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Chapter: 1047


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I saw that they pointed at the young masters and yelled angrily.

"Brother Liu, it's these people! It's them who beat us!"

When this leader, Brother Liu, was stunned when he saw the young masters behind him.

He took a deep breath and stared at this scene with some dementia.

"This...isn't this Wang Shao and the others!"

Brother Liu's expression changed and he stared blankly ahead.

He couldn't believe it, because the person in front of him turned out to be...

Brother Liu can become the current status, very simple.

It is because there is a place for demolition in this city.

This also led to the demolition of a lot of houses in Brother Liu's family and a lot of assets.

This allowed him to enter the high society as he wished.

He also got to know a lot of rich and young people in this place.

These rich and young are the sons of the rich and powerful, and they are worth a lot of money.

He knew these people and thought he would be able to enter these high society, but he found that he thought too much.

In this upper class society, you simply don't want to enter.

It's not that you can go in at will if you have some money.

Once again, he attended a reception and saw these people in front of him.

He listened to the rich young masters saying that these young masters are all local young masters with great energy, and they have power beyond their reach.

So, he told those rich and young people at the time that he wanted to get to know them.

I also want to ask them to introduce it, no matter what the price is.

At that time, it can be said to be a gathering of talents.

A lot of people want to meet someone with a lot of power.


Those rich and young people actually mocked him directly.

"Brother Liu, we call you Brother Liu, just because you are older than us!"

"That is, in today's society, do you really think that you can become a person in high society with a little money?"

"To be honest, even us, it is impossible to become a person in the upper class!"

"You may not know it yet, even if we have gathered all the clan forces, we can't compare with the clan forces of any eldest and youngest!"

"This is the difference. The upper class and the rich society are two different things!"

"Don't think too much, if we introduce you to the past... people know who we are!"

"Haha, it's true, we will be embarrassed at that time too!"

For a time, all the rich and young laughed, and their voices were extremely loud.

At that time, the words said by these people also directly let Brother Liu understand the true meaning of high society.

This society, relying on the efforts of several generations, has achieved the results it is now.

And now...

Even if you have some demolition funds, what can you do?

Nothing works!

Since that incident, he has had his own understanding and will no longer be forced into the upper class.

It's like a clear distinction between Jing and Wei, I don't want to care anymore!

Just because the meaning of this high society is out of reach for me!

Since then, he has been busy with his career and has no such plans.


I didn't expect to meet those big and young people again!

This made Brother Liu's face change suddenly, and he felt uneasy.

He knows that even if he develops to his current strength, he will not be able to fight!

These men...

Is this impatient to live?

He turned around and glared at the young man beside him.

"Are you blind?"


After scolding, he slapped the young man directly in the face.

The sound was earth-shattering, directly attracting everyone's attention.

Everyone stared blankly at this scene, some incomprehensible.

Those people couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

Why did Brother Liu slap his own people!

The elders on the opposite side were also a little surprised, and they all looked at each other.

did not expect……

This person seems to be quite enlightened, and seems to know himself!

At this moment, the young man who was beaten was dizzy and stunned.

His eyes were full of gold stars, and he forgot to think for a while.

He didn't even know why he was beaten.

At this moment, Brother Liu snarled angrily again: "You bastard, what kind of thing are you, dare to offend them!"

"Are you impatient? Kneel down for me!"

Suddenly, a voice full of coercion resounded.

This made the man startled immediately.

He didn't dare to offend Brother Liu at all.

"Brother Liu, what the **** is going on, why is this happening?"

He was puzzled and asked hastily.

However, Brother Liu was full of anger and ignored him at all.

Afterwards, he walked forward and came to the front of the young masters.

"Several eldest young masters, eldest young lady, hello, it's all because of my lack of discipline that they offended you. I am here to apologize to you!"

As he spoke, he even bent down and bowed, looking extremely pious.

This made everyone behind him stunned for a moment, and they seemed very stunned.

Who would have thought that their eldest brother Liu would be so respectful to these people.

This is simply unscientific!

For a time, everyone looked at each other, and their faces became more and more shocked.

And those eldest young masters and eldest young ladies just glanced at them indifferently, and did not take them too seriously.

After all, in their eyes, these people are just ants-like beings.

A young man said lightly: "Okay, that's it!"

Brother Liu breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he was finally not punished, which is the best thing.

A relieved smile appeared on his face immediately, as if it was the feeling of the rest of his life.

So, he hurriedly nodded his head with a sincere look.

"Yes, yes, it is really troublesome for you all, I will definitely discipline you in the future!"

He said with confidence.

Those big and young people ignored it, but turned their attention to Ye Xuan again.

"Ye Dong~~ Do you have any instructions?"

At this time, an elder asked.

Ye Xuan doesn't take it seriously, this kind of person doesn't care about himself at all.

He waved his hand lightly and said, "It's alright, let's go!"

Hearing this, the young and old nodded immediately, as respectful as they looked.

A relieved look appeared on their faces, and their smiles became more and more happy.

It seems that Ye Xuan is not angry, which is the best thing.

So, everyone turned around and left.

This made Brother Liu look a little stunned.

His heart was filled with Ye Xuan's figure.

"This man... who is it!"

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