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Chapter: 1060

buy 1 more

"If you like it, let's buy more. After all, the manor's pond is very big, and you can raise as many fish as you want!"

Ye Xuan's explanation also made the eyes of these sisters brighten up, and they burst into a dazzling light.

They all passed by quickly and immediately started picking at the booth.

Soon, many fish were picked out by them.

at this time.

After all these fish were selected, Ye Xuan said to the boss: "Send all these to Huangling Villa!"

When the boss heard Huangling Villa, the whole person couldn't help but startled slightly.

His big eyes were extremely round and unbelievable.

"This... true or false, are you talking about the Huangling Manor on that mountain?"

Ye Xuan nodded calmly and said, "Can you send it?"

The boss nodded immediately, the smile on his face a little bit from ear to ear.

How could he not know the importance of Huangling Manor!

He asked: "Send is definitely able to send, but I don't know if you are..."

Ye Xuan didn't want to reveal his identity, but said plainly, "Just send it over there, someone over there will negotiate with you!"

Hearing this, the boss didn't dare to say anything.

He saw many sisters, all of whom were like gods, and he immediately realized that these people in front of him were not mortals.

Therefore, if you continue to ask yourself, it may cause the other party's resentment.

Not only is it impossible for him to do business, but he may also offend the people in Huangling Manor.

Afterwards, the boss began to arrange to send these fishes that had been picked to Huangling Villa.

After picking these, Ye Xuan continued to walk forward with the other sisters.

They also all saw some other animals here.

Such as crickets, grasshoppers, fighting cocks, and other species, all made them curious and went over to watch.

However, they did not buy these, after all, no one specially cultivated these.

They also don't know what's the use of farming these things.

Later, Ye Xuan took these sisters to a flower-selling place.

In this flower market, when everyone approached a little, they smelled a very strong fragrance.

This kind of fragrance directly made everyone present feel relaxed and happy.

Their nostrils were slightly furrowed, and they could smell a very strong floral fragrance.

"This fragrance feels very clear and has a perfume smell!"

"Yeah, is this fragrance natural, how does it feel like a synthetic fragrance?"

"I don't know, we seem to be different from the ones we smell in the sea of ​​​​flowers."

"Come on, let's go and see!"

Everyone felt curious and walked over one after another, wanting to ask what happened to the flowers here.

When they came to this place one after another, they saw this piece of flowers.

These are colorful flowers, all different and of great variety.

However, the scent of these flowers was very different from the previous ones.

This made them very incomprehensible.

Ye Xuan was also a little puzzled, so he walked over and asked.

"These flowers smell like perfume, what's going on?"

A boss glanced at Ye Xuan, and then at the sisters behind him, his eyes widened immediately.

He knew that this time there was definitely a business to do!

So he started to explain.

"It's like this, these flowers are all cultivated, and we only select those with very strong fragrance, which also caused this result!"

"The perfume you smell now is only a type that we have cultivated. It seems that there were no black flowers before, but now there are after cultivation!"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan and the others all nodded and understood a little.

They can all imagine that this kind of cultivation is like the law of survival of the fittest.

So, Ye Xuan looked at his sisters.

"Then if you want to buy it, let's buy some?"

Ye Xuan suggested.

Many sisters also nodded.

They are very curious, how these flowers are cultivated.

Moreover, the various types of flowers that have been cultivated with the smell of perfume are indeed very unusual.

This made many sisters look forward to it even more.

Afterwards, they started chatting with the flower shop owner one after another.

Finally, some flowers were ordered.

As before, Ye Xuan asked the boss to send all these bouquets to Huangling Manor.

After walking around here, they walked towards the far direction.

They came to an area where there were quite a few stones with prices marked on them.

This made Ye Chan a little curious and said, "What place is this?"

Ye Xuan glanced at it and immediately understood.

"This is... a market that sells rough stones!"

Hearing this, many sisters also became curious and looked forward to each other.

They all stared at these rough stones in the distance and were very curious.

"Are these stones rough? That is, the kind that can cut jade?"

"Wow, I didn't expect to see it on TV before, but now I finally see it in practice!"

"It's really amazing, I didn't expect that the original stone would look like this, all of which look unattractive!"

"However, some of these stones are not jadeite, and some bad things are cut out of them!"

"This is the legendary stone gambling, or let's go and see, how do people play?"

Many sisters chatted one after another, and they became more and more excited in their hearts, wanting to find out.

So, they all came to the market and paid attention to these people around them.

There are a lot more people in this rough stone market than in other markets.

These people are not rich or expensive.

After all, the person who can buy the rough stones here must be after some wealthy family!

Otherwise, there is some savings on the body, ready to rely on the rough stone this time to make a comeback!

Now, they all look excited, paying attention to the rough stones around them~~ They gathered in groups around a rough stone that they were optimistic about, and began to discuss.

"This stone still looks pretty good. This layer of skin can still see some green inside through the light!"

"Just looking at a crack here, I'm afraid that the crack is very deep!"

"That piece is okay, but the dreadlocks outside are also a bit scary!"

"Hey, these stones are all picked out one by one. If you don't have the ability, I'm afraid you won't be able to find the real jade!"

Everyone was discussing fiercely. For these stones, everyone wanted to guess whether it was jade or not!

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