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Chapter: 1034

relieve fatigue

They said at the same time that they were very resistant to continue walking.

Ye Xuan had already seen some clues, so he didn't say anything.

After all, after playing for a day, who wants to continue walking!

He also felt sorry for his sisters, so he nodded and said, "Okay, I'll make a call!"

So, Ye Xuan took out his phone and called Zheng Jiang.

on the other side.

Zheng Jiang just received the phone ringing at this time.

He looked a little shocked when he saw that it was actually Ye Xuan's call.

So, he hurriedly connected the phone and asked respectfully, "Director Ye, may I help you with anything?"

Then, he heard Ye Xuan's order in his mobile phone.

He nodded without hesitation and said, "Yes! I'll do it right away!"

He breathed a sigh of relief, and didn't find it difficult, this matter was just a small matter.

After hanging up the phone, he made another call soon after.

"Immediately arrange for a helicopter to drive to Qianhu Miao Village in the shortest possible time! Welcome Dong Ye and the others!"

Then, there were helicopters that were triggered from the manor and flew into the distance.

The helicopters soon came to the Qianhu Miao Village.

Many people here couldn't help but look up to the sky and saw this shocking scene.

Their faces were full of shock and curiosity.

Many people have expressed doubts and asked.

"What the **** happened? Why are there so many helicopters?"

"These helicopters have never been to this place before, so some big man is coming!"

"Maybe, no one knows what's going on here, it's so strange!"

"I really want to see, who are these helicopters sending over, or who are they sending away?"

For a time, everyone was speculating, and their hearts were full of entanglements and doubts.

They all stared into the distance, staring intently.


The helicopters found their target.

Then, it slowly descended.

When the people on the plane got off, they all turned their attention to Ye Xuan and the others who were not far away.

"Ye Dong, we are responsible for picking you up!"

The leader said very respectfully.

The others also lowered their heads, waiting for Ye Xuan and the others.

The line of people formed two teams and looked very respectful.

Ye Xuan just looked at his sisters and said lightly: "Okay, the transportation is here, let's go up first, and we'll be back in a while!"

Hearing this, the other sisters all showed a very happy look, and they almost jumped up.

They don't need to go down now, they can go back directly by plane, how comfortable it is!

Afterwards, they walked towards the front one after another and entered the plane one by one.

However, everyone around them saw this scene.

The expressions of each of them were so shocking, they stared at Ye Xuan and the others in shock.

They never imagined that they would be able to see such a shocking and astonishing picture.

They are very aware of Ye Xuan and the other women.

These people are all the people who met them at the bonfire party yesterday!

These people brought blessings to their stockade and made the stockade much more famous.

Moreover, they are good-natured, affable, kind, and friendly.

It's just such a few people who have such an identity!

There are so many helicopters to pick them up!

For a time, everyone stared at the front in shock, their hearts beating non-stop, and it was difficult to calm down.

It seems like a big wave washes the sand, overwhelming the sky.

Especially at this time, from a restaurant not far away.

The members of the scientific expedition team finished their meals and came out one after another.

They also saw some movements around them, which were a little weird.

The locals around were all staring blankly ahead.

It seemed to be petrified, motionless.

This made all the people on the expedition team feel a sense of doubt.

They all followed their eyes and looked forward.

When they saw the helicopters, the whole person became a little confused.

"This did the helicopter come here?"

"Yeah, even if we come, there are not so many helicopters to send!"

"It's outrageous...Is the economic level of this place so high? Is there a helicopter here?"

"Then can you talk to them and let them send us down?"

Everyone sighed, they were also a little tired and didn't want to go down the mountain.

Now if there is a helicopter, it is still very easy.

But just as they were talking, there was some movement in front of them, which immediately made all the people in the scientific expedition team present become a little sluggish.

Those pair of eyes, pupils suddenly tightened.

They saw it impressively!

Those who got off the helicopter actually treated Ye Xuan and the others with such respect and invited them to board the plane.

At this moment, all the members of the scientific expedition team present were stunned.

They watched Ye Xuan and others boarded the plane, and then the helicopter left here, becoming a smaller and smaller black spot on the horizon, and there was no trace.

Soon, everyone present became extremely shocked. They did not expect that these people would be so rich!

"Isn't it, those who rejected us are the owners of these helicopters?"

"Are these people so rich? Just now we... and he wanted to buy it with money!"

"No wonder they don't care, it turns out they don't care! They don't care about the money!"

"Damn! Thinking about it now, it's really scary! If they are really angry, then we won't have any good fruit to eat!"

For a time, everyone present showed a sense of extreme shock.

They were all a little scared, feeling that if they were targeted by these rich people, I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to leave this stockade today!

Thinking about it, a very fearful look appeared on their faces.

Because none of them ever imagined that...

These people are so terrifying!

On the other side~~ those helicopters soon returned to Huangling Manor, and they all got off the plane.

Ye Chan and others felt very tired. After playing in the mountains for a day today, they felt wet and heavy, which made people uncomfortable.

They all went to take a shower at the same time, and then came out briskly.

The place they went to was the hot spring in the back mountain.

After washing with this hot spring water, I felt relaxed and relieved a lot of fatigue.

Ye Xuan also took a bath, the hot spring water here can really relieve fatigue!

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