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Chapter: 66

Chapter 66

I Became the Villain’s Lost Daughter Chapter 66

Translated by Niks

Time flew by, without knowing clearly what these complicated feelings were.

After a day, then two days, and a couple more days, and the day I didn’t want arrived.

"Wake up, Miss. You have to get ready to leave for the Imperial Palace."

The first thought that came to my mind when I heard Mary’s voice was, ‘Oh, I didn’t want to do anything today please!’

Oh, I just don’t want to do anything today…

"Mary… Can’t I just not go?"

I hugged my fluffy pillow and murmured like that.

"I want to take care of all my people and run away to another country, to the farthest part of the Empire."

Then there would be no reason to keep the Empress in check or to dig into her dark magic.

‘Money, well, I’ve earned enough money to play and eat for the rest of my life, so it’ll be okay.’

I turned the happiness circuit around despite the fact that I was still sleepy and my hazy head knew it was impossible.

"Oh, my lady, you must be nervous."

Maybe Mary took my words as something like sleep talking, but she smiled quietly and woke me up.

The touch that lifted my droopy body was soft but firm, and I had no choice but to get up.

‘Of course I’m nervous, my family’s life is at stake.’

If I said that, I would be treated like a strange person.

Grumbling inwardly, I mumbled out of bed.

As I step my feet on the ground, the remaining sleepiness slowly fades away.

"But the ball starts at six o’clock in the evening, do we have to start preparing already? It’s still seven o’clock in the morning."

"Of course! We have so much to prepare for."

When asked with a glance at her watch, Mary replied as if I was asking something obvious.


"There was no one more beautiful than the lady in the Imperial Palace today! Just trust us!"

Her voice, which was slightly higher in tone than usual, was full of motivation.

Pushed by that momentum, I answered with trembling and followed Mary.

In conclusion, Mary’s words were true. I mean, there’s a lot to prepare.

Unlike me, who was not impressed with anything other than the event where the original work began, the maids were enthusiastic about preparing for the Debutante Ball.

As Mary said, I could see her determination to make me look the best.

"Lady, is the water temperature okay? Hey! Bring me some more perfume here!"

It started in the bathroom, which was led by Mary’s hand.

"Oh, you have to stay still! If you open your eyes, it’ll be ruined!"

Then, she put a face mask on my face.

"Lady, I’ll massage you this time. Please lie down comfortably!"

The next step was a full body oil massage.

It relaxes the tight muscles and makes the clothes look prettier.

‘I feel like I’m a rich old lady…’

As the maid said, I quietly lay down and blinked my eyes.

Then a delicate touch rubbed my shoulders, arms, and legs.

How much preparation time was spent just for the Imperial Palace for a couple of hours?

Was it the massage from my good reading that made my middle body muscles cool?

‘Did I ever think of the Debutante ball as too easy…?’

I was thinking of it as a slightly bigger concept than a normal party or banquet.

"Well, it’s a bit special to make your first social debut, but…"

I’ve been busy struggling to change the future so far, and unlike my keen eye on the situation and trends of the Empire, I’ve never had much interest in the social world.

Of course, I couldn’t be left out of the information, so I was getting it all from my social circles.

Because there was also an intelligence organization under the top of Lagras.

But I’m not interested in going there.

‘…Just looking at it makes me tired.’

It was impossible for me to be interested in the information that turned zero in writing.

Eco friendly language that has been carefully chopped up, but to be honest…

All I could think of was that it was a waste of time.

‘I need to practice more magic and make more artifacts just in case.’

If it wasn’t for the Imperial Palace’s Debutante Ball where the original story began in the first place, I wouldn’t have even attended this cumbersome banquet.

Even if there was a bit of a backstory, my father and Aaron would tell me not to worry about it anyway.

"I really don’t want to go."

Besides, there was one more reason why I didn’t want to go a few days ago.

‘Today, I’m going to meet Callian…’

I wouldn’t be as disturbed if I hadn’t known until today, but I’d be surprised the next time we meet in person.

I concluded that if we meet again, I should pretend we don’t know each other, but it didn’t ease my mind.

Well, it’s only natural that getting acquainted with Callian wasn’t something I expected at all.


"Oh, is it too strong? Shall we be a little more gentle, miss?"

As I breathed a deep sigh, the maid who was rubbing my shoulder asked.

"Um, no. It’s ok."

I was concerned about the question, so I quickly denied it.

Then, as if relieved, the maid began to move her hands again.

I sighed again and closed my eyes.

"…I don’t know now."

Now that I’ve completed all of my preparations, all I had to do was wait for the start.

I sat down in front of the dressing table in a matte dress I had prepared.

My appearance of enjoying all kinds of luxury was very glossy with a little exaggeration.

‘That’s why rich people go to massage shops.’

Although I was treated excessively normally, it was the first time I was treated excessively like today.

"Lady, Should I put your hair up or down?"


I pondered for a moment at Marilyn’s question.

It was difficult to choose something because Mary or Marilyn usually took care of it. I wasn’t even interested in this.

"Which one do you think Marilyn would like better?"

"I think it would be better to hang it down."

Marilyn answered my question without hesitation.

"I think it’s better, too!"

"That’s right! Today’s dress was designed to reveal your shoulders, so I think you’ll look prettier with your hair down!"

Then the other maids beside her also sympathized with Marilyn.

The chattering faces looked several times more exciting than mine.

"Haha…Then I’ll ask you to do that. Take care of it."

"Just trust us!"

I left all my hair and makeup to the maids and closed my eyes.

And time flies so fast…

The touch that gently stroked my face and my hair that fell off slowly.

"Lady, it’s done."

"You’ll be the most beautiful girl in the world!"

The necklace wrapped around my neck and all the trimming was done.

"…What if my father and brother don’t recognize me?"

It was the first thing I said when I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

At my words, the maids burst into laughter.

I guess you thought I was saying this as a joke…

"It looks like it was just made by someone else."

It wasn’t an exaggeration, it really was.

When the same high school students gave me a preferential I-Call video from the teacher, I thought it was strange that the roles changed depending on the makeup.

Looking at my face now, I understood it at once.

"Do you like it?"

As I was looking around at my reflection in the mirror curiously, Marilyn, who was next to me, asked me.

When I turned my head to the question, I saw the maids looking at me with sparkling eyes.

There was a lot of anticipation and pride in those eyes. They say they do their best to decorate, and that’s how it looks.

"Thank you. I really like it."

I smiled broadly at those cute faces and nodded my head.

‘It’s a life worth living…’

I heard a neat knock while we were chatting with the maids.

"Erita, are you ready?"

That was Aaron’s voice coming through the door.

When I looked at the clock reflexively, it was almost time to leave.

"I’ll be right out!"

I replied loudly and got up from my seat. I didn’t realize the time was passing because we kept talking.

"Have a nice day, miss!"

"Tell us about the ball tomorrow!"

The maids waved their hands smiling brightly.

"Yes, I’ll be back."

When I saw their figure, I smiled a little, and I nodded my head with a bashful smile on my lips.

When I opened the doorknob with my hands wearing translucent white gloves, my eyes met with red eyes.

My eyes widened spontaneously at that familiar face.

"Good evening, my brother."

Aaron, who paused for a moment at my appearance, smiled gracefully and extended his arm.

Putting my hand on his firm arm, Aaron spoke kindly in a soft voice.

"My little sister, you look prettier today."

Aaron, who said that, was pulling out a more handsome appearance than the Prince in a fairy tale.

The impression was heightened because his hair was neatly pulled back to reveal his brow with his navy uniform, which was so dark that it was nearly black, and was perfectly wrapped around his body.

Although he often wore uniforms, it was the first time he had worked so formally.

His face, which could be seen as cold, was beautiful as if painted because he had a smile on his lips.

"You’re even cooler today!"

Aaron laughed low at my compliment.

Oh my, look at that smiling face. I bet it’s not enough to use all of his fingers and toes to count the people who would fall for Aaron today.

"Phew, I don’t know if everyone else will fall for you at this rate."

My brother was such a sinful man.

As I spit out playfully as we went down the stairs, I heard laughter from above.

That was my brother’s laugh when he was dumbfounded.

"I guess that’s what I’m talking about."

Aaron, who was laughing for a while, also made me smile.

I know it’s just a saying, but anyway, because no one gets into a bad mood when they hear that they’re called pretty.

We went down the stairs and headed for the front door that was already open.

In front of the gate of the mansion, there was a colorful carriage with the family pattern on it.

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