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Chapter: 2007

battle below

At that moment, I don't know how many Zerg were killed in Huangquan because of this.

However, the number of Zerg is too much, just after the elimination of one batch, another batch was immediately blocked.

Compared with elemental power users, other power users are relatively weaker.

However, the damage they caused was not that weak.

Those power users with enhanced body, as if transformed into Hulk, launched a fierce attack on the Zerg.

Powerful power, coupled with specially configured cold weapons, at this moment, they seem to be incarnated as gods of death, constantly harvesting the lives of the Zerg.

Sun Zhengkang's mace is even more frightening. If those Zerg have their own consciousness, I'm afraid they would never want to face Sun Zhengkang head-on.

The mace waving at will, easily smashed those Zerg into meat patties.

This is just too scary.

The flesh and blood picked up by the mace smashed down, forming a blood rain with the flesh and blood from the explosion, floating around.

There are a lot of Zerg, and they are very brave, as if they don't know the pain, they continue to attack them.

Perhaps it was because of the attack of the soldiers this time that they found a way to vent.

After all, in the past period of time, they sent an unknown number of Zerg to attack this place in front of them.

Then it was like a tortoise shell, protecting the inside, making it impossible for them to start.

Even if occasionally some Zerg rushed in for some reason, they eventually lost contact.

It is not easy to have such an opportunity now, how can they give up?

The two sides fought a war.

After this period of training and development, the overall strength of the warriors has already surpassed the strength of the Zerg.

The original front is constantly expanding.

From the first 50 meters, to the next 100 meters, to the next 200 meters.

The range is constantly expanding.

In order to prevent rushing over after being caught, the person responsible for guarding the city gate closed the city gate in time, so that even if the Zerg crossed the battle line and sneaked to the city gate, they would not be stolen by them.

You know, after dealing with the Zerg during this period of time, I found that the Zerg are not only the two types of Zerg, the Hydralisks and Banelings, but also those Zerg who know how to fly and dig.

They can resist the Zerg on the bright side.

But those Zerg hidden underground or in the sky are not so easy to guard against.

Only putting down the energy shield is the best defense method.

The soldiers didn't have any worries when they saw the city gate fall.

Don't worry that you will have no way out.

This time they brought enough supplies, how could they be able to retreat before they ran out of supplies?

Taking a step back, even if it is retreating, there are people at the city gate, and those injured people can be pulled back to the city for treatment in time.

In fact, when these soldiers went out to fight, the logistics staff and medical staff were never idle.

"Sword Comes"

The location of each gate has been equipped with sufficient logistical personnel and medical personnel.

Heal those wounded soldiers at any time.

Although the individual strength of the warriors is stronger than the individual strength of the Zerg.

However, the unequal numbers of the two sides are destined to not be a simple clean-up operation.

In less than ten minutes after the battle, many soldiers had already suffered a lot of damage.

The logistics staff and those medical personnel arrived at the battlefield in time and pulled those injured back for timely treatment.

The vast majority of injured personnel, if not speaking of fatal injuries, would not let themselves go back.

Still playing its part on the battlefield.

When the front lines of the two sides were pushed to about 500m outside, they found that the front lines could no longer be pushed.

For a long time, the two sides were at a stalemate about 500m outside the city wall.

This is mainly because the lethality of the soldiers is not enough.

The warriors had just killed a Zerg, and immediately another Zerg appeared, taking their place.

In this way, the killing speed of the soldiers and the replenishment speed of the Zerg formed a dynamic balance.

No one can do anything for the time being.

Not only in Kun City, but also encountered the same situation near the city gates in several other areas.

There was a brief balance of power on both sides.

This is mainly because the number of Zerg is too large.

And new Zerg appeared from time to time, giving them an unexpected blow.

For example, those Zerg that can dig the ground often appear in unexpected places for the warriors, and then cause certain damage to the warriors.

To be honest, if these warriors were not zombies created by Liu Mingyu, they were ordinary survivors.

I am afraid that under this kind of attack, the military heart has already been scattered.

It is precisely because these warriors are zombies created by Liu Mingyu that they can recover as long as they are not fatally injured.

Because of this, these fighters are very aggressive.

There are many times even with those Zerg to come to an injury-for-death play.

Those ordinary survivor warriors were moved by the bravery of these zombie warriors.

Unconsciously, it also exerts super strength.

If it has been like this, it may not change much for a long time.

But don't forget.

On this battlefield, in addition to the warriors and the Zerg, there is a third party.

That's zombies.

No, outside Kun City, the two sides are fighting very fiercely.

Suddenly, in the middle of the battle lines of the two sides, a door of light suddenly appeared out of thin air.

And this door of light just fell in front of Sun Zhengkang.

Fortunately, Sun Zhengkang responded in time and avoided the location of Guangmen.

The first moment the light gate appeared, a humanoid zombie was teleported from the opposite side.

After the humanoid zombie came out, no matter what creature was in front of it, it directly attacked the front.

A huge energy ball launched an attack towards the front.

"Fuck! It turned out to be a zombie."

Sun Zhengkang dodged the opponent's attack with a single dodge, and couldn't help but complain.

He knew that there were zombies appearing on the Zerg side, but he didn't expect it to appear in front of his eyes.

In the face of the zombie attack, Sun Zhengkang didn't sit idle either. After dodging the opponent's attack, he immediately forced him.

For him, whether it is a zerg or a zombie, it is his enemy.

The zombie Sun Zhengkang knows very well, but the head is his vital point.

The mace with a thousand powers attacked the head of the zombie that suddenly appeared.


Almost in an instant.

The heads of the zombies were beaten until their heads blossomed.

The next second, the zombie's body fell straight toward the back.

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