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Chapter: 1907

Amazing effect below

, !

When Zuo Quan sent out his treatment experience, the chat group that was very lively suddenly stagnated.

It seems that everyone is watching Zuo Quan's post about his treatment experience.

About two or three minutes passed.

The originally immersed chat group suddenly became lively again.

"I'll go, brother, I didn't expect you to be an employee of Xingchen Group headquarters. It's too cool."

"If this brother didn't lie, just from the photos released, although it did not achieve a complete cure, the effect of improvement is very obvious."

"Is this just the result of an hour of treatment? The treatment effect is too good."

"Does this mean that our Hayley disease can also be completely cured?"

"Thank you for sharing, and I hope to post the follow-up treatment process for everyone's reference."

All kinds of words of praise and praise are frantically swiping the screen.

Zuo Quan said in the chat group again: "I don't know if it's really cured of Hailey's disease now.

According to my condition, the hospital needs a total of seven days of treatment. Now is the first day. In the next six days, I will post the photos before and after the treatment in the group every day for your reference. "

"Thank God for sharing."

"Thank God for sharing."

"Please ask God, when will Xingchen Hospital be able to accept medical treatment from outsiders?"

"Seeing that there is really hope for a cure."

With all kinds of praise, the screen is frantically refreshed again.

Zuo Quan replied again: "Brothers and sisters, I will consult and let you know whether I can accept outsiders for medical treatment and opening hours.

In other words, you can always pay attention to the announcement on the official website.

Under normal circumstances, when something important happens, an important announcement will be released. "

It may be because Zuo Quan was the first person in the group to receive treatment at Xingchen Hospital, and everyone had quite a few questions to ask.

For the next two hours, Zuo Quan acted as a problem solver, answering various questions.

But many times, Zuo Quan didn't know what was going on, and could only tell what he knew. As for the actual outcome, he himself didn't know.

When Zuo Quan was receiving consultation from people in the group, the outside world had already been noisy.

At the beginning, except the first person posted on the circle of friends caused a sensation.

More and more people are returning to Xingchen Hospital with medical reports for follow-up.

The hospital, which was originally very empty, suddenly became overcrowded.

If you look at the past, you can see people surging everywhere.

Fortunately, when the hospital was first built, it was done according to the highest standard of practice.

The Xingchen Group's land is very large, it is not enough, and it can be expanded to the side.

According to the design scale of the hospital, the daily reception volume in one day is enough to reach 30,000 patients on average.

If only a little bit, it could even reach 50,000 patients.

In fact, many hospitals can reach a very high level of reception.

The main reason is that there are not enough medical staff.

There is no such problem here.

There are a large number of intelligent robots here to help, so don't worry about not being able to turn around.

If it is not for fear of encountering intelligent robots when patients visit a doctor, even intelligent robots can replace part of the doctor's work.

After a while, the hospital was overcrowded.

It seems that many people have seen the situation posted on the Internet.

More and more people believe in the medical technology of Xingchen Hospital.

In fact, people with incurable diseases are a minority after all, and most people have common problems.

In today's society, the vast majority of people are in a sub-health state.

During the physical examination, it is quite normal to find some faults in the physical examination.

So it seems that many people go to the doctor. In fact, many people do not need the machines in the treatment room for treatment, and only need to take some drugs to achieve the therapeutic effect.

Patients with a little difficulty can often complete the treatment tasks directly in the consultation room.

People like Zuo Quan who need continuous treatment for a week are very few.

There are very few people who can get to the treatment room for treatment.

However, for those who enter the treatment room for treatment, the treatment effect is also quite significant.

The hot situation of Xingchen Hospital was photographed by patients and posted on social media, which immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Many people still can't believe it after seeing those patients recovering to a normal state very easily.

I think this is too absurd.

Although Xingchen Hospital was built according to a general hospital, and also applied for a business license according to a general hospital, no one would believe that a hospital can treat all diseases.

However, the facts are in front of everyone, and people have to believe that this thing is true.

The repercussions caused by this incident were really too great, and even attracted Yang's mother to take action.

Every year during the Spring Festival, or in some important festivals, Xingchen Group has a good cooperative relationship with Yangma.

In addition, the government itself has a relatively good impression of Xingchen Group.

Therefore, the person in charge of Yangma's side called Liu Mingyu directly.

Liu Mingyu was still resting with his wife at home, but suddenly he saw a call from the person in charge of Yang Ma.

This was a call from an important person, and Liu Ming didn't dare not answer it.

Liu Mingyu quickly picked up the phone and greeted, "Director, why are you so free?"

"Mr. Liu, can't I call you when I'm not free?" the director laughed loudly.

"Director, just call me Xiao Liu, then how dare you? The Director can find me at any time, whenever you need me." Liu Mingyu laughed. UU reading

The director smiled and said, "Then I don't dare. You, the big boss, need to be in charge of so many companies. How can you have so much free time to chat with this old man like me."

Liu Mingyu smiled politely: "The company's affairs are managed by professionals. In fact, I am relatively free."

"Speaking of this, among the top few people, you are more likely to enjoy it." The director praised.

This is not his polite words, but his sincere words.

To be honest, among the top leaders in the Internet, except for Liu Mingyu, the others are all too busy to touch the ground. It is difficult for someone to be a direct hand-luck shopkeeper like Liu Mingyu.

However, it also illustrates the strength of the Xingchen Group.

Even if Liu Mingyu is just a hands-off shopkeeper, the trend of development has not weakened at all, and it is even getting stronger and stronger.

Liu Mingyu said with a smile: "Director, you're welcome. I have self-knowledge. If there is no diamond, I will not work on porcelain."

Although he knew that the director called, it should be something, but he did not take the initiative to talk about it.

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