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Chapter: 1049

And the master

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"Don't be so polite, aren't we friends now, just treat this as your home!"

"Yeah, if there is anything you want to shoot in this place, you can tell me, I have a camera in Huangling Manor!"

"Everyone, don't be so restrained, it's nothing, just have a good time. After all, I called you here today to let you play!"

At this time, everyone present showed an excited look.

They were very moved at this time.

None of these young and old ladies would have imagined that the other party would be so open-minded!

Private villas are things that many rich people do not want others to explore.

This is their private domain after all.

However, Ye Xuan and the others didn't care at all, and let everyone visit the villa directly.

This feeling really makes them extremely happy and excited.

This is Huangling Manor!

It is their happiest thing to be able to visit here.


They also heard a sentence, that is, the sisters just now said they were friends!

This made all of them excited, as if they had a solid foundation on which to move forward.

Who would have thought.

This time, they were recognized by these people and became their friends!

This is what many people ask for!

"Okay, then it's troublesome, let's take pictures first!"

One of the young masters suppressed his excitement and immediately smiled at them.

Mainly because I was afraid that the words would fall on the ground and no one would pick them up.

The other big and young people also realized it, and hurriedly nodded, with a look of excitement.

"Yeah, let's take pictures of the beautiful scenery here now!"

"It's hard to come here once, why do you have to take pictures of the beautiful scenery here as a souvenir!"

"Speaking of which, it's not really a villa anymore, it's more like a perfect scenic spot!"

"Anyway, we finally fulfilled a wish. This is a place in the Yunnan-Guizhou area that many people can't set foot on!"

Everyone laughed, took out their mobile phones, and began to choose beautiful scenery to take pictures.

One after another beautiful photos quickly appeared on their mobile phones.

By the way, they also sent these photos to their fathers, wanting them to see.

It's also a show off.

Dad, you have worked so hard for most of your life that you can't enter the Huangling Manor!

I'm in now with ease!

And it was recognized by Ye Xuan and others, and regarded them as friends!

They all carried a kind of show-off mood, incomparably glorious.

at the same time.

in another villa.

In the living room, several bosses were all sitting in the living room, watching the data on the projector calmly.

These are the corporate reports that they cooperate with these large companies.

Now, they are also discussing the way out for the future in order to develop together!

After all, this era has changed a bit, it is no longer the previous era!

"Hey, I'm a little worried now, I don't know how long I can last in this state!"

"I also think it's very strange. It seems that these industries of ours have reached a bottleneck period, and there is no way to improve it any more!"

"According to the current data, this is what it looks like now. This is the era of the Internet, and the physical industry is in recession. This is inevitable!"

"It seems that I see other places where online viewing of some kind of Internet model has been launched, and it seems to be quite popular!"

"I have also seen it, the income is high, and there is no need for a tour guide or maintenance. It's just too popular!"

"This kind of profit is also very considerable. I am very curious, if we start a war here, will it be very popular?"

"I know, but this is what we are discussing now, it's better to give it a try!"

Everyone was discussing intensely, and they had unique insights into the current development of the tourism industry.

They can also feel the changes in the world.

This makes them all feel a strong sense of pressure when developing the enterprise.

It's getting harder.

It was also at this time.

There were beeps on their phones.

This is the sound of a series of text messages.

So, everyone moved and began to take out these mobile phones.

This scene is really rare.

Many bosses all looked at each other, and some doubts appeared in their eyes.

Then, they all looked at the content on the phone.

It was one photo after another, all of which were exquisitely beautiful.

"Dad! I arrived at Ye Dong's house, their house, did you see it?"

"My God, Dad, this is Huangling Manor! You know, this is Huangling Manor!"

"I almost feel like I can't breathe, this feeling is really cool! I finally arrived at Huangling Manor!"

"Hahaha, Dad, after you pay back your money and power in the future, take me to Huangling Manor. Now I'm here in person, hahahaha..."

The young and old ladies all sent these photos to their fathers.

It was their father who was stunned when he saw this scene.

Those photos showed their shock at this time.

These people all widened their eyes, and their pupils suddenly shrank.

They looked at each other quickly, their eyes full of excitement.

"Have you all received it too? This is the photo of Huangling Manor sent by my son!"

"I also received it, and my son also sent it. This is really Huangling Manor!"

"My daughter also said that the beauty of this place is beyond his imagination, it is not an ordinary scenic spot!"

"My God, this place is really outrageous, I feel like I can't even think about it!"

For a time, everyone at the scene was stunned.

Each of them became excited and shocked~~ You must know that Huangling Manor still occupies a large weight in their hearts.

After all, this is Huangling Manor!

They have a unique view of the place!

Moreover, not everyone can enter, there are strict conditions!

Unexpectedly, now these sons and daughters of my own will be able to enter Huangling Manor!

This is where they've always wanted to go!

At the same time, everyone's mouth twitched and their hearts pounded.

They also noticed another thing at this time.

"However, I really didn't expect that Ye Dong was so rich, and this Huangling Manor turned out to be his home!"

"Yeah, it's just outrageous! Who would have thought that this place has a master!"

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