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Chapter: 1891

No problem with equipment outrageous data below

For this quiz activities, live among the audience are encouraged to participate.

Only a short one minute, the number of participants as much as quiz as high as 10 million.

And this data is continually rising in.

For them, the little finger but is time.

In the event of it?

That was a new generation of virtual helmet.

Moreover, many of them also like to know exactly how powerful this new generation of virtual helmet?

They guessed data, the lowest two hundred cards, there are thousands of the highest card.

Of course, this data on Huancayo is purely to funny.

After weed out those who do not fly quiz data, the highest quiz data up to 1500 cards.

Wang Weihua against unsympathetic swordsman asked: "swordsman brother, as a party, you should be more clear understanding of their physical condition you feel you this time how many calories consumed.?"

Desperate swordsman touched his head, embarrassed and said: "For the number of calories consumed, I do not know, did not previously understand too, if you insist, I guess, I was 500 cards right."

Wang Weihua laughed: "swordsman unfeeling, self-guess for the 500 card, then it will be much to look at what is the specific data."

Just then, Li Wenxuan walk test done from the inside out.

The staff side, quickly put Li Wenxuan two inspection report projected into the air.

This is also thanks to the popularity of the stars of the phone, so that everyone can see the naked eye holographic projection technology.

We can very clearly see the results of two comparative data.

Wang Weihua see a comparison of the data above, at that moment is senseless.

Because, according to the data reported show twice, Li Wenxuan inside in just two hours, eight hundred card full of energy consumed.

This ratio before Zhaowu Bin, the energy consumption is much higher than two hundred cards energy.

After the audience to see this data between live, but also there was a brief blank time, followed by a barrage of crazy numbers.

"I am not mistaken, right? Energy consumption 800 card, the data is too much out of it."

"Zhao boss before the data I feel ridiculous, I did not think the little sister of data more outrageous, indeed, some unscientific way."

"Must let the maintenance staff to check again, must be fully confirmed, the job without any problems.

This data is too outrageous, it's hard not to cast doubt on the authenticity of the above data. "

"If the bed will be able to consume 800 cards energy, it is also what sport? Fat also reduced what does?

This is the best way to lose weight. "

Almost all of them were scared Mongolia to this data.

Even before the maintenance staff said the machine without any problems, but who either saw this data, I am afraid are skeptical of it.

Wang Weihua looked mad barrage surging, quickly spoke and said: "Dear brothers and sisters, do not worry, next to a swordsman brother was not tested.

And so after he finished the test again to check equipment failure problems. "

Yes, in the minds of Wang Weihua, he has been under the eucalyptus given a failure to Zhao boss inside this machine shop.

No way, this data is too exaggerated.

Equipment must be a mistake.

But the checks do still have to do, so that the audience can not wait for two hours innocent.

Desperate swordsman followed the staff into the inside began to test data.

Soon, unfeeling swordsman test report came out.

Weihua also the first time the detection of the lens at the comparison report.

"This is considered more normal data, two hours, a total of 200 cards consumed energy."

"This should be compared to other normal person and more, 200 energy card, get rid of normal human energy consumption, this time about eighty card consumes energy."

"This data is completely acceptable, I feel this is the real data."

After all to see data unfeeling swordsman, they are involuntary indicate this is the real data.

"I went, if swordsman brother of data is normal, then it is not on behalf of another person detection data it is normal? Testing equipment and there is no failure?"

A long barrage of color appear in the middle of the screen.

After all to see this barrage, slow a bit after they recovered.

Yes ah, if unsympathetic swordsman detection data are normal, then it detects the data on behalf of others is normal data, and no mistake.

If that is true, then it too can Pale Ba.

"I have to go, do not not know, one that surprised, and other products officially come out after this, afraid to sweep the world."

"This is too much out of it, if you are true, the little sister of the test data is simply unbelievable."

This is simply enormous changes.

A number of pieces of information from being sent to the network media.

Again in the network above the uproar set off for a while.

You know, the original amount of the new generation of virtual helmet of discussion is very high.

The test results sent after Wang Weihua live to go online, it attracted more attention.

Inside the studio, Wang Weihua still continue to live.

To tell the truth, Wang Weihua see a comparison of the data of the two, it is also very surprised.

Obviously I did not feel little sister, and ultimately get out of the heat consumption is very alarming.

Obviously feel like doing a strenuous exercise is generally little brother, the final result is obtained even their own do not like. UU reading www.

What is the situation?

Wang Weihua in the hands of only the most basic of the Company given, as for other data, he did not rely on their guesses.

To tell the truth, the side of Zhao Wubin may still feel their own testing equipment has failed.

Otherwise, there can be so outrageous data.

Zhao Wubin spoke and said: "Wah brother, and I do what data detection, just these two hours, and I did not how to move.

Made out of the results, the error should not be particularly large. "

"Well, you do it."

Wang Weihua know Zhaowu Bin idea now is to test Zhaowu Bin data were compared with data of the previous two hours.

Because there is no strenuous exercise, the data should be detected by normal human calorie consumption.

Zhao Wubin immediately allow staff to give him also a test.

After waiting for about five minutes.

Zhao Wubin also the final test data.

Wang Weihua said: "What? Zhao boss, how about the final result."

"Hua brother, we still see test report it."

Zhao Wubin command staff put their three part test report also made up.

Whether the audience between staff live or live, can very clearly see the comparison of Zhao Wubin three copies of test reports.

Parts Comparative test reports third-second test reports, only 125 calories card.

According to Under normal circumstances, ordinary human digestive heat in about 120 cards.

Card 125 in the standard range.

In other words, the machine no problem. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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