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Chapter: 1063

not calm

"The master who carved this hosta must be very powerful. I feel that it is too realistic!"

"Yeah, these hostas look so good, I've never seen such a good hosta before!"

"As expected of a violet jadeite, it really feels too much!"

For a time, the sisters at the scene all showed a kind of excitement after getting these hostas.

They all fell in love with the hosta in their hands.

It can be said that these hostas all rely on the emerald of this violet to have such a feeling.

At this time, many sisters tried to wear these hostas on their hair.

But where there is a mirror now, they don't even know how to look at it.

This made several sisters feel a little awkward and sighed.

After seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile.

He stepped forward and said, "Let me put it on for you!"

Hearing this, the sisters all nodded, all of them looking expectant.

They all came to Ye Xuan and handed the hosta in their hands to Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan was also very careful. After picking up a hairpin, he slowly came to the back of his sister.

He gently twisted his sister's hair and inserted it skillfully with a hairpin.

This hairpin fixed the hair immediately.

This also made the other sisters amazed and stared at this scene with some shock.

"Wow, this is too skilled, it feels professional!"

"Yeah, this is the first time I've seen it. It turns out that you don't have to wind up your hair and then put a hosta in it, you can even tie your hair with a hosta!"

"Haha, I learned it, this is the first time I have learned this kind of professional knowledge!"

"Very good, little brother, you give me a try, I also want to try this feeling, it looks so beautiful!"

Everyone sighed with emotion, and then wanted Ye Xuan to quickly put hairpins on them.

Ye Xuan smiled very calmly, holding the hairpins and inserting them for many sisters.

This also made other sisters who did not get hairpins envious.

Ye Xuan sighed in relief after tying his hair.

"It's almost time now, let's go back!"

Many sisters directly ignored Ye Xuan's words and continued to look at their hair.

They all felt some changes. Their hair was up and the hairpin was inserted on their heads. Even through the shadows on the ground, they could see this beautiful appearance.

They were all curious, and then took out their mobile phones and started taking selfies.

Soon, a photo was taken very quickly.

When they saw the photo above, they were so beautiful with their hosta in them.

The temperament of the hosta is unique, and the violet jadeite is one of the most outstanding among the jadeite.

Now that they are made into a hosta, how can they not be excited.

Soon, these sisters stared at each other's hosta and chatted.

The sisters who did not wear the hosta were also very envious at this time, and they all paid attention to it.

They look so lively.

This also made the people around them all stare blankly.

They also saw that after this hosta was created, it had such an effect!

This level of beauty is beyond the imagination of all of them.

This immediately shocked everyone.

Their faces changed a bit, staring blankly at these sisters with hairpins.

It seems to have come out of an ancient painting.

Out of the dust and refined, elegant temperament.

This made all of them feel a little excited and emotional.

This is really…

Too beautiful!

After waiting for a while, Ye Xuan stared at the people in front of him and shook his head helplessly.

He reminded again.

"Several sisters, let's go back now, it's almost time now!"

Ye Xuan said seriously.

Only then did the sisters turn their eyes to Ye Xuan, and all couldn't help but smile.

So, they all nodded and left the place with Ye Xuan.

When everyone came outside, they rode the previous horses again and ran towards the distance together.

After this period of rest, the horses were full of energy and ran fast.

Soon, they came to the place where the crew was filming.

When they came, the entire crew had just finished filming a scene and adjusted the camera position temporarily.

Ye Meng noticed the sisters riding a big horse in the distance, and couldn't help but be slightly taken aback.

Her eyes lit up and she walked over immediately.

"On your heads, these hairpins look so beautiful, where did you buy them?"

Ye Meng asked.

Many sisters all got off the horse.

"This, we went to the rough stone market just now, participated in the gambling stone, and obtained a piece of violet jade, and then my brother made a few hostas, how is it, does it look good?"

Ye Chan smiled lightly and said.

This made Ye Meng's face full of envy.

She looked at the hosta that many sisters were wearing, and she liked it very much.

"Mine, mine!"

She was overjoyed and very excited.

It's like, these hosta, she must have a share!

However, this made the surrounding sisters all smile.

Ye Xuan raised the corner of his mouth, smiled helplessly, and said, "The number of these hostas is not many, it's already... divided 1"

Hearing this, Ye Meng's excited face instantly became a little helpless.

She pouted slightly, feeling a little down.

However, the other sisters walked over and began to comfort them.

"Oh, it's alright, we all want these hostas very much, but don't we have them either?"

"Yeah, that violet jadeite is not very big, and the number of hosta made is not very large!"

"We all distributed these hostas through rock-paper-scissors, otherwise there won't be enough!"

Hearing this, Ye Meng's heart became somewhat balanced.

She could only nod her head and said, "Well then, these hostas are too beautiful, hey!"

At this time, Ye Xuan could only helplessly smile.

He was even thinking about whether he should go to the rough stone market again, find a way to get some more violet stones, and plan to prepare hostas for the other sisters too!

at this time. UU reading

The director next to him came over.

"Hello, Dong Ye!"

The director and other members of the crew all saluted Ye Xuan, looking very respectful.

Ye Xuan just nodded and said nothing.

However, the director quickly set his sights on the heads of several sisters.

When he saw the hosta that these sisters were putting on, he felt a little restless and became very shocked.

He pointed at the hosta, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

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