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Chapter: 1906

Amazing effect Part 1

, !

The people in this treatment group come from all over the world.

Don't look at the number of people, but I really don't know if there are any people working in the headquarters of Xingchen Group.

You must know that the requirements for recruiting personnel of Xingchen Group have increased a lot.

If ordinary people don't have the ability, they really can't join.

The reason why Zuo Quan was able to enter the Xingchen Group is also thanks to his early joining, otherwise, with his current strength, I am afraid that he will not be able to meet the requirements of the application.

People in the group are still discussing related topics.

Zuo Quan didn't speak out for the first time, and he still doesn't know what happened inside.

After hiding behind his back for more than ten minutes, he finally understood what was going on.

The general situation is that someone posted to the circle of friends that they received treatment in the treatment room and were completely cured.

And this person's relatives and friends basically know this person's situation and have a genetic disease.

Although this genetic disease is not very fatal, it is not as serious as Zuoquan's genetic disease.

But it also affected his life.

There is also a very important reason, this genetic disease is also a genetic disease that cannot be treated.

After receiving only one treatment, he found that his disease was completely cured, and he immediately posted his treatment situation to the circle of friends with great joy.

In fact, Zuo Quan understands that person's mood very well.

People who have not been tortured by illness will not understand this feeling at all.

And it is the kind of disease that is told that there is no cure for life. After one treatment, it is completely cured. The feeling can be imagined.

It is precisely because the relatives and friends in his circle of friends know that he has this incurable genetic disease.

Suddenly, he realized that the other party had fully recovered, and he immediately became very interested in the treatment process.

The other party did not hide his treatment process at all, and completely posted his treatment process in the circle of friends.

Then it was forwarded layer by layer in the circle of friends, and it suddenly became popular on the Internet.

Originally, everyone was very interested in the private hospital founded by Xingchen Group.

When they encountered such news, the news media swarmed like sharks when they encountered the smell of blood. In a very short period of time, the news that Xingchen Hospital had cured an incurable genetic disease suddenly became popular.

Even before that, many people had great hopes for Xingchen Hospital, but they were not so confident until they got good results.

Even after the results of the free inspection report for everyone came out, there were still many people who didn't quite believe it.

For them, the inspection report is something that can be modified at will.

Who knows if they deliberately created something to promote private hospitals?

Although this possibility is not very high, in the eyes of everyone, even if there is a slight possibility, we must maintain a certain degree of suspicion.

However, when the man released the results of his treatment, it immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

Even the other party seems to understand that simply taking out the diagnostic report given by the Star Hospital may not be able to convince the public.

After all, for those who already have some doubts, the diagnosis of treatment can still be faked.

When the news was fermenting, the other party immediately made another consultation at the nearby Hangcheng Hospital.

The final results of the visit told him that his genetic disease was finally cured.

If someone suspects that Xingchen Hospital may be fraudulent, but the famous hospital, Hangcheng Hospital, will never suspect that it is fraudulent.

More importantly, that person had been receiving treatment in this hospital until then.

When the hospital checked that the other party had fully recovered, it also expressed shock.

Because in their cognition, this is simply impossible.

Simply a miracle happened.

For that person, today was indeed a miracle.

It is also because of the comparison of multiple reports that the news of his complete recovery is more convincing.

And all of this happened while Zuo Quan was being treated in the treatment room.

It is precisely because of this that the people in the Hailey disease group are so excited.

Although they are not the same genetic disease, they are all genetic diseases that are difficult to cure or even incurable.

The other party can be cured, indicating that their disease has a high probability of being cured.

Who wouldn't be thrilled to think of the hope of a cure?

Who can't wait to go to Xingchen Hospital immediately?

After Zuo Quan understood the whole thing, he thought for a while and sent out the text he edited earlier.

"Hello everyone, I am an employee of the headquarters of Xingchen Group, and I am also a patient with Hailey's disease. From the perspective of Hailey's disease, my disease can be said to be terminally ill.

During the physical examination before, I didn't tell the hospital what disease I had, but just lay in a testing device for two minutes.

Just this morning, I received a test report.

The test report showed that I had Haley's disease.

In the test report, the hospital told me that if I needed treatment, I could go to the hospital for treatment.

The people in this group are all patients with Hailey's disease.

Some are severe, some are mild.

But everyone has a certain understanding of Hailey.

According to the judgment of most doctors, Hailey's disease cannot be completely cured under the current medical technology.

To be honest, when I first started, I saw this advice and didn't believe it.

Because I have done too many treatments.

And then there was no cure for me, not even a way to relieve the pain.

But I suddenly remembered that Xingchen Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of our company, is not a company that develops various special drugs?

Maybe this time I really have a chance to cure my Hailey disease.

Thinking about it anyway, even if it can't be cured, it's just a waste of time.

But if it can really be cured, that kind of feeling can be imagined.

With an uneasy mood, UU Reading took a leave of absence from the company and went directly to Xingchen Hospital.

It may be that the test report was just released today, and there are not many people in the hospital.

According to the results of my physical examination, the doctor prescribed me a treatment plan and asked me to go to the treatment room for treatment.

The regimen requires a total of one week of treatment.

Today is my first day of treatment.

Many people may have encountered a variety of wonderful treatment options.

And my treatment plan this time, there are some strange things to say.

I will not go into detail about the treatment process.

Received a one-hour treatment time in the treatment room.

Although he has not achieved a complete recovery, he can clearly feel that his Hayley disease is improving.

Below are pictures of me before and after the treatment.

You can compare for reference. "

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