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Chapter: 1062

Not enough points

The staff said in shock.

Along with this sentence, the other people also widened their eyes one after another.

One by one, they stared at the stones in front of them with excitement.

It is difficult for them to understand, how can violet emerald appear!

They want to find out!

I saw that the staff member quickly brought the stone over, and the cut surface was so new and clean.

When this side was presented in front of everyone, everyone present couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Because, they really saw that on this stone, a purple emerald appeared!

This is one of the top-quality jadeites, violet jadeite!

Overall clean and transparent.

There are no cracks or lint on it either.

It looks so perfect!

This made them all even more shocked, and all of them stared at this stone with incomparably excited eyes.

"My God... this is too lucky! It turned out to be violet emerald!"

"Yeah, this luck is simply against the sky. I've never seen a violet stone here!"

"It's outrageous, how could such a superb stone just appear here!"

"Could it be that this stone has been around for so long and no one has found it?"

"Oh, I really regret it too much. If I looked at it a few more times before, I'm afraid it will be another result!"

For a time, these people present all showed a sour tone, telling these things.

It is difficult for them to understand what it would be like to get the emerald of violet!

Not only them, but the boss on the side stared straight at him and took a deep breath.

He couldn't believe that this stone came from his booth.

Moreover, this stone is still not optimistic about himself.

Even when Ye Xuan and the others all wanted to buy this rough stone, he still thought that if the stone could not be opened, he would never be able to return it!

He couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of spit, becoming more and more helpless.

Because, this is really...

It's a misstep!

And, so regretful!

At this time, Ye Xuan only smiled lightly.

He took the stone and glanced at it calmly.

This is indeed a violet stone, and the stone is still very clean and clear.

He nodded.

"This should be able to make a few hostas, can you help us make it now?"

Ye Xuan asked.

The boss nodded immediately, this time no longer underestimating these people.

"Okay, I'll do it right now, you can go shopping first, and get it later!"

The boss said very respectfully.

Since Ye Xuan and the others cut out this stone, he has determined that these people are not ordinary!

This is violet emerald!

With the emergence of this idea, the boss seemed even more excited.

He knew that if the stone had been made into a hosta, there would still be some leftovers left.

I'm afraid I can make a lot of money by doing other things at that time!

Ye Xuan and others all nodded, and then in the eyes of everyone, they left here and went to look elsewhere.

They wandered around for a long time and wanted to see if there was anything else of value in these rough stones.

However, they didn't even know how to read it, so they could only let Ye Xuan choose.

However, in this market, being able to open a violet jadeite is already incredible.

How could there be so many stones!

After that, everyone could only walk around.

Moreover, at this time, the surrounding customers all became excited when they saw that the stone cut by Ye Chan and others turned out to be a violet stone.

They also stopped being stingy and started to get busy.

Everyone wants to try it out, what kind of stone can he open with his vision.


They all bought some, and kept coming to the position of the rough stone cutting machine, and began to cut.

Unsurprisingly, none of them offered the kind of superb stone of violet emerald.

However, the stones that some people open are other types of jade.

Guaranteed not to lose money is enough.

Ye Xuan and others all looked at it curiously, looking forward to it.

Afterwards, they all watched almost the same, and left here one after another.

They all came to the place where they were before.

Ye Xuan stepped forward and asked.

"Is the hosta ready?"

The boss nodded respectfully.

"It's done, please take a look!"

After he finished speaking, he took out some boxes and put the hosta made of violet jade and jade in it.

Ye Xuan opened a box and immediately appeared as a hosta.

He picked it up and looked at it carefully.

This hosta was shining brightly under the sunlight at this time.

Moreover, this jade has been polished and polished, and the light transmission is very good at this time.

There is even a lavender halo that appears.

This shocked everyone.

Everyone is very surprised, did not expect...

"This hosta is too beautiful, with an ancient rhyme!"

"Yeah, as expected of a top-quality jade, even after finishing this, it's so beautiful!"

"It's really outrageous, this hosta is so beautiful! Look at this water head, it's comparable to the emperor's green!"

The emotion of the crowd grew louder and louder.

They are all thinking that if this stone is made into other things, it should be very beautiful!

But this is not theirs, it was bought by Ye Xuan and others!

In the eyes of everyone's expectations.

Many sisters were also stunned, seeing this beautiful hosta, which was so shocking.

They are all looking forward to it, thinking about how beautiful this hosta looks when it is worn on the head!

Ye Xuan glanced at these boxes...

"Sisters, these hostas don't seem to be enough, otherwise you rock-paper-scissors!"

That's when he discovered the most important thing.

These hostas are not enough!

After all, it's just a small rock!

At this time, many sisters are also watching each other, and can only make a helpless choice, using rock-paper-scissors to make a choice.

Finally, after their selection, several winners were decided.

The sisters who won are very happy and excited.

But those sisters who lost ~~ can only sigh helplessly, with envy on their faces.

Those pair of moving eyes are all staring at the hosta.

Really a little reluctant.

Soon, after several sisters got the hosta, they were all looking at it.

These hostas come in different styles and all look very beautiful.

This caught the attention of all the sisters at once.

"Wow, this look has been professionally designed, it's too beautiful!"

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