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Chapter: 911

the truth

At this moment.

At the entrance of the manor.

Zhao Shu is standing quietly in front of the manor, looking forward, looking forward.

He was a little anxious and a little excited at this time.

He was pacing back and forth in front of the huge manor, rubbing one hand back and forth.

Appears to be more and more tense.

At this time, there are also many dignitaries and dignitaries, all paying attention to this scene.

This time, the antique exhibition was organized by Zhao Shu, and naturally many dignitaries came here.

After each of them got out of the car, they looked at Zhao Shu in confusion.

They didn't understand why Zhao Shu behaved in such a manner.

For a while, they were all shocked.

They muttered to each other.

"Is Mr. Zhao waiting for someone? I feel this is a bit strange, like a little anxious!"

"I look at it too. He seems to have something important. I'm more curious, is there something important!"

"Just kidding, what's the big deal today, it's an antiques exhibition, what else could be the big deal?"

"Yeah, today is Mr. Zhao's biggest. If he can't solve something, what are we worried about!"

Everyone whispered and walked over.

When they came to Mr. Zhao's side, they all greeted him warmly.

"Hello Mr. Zhao!"

"Mr. Zhao, who are you waiting for?"

"Mr. Zhao, we don't know when the antique exhibition here will officially start?"

"The weather is really good today, Mr. Zhao, I brought a good bag of tea, how about tasting it later?"

At this time, everyone greeted each other warmly, and it felt a little noisy.

However, Mr. Zhao has been indifferent and did not respond. Those earnest eyes have been staring into the distance, looking very anxious.

This made those dignitaries all a little puzzled, and they were all stunned.

Also looked a little embarrassed.

At this time, a housekeeper behind Zhao Shu came up immediately.

He smoothed things out and said with a smile, "Mr. Zhao has something on his mind right now. Don't worry, everyone, please come in with us, and I'll settle everyone!"

As he spoke, he hunched over and guided the crowd to go inside.

However, these people were a little hesitant and looked at each other.

After all, they came here to look at Zhao Shu's face, not the butler's face.

Seeing Zhao Shuli ignoring him now, I am really puzzled.

They didn't say anything to the butler either, it was mainly what the butler showed, which really made people feel a little overwhelmed.

So, everyone started talking again.

"What the **** is going on here, I feel something is wrong, is Mr. Zhao really waiting for someone?"

"Absolutely, you can tell by looking at it!"

"My God, who is this person, who can make President Zhao wait so anxiously, can't it be... a woman?"

"What a joke, what kind of woman, Mr. Zhao can't get it, I'm afraid she is a more distinguished person!"

"Maybe it's a friend, maybe there's no clue."

The discussion became more and more heated.

At this time, the butler smiled bitterly.

He sighed and said softly, "President Zhao and others are naturally people with unparalleled identities!"

As soon as the voice fell, the dignitaries who were present all brushed together, and moved their eyes one after another.

Everyone stared at the housekeeper in front of them in shock.

"What did you just say? Do you know who Mr. Zhao is waiting for?"

"Yeah, do you really know what?"

"Hurry up and tell us, who is Zhao always waiting for!"

Gu Wei

Everyone asked eagerly, and surrounded the housekeeper, saying.

This made the butler sigh helplessly.

In the end, he could only tell the crowd.

"The person Zhao Zong waited for is the chairman of Dinglong Group!"

When the identity is spoken.

The atmosphere on the field became a little stiff.

Everyone stared at the butler in front of them with an unbelievable gaze.

They couldn't believe it, it turned out to be...

Chairman of Dinglong Group.

Involuntarily, many people began to tremble all over, appearing a little nervous.

They naturally understand what the chairman of Dinglong Group means!

At this time, Ye Xuan and others quickly arrived at the gate of the manor.

After stopping the car, Ye Xuan and others got out of the car one after another.

"Ye Dong! You are here!"

At this time, Zhao Shu saw Ye Xuan and the others, nodded excitedly, and walked over directly.

Behind him, many people followed.

These are some of the top executives of their Zhao business.

However, I came here today just to support the facade.

They also knew Zhao Shu's main purpose today, and they didn't dare to make a fool of themselves. They were also humble and bowed their heads very politely.

Ye Xuan nodded lightly and said with a smile: "Mr. Zhao, there is no need to be so inspiring, we know where the manor is."

Zhao Shu kept smiling~~ kept narrowing his eyes and smiling.

"Ye Dong, you're out now, aren't you, you're a guest, how could I not come to greet you!"

His attitude is very humble, and there is a look too flattering.

What if Ye Xuan knew!

Being able to meet yourself is the most important thing.

This is a respect for Ye Xuan, and it is also a respect for Ye Xuan!

However, this scene...

This made many people around were stunned.

In their eyes, Zhao Shu is already the leader here.


Zhao Shu behaved so humble and respectful in front of a child.

For a time, no one knew why, so they watched silently on the spot.

I really do not understand!

However, when they thought of what the butler said just now, they all looked at each other and looked at each other.

A terrifying thought instantly emerged from their minds.

Only at that moment, they all thought of an identity!

Chairman of Dinglong Group...

Ye Xuan!

At this time, they finally thought of the truth!

This kid is the chairman of the legendary Dinglong Group, Ye Xuan!

All those dignitaries can't wait.

So, a group of people came to Ye Xuan's side in a swarm.

"Hello, Director Ye, I'm the CEO of Glory Group, nice to meet you!"

"Ye Dong, your name is so eloquent, I've wanted to meet you for a long time, it's an honor!"

"Hello, Dong Ye, I have cooperated with your company once. Although the cooperation was not long, it has already had a great impact on me. I am very gratified!"

"Ye Dong, I didn't expect to meet you today, it's really my honor, I must have accumulated a lot of good fortune in my last life!"

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