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Chapter: 2005

Execute as planned below

Liu Mingyu took a look at the competition between the two sides.

Except for Wan Youliang's side, because of Wan Youliang's addition, the white area has expanded a lot.

The white areas in other areas have already been rotated several times.

The vast majority of white areas did not survive very long.

Still not much different from the previous situation.

Although zombies can continuously send zombies through the portal, in the face of a large number of Zerg, zombies have never been able to gain a little advantage.

The only advantage is due to the sudden addition of Wan Youliang.

But even this white area might not last long.

Because it can be seen through the monitoring center that there are a large number of Zerg rushing to this area.

And the activity range of the white area also expanded from the very beginning, to the stagnation in the middle, and finally began to shrink continuously.

Under Liu Mingyu's gaze, this white area was completely wiped out without persisting for more than an hour.

Judging from the current situation, if we want to let them kill each other, it is impossible for us to take advantage of the fishermen behind.

Want to achieve the benefits of sitting and harvesting fishermen.

The other two forces have to be evenly matched.

Obviously, the zombies that suddenly appeared are far from the opponents of those Zerg.

Even if the strength of those zombies is far stronger than the strength of the zombies they encountered before Liu Mingyu, it still cannot change the result of their failure.

Liu Mingyu decided not to wait any longer, and decided to implement the original suppression plan.

At this moment, there are less than 12 hours left before the scheduled clean-up plan.

Liu Mingyu immediately issued his own notice to the company's senior administrators and the logistics department.

"Those creatures that appear in the white area are zombies. We carried out the plan according to the original plan, and the logistics department is ready to work."

"Ultimate Chaos"

One command.

The whole company is running fast.

The soldiers who were training originally also returned to their homes for the final rest.

Sun Zhengkang also got the above notification and ended everyone's gravity training ahead of schedule.

During the week, they spent almost all of their time in the gravity room doing crazy training.

With the help of various materials, the strength of everyone has been improved by leaps and bounds.

Especially those who just took the genetic evolution potion, under the training of the gravity room, quickly mastered their own body.

In general, the best way to take the genetic evolution potion is to take it slowly by dilution.

In this case, it can not only absorb energy better, but also strengthen itself better.

But this method takes too long to be effective.

It is impossible to complete qualitative evolution in a short period of time.

Therefore, most of the time when taking genetic evolution potions, they are taking the full version of genetic evolution potions, which can quickly improve their abilities.

This method does not reach the best state at the beginning, but it can reach the best state after a short period of adaptation training.

In fact, there is not much difference in the way of taking the two, in terms of the final strengthening degree.

One is a gradual increase.

The other is to quickly increase first, and then gradually increase.

No matter what, the ultimate goal is to improve yourself.

During this week, although Sun Zhengkang has reached his peak, he has not given up training.

It's not that you can't continue to improve after reaching the peak state. In fact, there is another way besides using the genetic evolution potion to improve.

And this method is the method used by Sun Zhengkang. Through training, he can achieve his best state, and under high-intensity pressure, he can break through his upper limit.

In fact, just like zombies, being able to withstand extreme pressure may be able to break through their own limits.

If it is an ordinary situation, Sun Zhengkang wants to push himself to break through the limit through training methods, it is almost impossible.

Don't say it's him, I'm afraid even a survivor of the third-order peak, it is impossible to use this method to break through himself in an ordinary environment.

And the gravity training room provided him with that opportunity.

Let him be able to train to the extreme in the gravity training method.

Sun Zhengkang felt that if he gave himself some more time, he might really be able to break through his upper limit.

It's just that he also understands that simply relying on this method always seems to be missing something.

Preparing to carry out the clearing operation just tomorrow.

You can only temporarily give up on breaking your own ideas.

the next day.

After Sun Zhengkang sent his daughter to school, he led the team to the central square.

nine in the morning.

Everyone got the equipment and supplies, as if they were soldiers, lined up neatly, standing in the center of the square.

Standing on the podium in the center, Liu Mingyu looked around at the neatly arranged team below, as well as the confident face on his face, feeling very satisfied.

Liu Mingyu shouted loudly: "Brothers and sisters, the Zerg outside have surrounded us for nearly three months.

In these three months, because we never saw the sunshine that we didn't care about before. UU Reading

We have to clear out the Zerg outside so that we can regain the favor of the sun.

To kill some nasty Zerg, we can have a good future.

Starting today, we have 20,000 warriors who will embark on the battle to eradicate the Zerg.

Here, I would like to solemnly tell you one thing.

When fighting, you must pay attention to protecting your own safety, and when you can exchange materials for a chance to survive, don't be afraid to waste materials.

Where there is life, there is hope.

As long as there are people, one day we will be able to enjoy the blue sky and white clouds again.

Brothers and sisters, let's kill the enemies that are stalking around our base.

You are not only fighting for the company, but also for your loved ones.

I wish you all the courage to kill the enemy! I will be with you.

kill kill kill. "

When it came to the end, Liu Mingyu's voice sounded in everyone's ears as if he was about to break through the sky.

Everyone's blood boiled.

It is said that free things are the most precious.

They hadn't seen the sunlight that could be seen everywhere before for more than three months.

No sunshine for a day.

I haven't seen the sun for two days.

Maybe it doesn't matter much.

But none of them saw the sun.

I haven't seen the sun for two months.

A certain degree of change will take place in the human heart.

If it weren't for the effect of simulating the sun inside the base, I'm afraid they would have gone crazy.

Who would want to enjoy simulated sunlight if they could enjoy real sunlight?

"Kill kill kill."

The crowd couldn't help but respond in unison.

Murderous rush, swept directly around.

The onlookers all seemed to feel the chilling meaning of the soldiers.

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