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Chapter: 1903

Zuo Quan s embarrassing therapeutic journey Part 2

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Zuo Quan asked in a low voice, "How is it, doctor? Is there any chance of getting treatment?"

Even if the doctor has said before that Hayley's disease is not a big genetic disease, it can be cured very easily.

But Zuo Quan is very clear that the actual situation is not as the doctor said, just a very simple genetic disease, but a very complex and incurable genetic disease.

If it was really that simple, he would have been cured a long time ago.

Why wait until half of his place has been eroded by now?

The doctor said calmly: "Don't worry, this is just a small problem, I will give you a list later, you can just go to the treatment room with the list.

It only takes a week to fully recover.

This is your list, if you don't know where the treatment is, you can ask the intelligent robot next to it. "

Zuo Quan looked at the doctor in shock: "What? It only takes a week to recover?"

He was completely taken aback by the doctor's words, and he couldn't even believe it.

Haley's disease, which has plagued him for many years, will only take a week to recover?

What kind of treatment is this?

Does it really work?

The doctor also said seriously to Zuo Quan again: "The main reason is that your disease has spread too seriously. If it was a few years earlier, you may only need to come here.

Now you can only come to the treatment room once a day.

Here it is recommended that you receive treatment at a fixed time each day.

Of course, if you have other jobs, it is recommended to arrange your own time.

But the interval should never exceed 28 hours. "

"Thank you doctor."

Zuo Quan quickly thanked the doctor.

As long as he can cure his stubborn disease, let alone a week of continuous treatment, even if it is a month of continuous treatment, Zuo Quan must cure it.

He would never have thought like this until he had not felt the pain that Hailey's disease brought him.

Especially in recent years, the proliferation has become more and more serious.

Although Zuo Quan didn't know whether the treatment the doctor said could really be cured, since the other party can say with certainty, it will definitely be cured within a week.

In this regard, Zuoquan is full of confidence.

Zuo Quan also had a smile on his face when he left the consultation room.

When the door was opened, another patient also came to see the doctor.

Zuo Quan couldn't help smiling when he saw the other party.

Then the patient he met when he entered the consultation room also had a bright smile on his face. At that time, the other's smile was the same as his current self.

Intelligent robots can be seen everywhere, Zuo Quan soon found an intelligent robot.

Zuo Quan asked, "Hello, may I ask where is the dermatology treatment room?"

"Mr. Zuo Quan, hello, the treatment room of the dermatology department is on the fifth floor. I will take you there."

The intelligent robot said and led the way.

Zuo Quan quickly followed.

Soon came to the treatment room on the fifth floor.

When he came to the treatment room, Zuo Quan only saw a nurse at the front desk, but no other patients.

Zuo Quan hurriedly handed over the list the doctor had just handed him to the nurse.

"Hello, Miss Nurse, this is the order from the doctor. He asked me to come to the treatment room for treatment."

The nurse took the order, swept it on the machine, and then said, "Hello, sir, according to your needs, you can have treatment in the No. 5 treatment room.

There is a number next to it, you can go there by yourself. "

"Thank you, Miss Nurse."

Zuo Quan took the order back and walked to the treatment room next to him.

Soon came to the fifth treatment room.

The door to the treatment room was open, and a CT-like device was placed inside.

There is also a lady nurse on duty next to her.

Zuo Quan hurriedly handed the list to Miss Nurse again: "Miss Nurse, hello, this is my treatment list."

The lady nurse stood up from her seat, came into the room, and said to Zuo Quan, "Take off your clothes and lie down."


Zuo Quan thought he had heard it wrong.

"Sir, please take off your clothes and lie down on it."

The nurse repeated the words just now,


Hearing that he needed to take off his clothes again, Zuo Quan seemed a little hesitant.

I just took off my pants in front of the doctor, but it's better to say something, after all, the other party is a man.

But the nurse in front of her was a girl, and he couldn't let go.

Seeing Zuo Quan's hesitant expression, the nurse didn't know what the other party was thinking?

In fact, for doctors or nurses who have worked for a long time, especially in their profession, they have seen many bodies.

For them, it is just a piece of meat, and there is not much difference.

There was no urgency next to the nurse. Anyway, up to now, it's just this person in front of me, and no one else is waiting.

Zuo Quan hesitated for a long time, but in the end he squeezed and took off his clothes.

"It's just for treatment, and there's nothing wrong with it."

Zuo Quan has been comforting himself in his heart.

"Lie on it with your legs open."

The nurse greeted Zuo Quan to pose.

After the battle between heaven and man just now, Zuo Quan had already given up in his heart and was at the mercy of Miss Nurse.

Soon, under the manipulation of the nurse, Zuo Quan made a very humiliating pose.

It's like the attitude of a woman during a checkup, but it's changed to Zuoquan at this moment.

After it was done, the nurse brought a lamp from the side and irradiated it on the affected area.

Zuo Quan only felt the warmth of his skin, and the original itching position became extremely comfortable.

The lady nurse said: "You need to keep this movement immobile, and one course of irradiation needs to last for an hour.

If you really need it, you can ring the bell next to it and I will come over.

Do you need anything else? "

"there is none left."

They have already been manipulated into such a state, where else does Zuoquan need?

Just as the nurse turned to leave, Zuo Quan suddenly said, "Miss nurse, wait a moment."

Miss Nurse stopped and asked, "What can you say?"

"When I am receiving treatment, will no other patients come in?"

Zuo Quan thought that when he first entered the treatment room, there was no lock, for fear that someone would break in while receiving treatment.

When his embarrassing posture is seen by others, it really becomes the scene of the shooting club's death.

Miss Nurse smiled and said, "Don't worry, no other patients will come in.

Even I won't come in while you're being treated unless you ring the bell. "

"Really? Thank you so much."

Zuo Quan didn't care too much about what the nurse said behind.

I have already been seen by the nurse and sister, what else is there to be prepared for?

Now he only hopes that this treatment can cure his rare genetic disease.

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