One by one, their faces were still gloomy, full of disdain and anger.

One by one, they expressed their dissatisfaction.

"Is there something wrong with the group of people just now! What do you think they are planning? Is it just for fun?"

"Yeah, I don't know what I've been doing there for so long, who knows what it means!"

"They are also hateful, don't even want to give them money, it's really wrong!"

"Yeah, if you listen to us, you can get a lot of money, but they don't want anything!"

"Humph! This kind of person, I am convinced, this is not being sharpened by life!"

"That is, a group of high-minded people, I am afraid they have never seen any money at all, and they don't know how to make some money!"

At this time, everyone was very dissatisfied and slandered Ye Xuan and the others.

Everyone is talking about Ye Xuan and the others, and they feel that he is wrong, which led to the failure of the mission!

Only now that they have spoken out, can they feel a lot more comfortable in their hearts.

And on the other side.

Ye Xuan and others have also played for a day, and feel a little tired.

They lived in this stockade for one day yesterday, so some sisters wanted to go back.

"Little brother, UU reading let's go back, I really want to go back and take a bath!"

"Yeah, I feel a little uncomfortable after walking in the jungle for so long now!"

"Go back and take a good bath, otherwise you will feel so uncomfortable!"

"Yeah, let's go back!"

They all looked at Ye Xuan and looked expectantly, with big twinkling eyes, very agile.

Ye Xuan nodded, feeling very distressed that his sisters beat him.

So, Ye Xuan asked, "Can we still walk down the mountain now?"

The other sisters all looked at each other as if they were discussing.


Then, they quickly gave a unified answer.

"Do not be too tired!"

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