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Chapter: 1890

No problem with equipment outrageous data Part 1

A pretty little sister tell stories live broadcast can be too little.

The most important thing, other anchors speak similar story, fear is already been sealed.

But Wang Weihua here, but that did not matter.

Of course, mainly Li Mengyao know the sense of proportion, telling stories, they both made it very vague.

These stories, mildly entertaining, it is also very normal, but when you think of some way to it, which will be attracted by the exquisite story.

Li Mengyao can be said to grasp the scale is very precise, to pass up.

This is also an important reason for not among the official Wang Weihua live seal.

There are little sister tell stories of things in between Wang Weihua live, after netizens spontaneous publicity, the number of online between live than before, did not fall, but also increased a lot.

During the broadcast, the Wang Weihua was frightened, for fear of come up with something out?

Fortunately, however, little sister grasp the scale is very good, not out of any accident live.

So, let Wang Weihua was originally thought to wait two hours will be very boring time, passed in storytelling Li Mengyao in.

Unconsciously, Li Mengyao finally finished a short story.

The side of the Wang Weihua, quickly against Li Mengyao schematic pause, opposite Li Mengyao of his right hand, pointing to watch on the arm, facing mouth and said:. "Time is coming."

Li Mengyao aim at him, then against everyone said:. "You live among the audience, two hours time is coming, and so there will be for everyone Hua brother live, live the final test results."

Li Mengyao, then one, the studio suddenly and cry everywhere.

"Do not Yeah, little sister, we have not heard enough."

"There is a little bit of time, come one."

"Another two can, they have to wake up test data, enough to come back two stories."

"Bah! What two? Has come, we do not like to test, we want to hear the story."

"Yes, we would love to hear stories."

Wang Weihua been staring at the barrage between live, see the barrage whole face is dark.

I live between to listen to the story, you really plausible.

"Excuse me, everyone goodbye!"

Li Mengyao did not used to them, after the finish, immediately leave the screen.

Wang Weihua quickly went over the side: "Dear brothers and sisters, two hours coming, we want to look at another test data a little sister do?"

He knew that, in order to pull back the hearts of the audience, no doubt another little sister is the best choice.

Sure enough, the audience hear live among the words of Wang Weihua, in suddenly remembered that there is a color value does not belong to just the little sister, little sister, and it is being tested.

This is quite a rare opportunity, how can you miss it?

Li Wenxuan know you are doing the test, when playing the game, specifically the control of a bit of time.

After the end of a game, just stuck in two hours early.

Li Wenxuan lead woke up.

Wang Weihua already waiting around to see Li Wenxuan helmet off, quickly interviewed and asked: "? Whispering little sister, I do not know, two hours after the game, what it feels like it."

Li Wenxuan slightly shook his head and said: "does not have much sensation, usually just about the same."

Li Wenxuan, then one, between the live audience immediately uproar.

"No? No, it really is a data error?"

"Is it really just a deceptive thing?"

"It certainly is a lie, so how could lie are able to achieve the effect of exercise it?

Some intelligent people should not have this way of thinking. "

"Finally show his true colors now, really it is to invite passers-by to be able to get the most realistic data."

"Busted, I have not tested one by one out there cursing, after testing data, if it is deceptive words, too late to buy."

"We want to believe that the stars Group, believes Hua brother, will not come out of the low-end low-quality goods."

"That's just one person, then there is another one, who knows what would be the result?"

Some people think that a new generation of virtual helmet in the fraud.

Some people think, simply by virtue of feeling judged, it is prone to error, as the result of the first test when Wang Weihua same.

Burning paper

After the test was finished Wang Weihua, also not much feeling.

But here after the test data after testing testing equipment, we have told the people, the power of this virtual helmet.

Of course, the premise of all this refers to the case where the device does not detect the error.

"Whispering little sister, could you also need to do some test data."

Wang Weihua did not care about the audience between live, just as they say, before the data has not been real, all discussions to no avail.

"no problem."

Li Wenxuan keen on the idea, along with staff, began a new round of test data.

Off to the side of Wang Weihua, also timely to move to the next shot.

"Damn, Hua brother, shot it? Where is the lens shift?"

"Hua brother eat food alone will not do ah."

Wang Weihua did not answer them, then turned to the camera directly to another one of the lucky ones, just this time, UU reading www. unfeeling swordsman woke up.

Wang Weihua laughed: "Dear brothers and sisters, the other one lucky audience awake, let's interview about his feelings."

Wang Weihua against unsympathetic swordsman open asked: "swordsman brother, after the game Play inside for two hours, I do not know what you feel?"

Desperate swordsman feel a little bit of your body: "I feel some heat your body, feeling as if I had had a fierce movement in general."

Desperate to hear swordsman, then suddenly shines Wang Weihua, a smile to the audience and said: "It seems that the role of virtual helmet swordsman brother is relatively large, put forward a quiz where the prize is my hand virtual helmet.

I guess, Play swordsman brother after two hours, how many calories consumed?

50 card energy a gear, and friends will guess at randomly selected one lucky winner a new generation of viewers as a virtual helmet.

Hurry to take part in it.

Back then word of caution, calories burned, including their own calories consumed. "

"Look at the way swordsman brother, little sister compared to the previous, bigger really want to change.

I chose two hundred fifty energy card. "

"Before China consumed nearly 400 Colombian energy card, swordsman brother should be little more than a Chinese brother. I chose 450 energy card."

"We should be bold guess up, Zhao boss was all energy consumed 600 cards.

Swordsman brother estimate the energy consumed almost.

I chose 650 energy card. "

"300 card."

"400 card."

"1000 card." Download site APP, massive novel, smooth read for free!

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