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Chapter: 63

"How important are those ‘words’?" Before leaving the Marquisate, neither the Marchioness nor Heim did anything special to me.

Since I had left in search of my own life, there was nothing the two of them could do practically.

Still, I don’t know how powerful the words that they are always on my side and wish me happiness have been.

No matter how many curses Decan’s vision poured out, it became a good base against which to stand up.

"I saved Your Majesty’s life, so please grant my wish."

I said slowly, looking at the blue eyes that looked just like Ixion.

"Now, please think of Prince Ixion a little more. Even if you do not give him territories or the duke title right now, despite these and other circumstances, think of him in your own way. Please express it. After your Majesty’s death, what’s the use of knowing your heart?"


"Then the Prince will feel less like he is being taken advantage of. I told you. The Prince was very worried about His Majesty enough to enter the hunting grounds in this situation."

"Lady, Lady…."

As the Emperor was about to speak, I suddenly heard the sound of horses running.

"This way! This way!"


White wept loudly, and soon a group of knights ran towards us.

"Miss! What is this… No, His Majesty the Emperor was there too."

It was the Feltron Order, led by Aiden.

The knights all got off their horses, stood in a line, and saluted the Emperor.

"Greetings, Your Majesty the Emperor."

"I am glad that you are safe. The Prince was very worried."

The Emperor, with a solemn expression on his face, spoke his words nicely.

As the risk factors disappeared, the frivolity when being alone with me was nowhere to be found.

"Thank you. Thanks to Lady Elsia Evgeny, I was able to get through."

Aiden looked around him with round green eyes. A look of surprise crossed his face.

"Three bears…four wolves……how is this……"

"These are the animals that Lady Elsia killed."


I was silent for a moment with a shy expression on my face. The Emperor pointed to White and said,

"This…… What? A pet that was originally a monster……."

At those words, the knights roared and shouted among themselves.

"It’s a monster that the Miss has purified!"

"To save people, isn’t it now a divine beast?"

"Then, the saint is now carrying a divine beast?"


It’s neither a monster nor a divine beast to save humans.

I was so confused. Because the Emperor also nodded his head with a serious expression.

"But……. Come to think of it, there were rumors that you were a saint. It makes sense to me."

"I don’t think it makes any sense, Your Majesty."

"Didn’t you save my life in this dangerous situation?"

"No, though… … ."

"Do you think that it is not sacred to save my life now?"


I shut my mouth at the nonsensical coercion of the class society, and finally sighed and backed away.

"First, we will move the carcass of the beast. Oh my, the bear is very big."

It was Aiden who changed the mood. Closing the eyes of the biggest bear, he shuddered.

"Three bears and four wolves……You’re going to get first place in the hunting contest at once."


"You didn’t use magic, did you? If you use magic, you will be disqualified……."

"She didn’t use any magic."

The Emperor answered, raising his chin.

"She used sharp and precise physical abilities. I saw it clearly."

"His Majesty guarantees it, then there will be no more debate."

Aiden clapped once.

"Come on, let’s go back! It’s a great happy ending."


When the knights returned with the Emperor and the seven corpses of the beasts, everyone was astonished.


The first person to run out was Irene.

"I’m glad, nothing happened. Everyone was very worried."

"Thank you. Sorry for worrying you."

I looked around and saw Ixion standing on crutches in the distance, sighing in relief.

On the way back, I heard from Aiden that Ixion is now safe, but I still wanted to check it with my own eyes.

Given Ixion’s personality, those crutches wouldn’t be as decorative as Niel, but I thought that the spirit that sent me to Isis was great, even after being injured.

"I am very relieved."

Ridan sighed and approached.

"The chaos started because the horse stumbled because of my screams."

"Anyway, I was worried about what might happen to you. I’m glad you’re okay too."

"If I had known this, I would never have crossed the forest."

"Then why don’t you leave the easy road and come to the rough place?"

Ridan grinned at my light scolding.

"…… Because I wanted to see you."


"Elsia, I wanted to see you."

He grinned.

I thought it was basically the same as Irene jumping up and down saying she wanted to see me earlier, so I nodded my head and smiled at him.

"Yes. Me too, Irene and Ridan…."


It was Aiden, who was next to us, who intervened between the two of us.

"Miss, what are you going to do with those prey?"


"Three bears and four wolves. You have two options."

Aiden’s green eyes lit up and his two fingers were spread out.

"First, the Miss takes it all. Then the Queen of the hunting contest will be Miss.


"Not a bad option. This is the first precedent to become a Queen yourself, so you will be able to continue your progressive and self-directed path consistently."

"What is the second one?"

The second was also not very expected, but I had no choice but to ask because I had no desire to become a ‘Queen’.

"It is an option similar to others. It’s like giving the game as a gift and turning someone into the Queen."


It felt better than me being a Queen.

‘Who should I give it to…… ?’

I asked Aiden carefully.

"Do I have to give it to someone?"

"Absolutely. Never think of giving it to Isis."

‘He’s sharp.’

It was cruel not to give the position of ‘Queen’ to the creature that played the biggest role in this situation.

"Of course not even White."


Ignoring White’s dissatisfied cry, Aiden said firmly.

If so, who…… . As if they noticed my confused eyes, everyone next to me started adding words one by one.

"Elsia! If you have no idea, give it to me!"

Niel, who was approaching me, said brightly.

"I want to be the Queen. The Queen will be given a sparkling jewel tiara. It’s very pretty."

"…… Don’t you know that I’ve been through this incident because of you?"

"Anyway, thanks to me, you caught seven."

He was a truly astonishing arrogant human being. Ridan sighed and said.

"In that case, I also have my share in this incident."


I blinked in embarrassment thinking that he, who had good learning ability, learned only bad things right away from Niel.

Aiden coughed as if he couldn’t lose, and added.

"There is also the Prince who went to the hunting ground with the Miss."

Without realizing it, I glanced at Ixion in the distance.

‘What are those eyes!’

Unusually, I remembered a shy expression that was expecting something from me.

"Well…. If you’re really worried, there’s me who guarantees Lady’s wonderful hunting."

"Your Majesty?"

I pondered for a moment, hesitated, and finally answered confidently.

"My prey…… "


What Niel said was true.

The sparkling tiara was indeed quite beautiful and gorgeous.

Irene wore the ‘Queen’ tiara over her bountiful red hair, folded my arms and waved her hand proudly to the people on the podium.

"Oh my God."

Not knowing that the 1st place in the hunting competition had to be on the podium besides the Queen, I smiled awkwardly and stood next to Irene.

"I never thought of becoming a Queen."

"You gave me such a pretty dress as a present."

I said, pointing to my hunting suit.

"Anyway, it was very comfortable when moving. Besides, I was able to carry White with ease."

"You know what?"

Irene whispered as her eyes lit up.

"A lot of people are asking about your hunting clothes!"


"It looks like it’s going to be a hit."

"Congratulations, Irene."

"If I’m going to give you some shares, what do you want?"


I answered consistently.

"Good health and long life."


When all the awards were finished and I came down from the podium, Aiden was waiting for me with a smile.

"I think I won the bet, Miss."

I sighed, because those words were indisputable.

"It’s going to be a story for a very long time. The saint saved the Emperor with a divine beast and won the hunting contest……"

"It’s okay if you don’t have to explain."


White, who became a divine beast just because it saved the Emperor, wore a wreath and cried unsatisfiedly towards Aiden.

Aiden shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

"After all, my eyes that see people are not wrong."

… How did you see me?"

"I thought a lot of interesting things were going to happen that I didn’t expect."

"You’ll find out one day that it’s not."

‘Because it’s not fun.’

"No, maybe the Prince’s eyes were not wrong."

Aiden added, blinking his eyes.

"Since I was against it, the Prince has wanted to keep the Miss by his side."

"Why aren’t you against it now?"

"For the Prince’s real happiness. Anyway, so…… Don’t you have to keep your promises?"


"Saint, you’re not going to wash your hands are you."

I was sobbing, and finally got into tears and had no choice but to nod my head.

It was a bet that started to spread the rumor that I wasn’t a Saint, but somehow it ended up being more inflated with only the ‘Elsia is a saint’ in the capital.

"By the way, where is the Prince now? It looked like he was seriously injured."

I was always concerned because it was the person who got hurt while trying to save me.

I wanted to see how hurt he was with my own eyes, but I was still surrounded by people, so I couldn’t even have a proper conversation yet.

"He is in the barracks. But right now, it will be a little difficult to see him."

"Yes? Why?"

Aiden made a very perplexed expression and scratched the back of his head.

"The Emperor is here."

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"His Majesty?"

"Yes. It’s the first time like this…..We were all surprised. Even the surroundings are closed…."

Suddenly, I remembered what I said earlier.

[Even if you do not give him territories or the duke title right now, despite these and other circumstances, think of him in your own way. Please express it. ]

It occurred to me that the Emperor might be more active than I thought.

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