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Chapter: 1892

final result top

Even though everyone had some guesses in their hearts before, when they saw the data in front of them, they couldn't help but take a deep breath.

This Nima data is too outrageous.

Others work hard for one or two hours, and the calories consumed are only two or three hundred calories.

And through the virtual helmet, you only need to play quietly and play inside, you can achieve the purpose of consuming calories.

And according to the test results, the calorie consumption is not low, which is much more than most sports.

This really makes people feel unreliable, but Wang Weihua's test has been broadcast live, and there is no fraud.

No matter how outrageous the results are, the facts are in front of you and you have to believe them.

Moreover, I also found a passerby to test it later, which further shows that there is no problem.

If you insist that there is a problem, it can only be Boss Zhao, there is a problem with the testing equipment in the store.

But this reason is too far-fetched.

Because, in the follow-up, Zhao Wubin also conducted a test again by himself.

The results of the test show that there is no problem with this testing equipment.

All test reports are normal.

This is just Wang Weihua's personal test result, not the final result released by the official.

But those who know Wang Weihua know that the material revealed by Wang Weihua is basically the same.

This also illustrates the authenticity of the newly added functions of this new generation of virtual helmets.

The preliminary test results of the new generation of virtual helmets in the live broadcast room have been published online by those self-media for the first time.

Originally, many people on the Internet were paying attention to the test results of Wang Weihua's live broadcast room.

After being transferred to the Internet by those self-media, it spread all at once.

In an extreme period of time, it once again caused an uproar on the Internet.

"Although Xingchen Group's products are very powerful, are you a little brainy? Can you believe such an outrageous result?"

"The calorie consumption of lying down is higher than the calorie consumption of strenuous exercise, which is not reliable."

"You have all been deceived. Where did the fake news come from? Now you can see fake news everywhere on the Internet. People must have the ability to identify the truth and not follow what others say."

"Have you seen any weight loss advertisements before? How many of them are real? Are virtual helmets even involved in weight loss?"

"Is this true? When will it go on sale? I must snap up one as soon as possible, no, I should snap up three, and help my family snap up too."

"Whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believe it."

"This is what Wang Weihua broke, and it's also a product of Xingchen Group. If it is a product of another company, there may be some doubts, but in Xingchen Group, there is absolutely no doubt."

"As long as it is a product of Xingchen Group, I will strongly support it. Hurry up and announce when it will be listed. I will buy it as soon as possible."

"You can pull it down. If there is such a function, you may not be able to grab it if you want to snap it up as soon as possible."

"I'll go, brother, don't tell me if you see it, let them think it's fake, just let me grab it by myself. Now that it's broken, everyone will grab it, so isn't the chance of us grabbing it getting smaller?"

"I wipe! Brother, and this routine, I was wrong, everyone, don't read it, it's all fake."

"That's right, that's right, this stuff is unreliable when you hear it, and everyone should buy it with caution."

After seeing the test video on the Internet, most people expressed disbelief at first.

Until later, some people began to believe, but after being persuaded again, all the Internet became disbelieving, and even sprayed this new generation of virtual helmets.

At the beginning, I just sprayed the fakeness of this function. When I arrived, I sprayed a new generation of virtual helmets directly. I changed the soup without changing the medicine. I just changed a little thing, and I dared to sell it for money.

For these statements, Wang Weihua, who was live broadcast, did not see it. Otherwise, he regretted that he had done the test on the live broadcast.

I never thought that my original intention was to help the company promote the new generation of virtual helmets, but I did not expect to discredit the new generation of virtual helmets.

Wang Weihua took out the test comparison reports of the four people, and asked a few people, "What do you think is the law?"

Then he asked the video: "Brothers and sisters in the live broadcast room, the four-person test comparison report has been released. Let's observe it and see if you can find the pattern?"

"Data comparative analysis, I am good at this."

"Is it worth watching? It must have something to do with the user."

"I'll go, aren't you talking nonsense?"

"There is no in-depth analysis. In terms of calorie consumption, it should be that the greater the amount of exercise, the greater the calorie consumption.

Whether in the game world or in the real world, this rule should be followed. "

"If you put aside the data reports of the latter two people, this conclusion is still plausible.

Brother Hua was playing the wizarding world at the time, and the amount of exercise was relatively small.

Boss Zhao was playing King at the time, and his exercise volume was relatively large.

And their data test comparison analysis, UU reading also proved this. "

"The front is indeed accurate, but the data test reports of Miss Sister and Brother are completely inaccurate.

And a bit subversive.

Putting the test data of the little sister on the little brother, it seems normal. "

At first, Wang Weihua felt that the energy consumed should be related to the actions the user made in the game.

The more intense the action you do in the game, the more calories you burn.

And his and Zhao Wubin's test report also shows this.

However, the data test reports of the latter two directly overturned this conclusion.

Everyone was discussing wildly in the barrage.

But no one got to the point.

In other words, no one's conclusion can convince everyone.

Because the calorie consumption itself is related to each person's physical fitness.

Everyone can understand that Zhao Wubin consumes more calories than Wang Weihua.

Even the calorie consumption of Heartless Swordsman is low, and it can barely make it through.

But Li Wenxuan's exaggerated data really made everyone not know how to explain it.

Purely from the point of view of calorie consumption.

Li Wenxuan's physical fitness is much higher than the other three.

Reaching such a conclusion shocked everyone and thought it was unlikely.

Although the physical fitness of Wang Weihua's three people does not seem to be strong, but the young lady looks like a weak, how can it be stronger than them?

When everyone came to a conclusion, they looked at the young lady and immediately rejected the conclusion in their hearts. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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