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Chapter: 65

Hunting Contest (11)

Ixion has injured his leg and has something to think about, so he has no intention of participating in the outdoor party.

Originally, he had no regrets at such a place, but at the thought that Elsia would be at the outdoor party, he was strangely agitated.

But he was even jealous of Ridan, her friend, whom she had dated when she was in the capital.

He thought he would become too obsessed with Elsia, so he deliberately didn’t go out even more.

He can’t even dance because of his crutches anyway, but seeing Elsia dancing with Ridan or Niel seemed to make him feel bad for nothing.

‘I don’t even have the right to be offended.’

Besides, unlike Niel, Ridan was a pretty good noble.

His relationship with women is clean, and he was the Master of a Duke’s family with a long history. Although young, he was mature and had good political power.

The fact that he couldn’t see her when she was within reach of his hand had driven him mad, but somehow he suppressed the rising jealousy.

In fact, in the afternoon, the Emperor stopped by himself and had a quiet conversation.

"The reason…… I told you to not ask for compensation and only to help the Crown Prince, because I was afraid the Empress would be too wary of you. Because the Empress can really kill you."

"…… I expected it."

"I thought so too….."

The Emperor sighed in embarrassment.

"Lady Elsia said that, expressing it verbally and not expressing it in words are different."


"Actually, I wrote a will. When I die, I will give you territories and the Duke title."

Ixion was truly astonished because he had no knowledge of that fact.

"Once Ramon succeeds to the throne,… the Empress’s vigilance will be lifted. So… I wasn’t thinking that I was just taking advantage of you."

"Even if I didn’t know, I would have been loyal to His Majesty anyway."

"I didn’t want to come here and talk about this because I was embarrassed, but Lady Elsia asked me."

"…… Elsia did?"

"Fool. Are you the one who looks just like me when I was young and can’t hold onto a woman’s heart?"

said the Emperor, twitching his tongue.

"I was already in the eyes of the Empress when I was your age, and even she proposed to me."


"It was the Lady whose spirit was as good as the Empress. To be honest, I didn’t feel good when you said you were going to marry her because she’s from Artise, but…… ."

The Emperor tapped Ixion on the shoulder.

"I really like her when I see her in person. It seems that she cares for you, and she doesn’t seem to hate you, so please do your best."

Ixion was somehow embarrassed and kept silent.

It was the first time the Emperor and him had talked like this.

No, it was the first time the Emperor had spoken for such a long time since he was very young and the Emperor came at night to praise him for being good at swordsmanship.

"Why did you call me?"

In the end, Ixion turned the topic around for a bit.

After a moment’s hesitation, the Emperor answered.

"It seems difficult for Ramon to be stationed at Artize."

"…… I have almost completely cleared up the rebel forces."

"The people of Artize are very confused, and even if we set up a manager, they say they don’t like the gloomy atmosphere, so they quit right away. But the bigger problem is…… "

The Emperor’s face darkened sharply.

"The rumors of the ghosts of the Artize royal family are circulating around the ancient temples and palaces, and they are very heinous, and Ramon wants to return to the Empire again."

"Then…… "

"You go."


"No, I want you to go."

The Emperor, who had changed his tone of voice again, took Ixion hand and continued.

"Either you uncover the identities of those ghosts and get rid of them. When you were there, Artize was calm and in order. Every day since Ramon left, tears-soaked letters have come up, saying that he will die because he hates Artize."

"It is just a place where people live. I will follow the Emperor’s orders, but……… "

Ixion lowered his eyes and answered.

"First, I will stop by the capital and depart a little slower. I have work to do with Elsia in the capital."

"Yes. Well, if that’s the case, do it. And……."

The Emperor grinned.

"Why don’t you take Lady Elsia?"

"……… In that ghastly, unorganized land? Where even ghosts coming out?" 

"Still, isn’t it the Lady’s hometown?"


"She may want to go back to being free. Ask her."

Ixion kept silent, wondering if Elsia would want to go to Artize again.

It is a fact known only to him and the Marquis, Aiden, but Elsia was a royal family who betrayed Artize anyway.

Seeing Ixion’s hesitant face, the Emperor clicked his tongue once more.

"Since the Emperor allows her to accompany you, don’t care about the outside view and just think of winning her heart somehow. Should I even schedule a date?"

And the Emperor left without saying any more.

It was clear that that brief conversation was made possible thanks to Elsia.

As he witnessed Elsia seeing a vision of Deccan in the brook, she too must know that he had seen a vision of the Emperor.

Ixion had no choice but to love and hate the Emperor.

As a child, he would not have been unhappy at all if he had not expected anything from the Emperor.

Now, it was impossible to become a good father-and-son.

Still, the fact that he didn’t think of himself at all was comforting at this age.

Although he had only been with Elsia for a while, the Emperor said he liked her. He didn’t know it was natural for her to have a lot of people around her.

The days when she was confined in the imperial palace and she was ridiculed by everyone seemed far away.

As night fell, the outdoor performance began, and now, listening to the loud noise outside, Ixion was looking at the unreadable tactics book alone.

Then he heard something unbelievable.

"Prince, Miss Elsia has arrived."

He forgot his leg injury and hurriedly tried to get up, but eventually fell off the chair.

Hilbert, the youngest knight guarding the front of the barracks, rushed in.

"Prince! Are you okay?"

"Get me up first, and give me the crutches again."


"My clothes are a mess, so I need to change. Get a new shirt over there."


"The table is so messy right now, clean it up."

Had Aiden been there, he would have taken care of everything and prepared well, of course, he was obviously having fun in the middle of the outdoor party

"Light more candles, warm the tea, and make the bedding over there. And… "

"Pri, Prince."

When Ixion gave too many instructions too quickly, Hilbert sweated and barely responded.

"First, calm down…… "

"What are you talking about? How calm am I now?"


"Is my hair style okay now? Bring a mirror."

Hilbert had to quietly find a mirror and a new shirt.


Perhaps because it was the place where the prince stayed, Ixion’s barracks were spacious and warm.








Ixion, sitting like a painting in a chair with his crutches neatly next to him, was neat as always.

I blushed slightly as I saw his clean shirt, perfectly trimmed hair, and his calm, somewhat cold expression on his face.

Just this afternoon, I felt a sense of disparity when I remembered him rolling down the mountain road and embraced me in a disheveled outfit.

He, who doesn’t usually get hurt, would have been seriously injured if he had crutches on him now, but how he lifted me up and put me in Isis was truly amazing.

"Sit down. The tea was put down by Hilbert."


Outside the barracks, the loud sound of the outdoor party could be heard in the distance.

The splendid banquet where many people laughed and enjoyed suddenly seemed to take place in another world.

"I’m here to say thank you."

I took a sip of hot tea and glanced at his legs.

"Are you seriously injured? …… I am also worried."

His bandaged legs were not in a condition that my divine power could do anything about.

It wasn’t even a wound from a monster anyway, so the medical treatment would be more helpful than my magic.

"It’s okay. I won’t be able to ride for a while."

"Then I will ride Isis. You can ride with Niel in my carriage."


"It was a joke."

It was a really light sound, but his expression hardened horribly, and he said it quickly.

"That’s good."

"By the way…… "

I sighed and continued the conversation.

"Why did you put me on Isis? What are you going to do by being left alone in that place? I’m just glad that Ridan passed by."

"Then what should I do?"

"As Niel said, we should have waited four hours."

"Leave you in that terrible despair for four hours? Even if you spend the night alone in the forest, you can’t do that."

Ixion shook his head as if it was nonsense.

"No, if you think about it rationally…."

"It’s not that I didn’t do that, it was that I couldn’t. It’s not a matter of choice. You…."


"…… You’re my friend."

I’m at a loss for words.

After his confession, ironically, our official position became ‘friends’.

"Of course Isis would have taken you to headquarters, but I didn’t know that it would even keep the order to find His Majesty the Emperor."

Even if it wasn’t Ixion’s intention, anyway, thanks to Isis, the Emperor was saved and everything ended with a happy ending.

"I should say thank you, Elsia."

Now there was slow music playing outside.

As the night deepened, it meant that lovers who were just starting out were slowly setting the tone.

"Since childhood, I have never thought of getting along with His Majesty, and that is still the case… It was still better than not listening."


"When His Majesty dies and Brother succeeds in taking the throne, he will give me the duke title and territories. Well, I never thought of those things as important, but I suddenly thought of this."

It was as if the Emperor heard my words and said something to Ixion.

Since the emotional trough that has accumulated over the years is deep, of course, it will not be possible to become a father-and-son suddenly.

However, I thought that it would be different if they communicated even for a short time.

"If I just want to propose to a woman who doesn’t like the capital, it would be better if I had at least one estate…… "


I spewed out a little of the tea I had been drinking quietly.

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