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Chapter: 231

Translator: "Hakou"                             Editor: "Weasalopes"

I had gotten into the cockpit of the Old Lady, and was walking along the highway from the royal capital heading northwest.

The reason I wasn’t hovering was because there were houses, though sparsely populated. They would probably complain to the merchants guild if I let the dust roll up.

I was heading for the valley ahead. It is to defeat a certain demon beast.

A huge bird-like demon beast is reportedly sitting at the top of a rocky mountain, attacking the merchants passing by on the road below.

(That was also probably this guy’s fault)

As I walked forward, I pondered.Recently, in the northwestern city near the royal capital, there was an incident where small demon beasts swarmed into the city. I immediately went out with the Old Lady and defeated them, but while I was doing so, another bunch of them appeared right after.

(Is there a nest around here or something?)

I guessed and headed northwest, to the direction the small demon beasts had come from.What I saw there were several medium-sized demon beasts. They were walking around in the forest, looking like they owned the place.

(They’re not the kind you usually see around here)

I had defeated them several times before, but I always encountered them further north. Reaching that thought, a certain word popped into my head.

『Species Migration』

This is just a guess, but something stronger might have appeared further inside.

The frightened medium-sized demon beasts left the area and overwhelmed the smaller demon beasts in their escape destination. Forcing the smaller demon beasts to move south.

Just as I was about to return to the merchants’ guild to report the incident, I heard about this huge demon beast.


My destination is near. As I was thinking this, about ten animals appeared on the other side of the road.

They were running hard towards me.

They must have been wary of the Old Lady. They split into two groups halfway and jumped into the bushes and forest on the side of the road.

(…Those were pigs no matter how you look at it, right?)

That pinkish coloring was definitely not a boar. They were clean and spotless, so I thought they might be livestock.A possibility crossed my mind, and I proceeded cautiously to find the scene I had imagined.

(They were attacked by demon beasts huh)

In the middle of the paved highway. A big carriage had been overturned, and the two golem horses that must have been pulling it had collapsed.Broken wooden fences were strewn about, suggesting that they had been carrying pigs.

(….There seems to be no one around)

I looked up at the sky and looked around, but there was no sign of the demon beast. After that, I inspected the golem carriage, but I couldn’t find any corpses.

If they hadn’t been taken away like Sinbad, they must have escaped.

It seemed that my guess was correct as an old man and a boy emerged from the shadow of a giant rock on the side of the highway. They were relieved to see the Knight of the merchant guild.

『Can you tell me what happened here?』

I kneeled down in the middle of the highway and asked them over the external sound system. The two men, a grandfather and his grandson, told me the details of the incident.

They said that they were transporting pigs to the city to sell when they were attacked by two demon beasts.

The wagon was hit by a sideways glide and fell over. The pigs were thrown out onto the highway and ran around in a state of panic.

『And then two pigs were taken away into the sky, is it?』

The two birds that returned caught them in their talons and flew north.

「If you had come a little earlier, the pigs would have been safe」

The old man says, but he doesn’t seem to have any intention of blaming me. He turns to the Old Lady and bows his head lightly.

「In the past, I couldn’t even think of going to sell it myself. I know I couldn’t have done this if it not for the merchant guild」

He then let out one big sigh.

「This is just a selfish complaint of an old man who lost the pig he raised. I’m sorry」

I’m glad he’s a good person.By the way, the boy is staring at the Old Lady with sparkling eyes from the very beginning.

「Please! Avenge Bacon and the others」

That must have been the name he gave to one of the pigs. I’m sure he wasn’t referring to the state after they were processed.

『Please wait a moment』

I made the Old Lady stand up and raise the overturned wagon and golem horse. Fortunately it can still move after I check it with the Old Lady.

「Ah! Minchi!」

The boy shouted as he looked up and saw a pig coming out of the grass, squealing. It seemed to have returned to its owner.A few more pigs trotted over. We waited for a while after that, but it seems that this is everyone.

「It’s over. Let’s go home」

The old man told the reluctant boy and headed to their village, accompanied by the Old Lady.

「I will definitely avenge them!」

When we parted, I promised the boy that I would defeat the demon beasts. After that, I went back to the place where the pig was kidnapped and headed north along the street again.Finally, I found the landmark that the herbivore mechanic had mentioned.

(That rocky mountain huh. Certainly, there’s something there)

I ducked behind a giant rock and saw through the telescope of the Old Lady’s eyes.As I poured magic power into her eyes, a magic circle unfolded in front of one of her eyes. Then it began to rotate slowly.

(…Birds. Moreover, parent and child huh)

Two birds are sticking their heads into the belly of a pig lying on the top. It seems they are the demon beasts that had attacked the wagon.

The one watching behind them was probably the parent. They were many times larger than the two that were eating.

Looking at the size comparison with the pigs, they are probably bigger than a Knight when they spread their wings.

(Let’s wait until it’s a bit dark and eliminate them in one blow)

It’s hard to shoot down a flying bird with my skills. If I wanted to shoot them, I must aim at them while they are standing still, like now.The only reason I didn’t shoot them right away was because there was a possibility that there might be others.

(Even though they are demon beasts, they are still birds. So I’m sure they will go back to their nest at night)

For now, there’s no doubt that that’s their nest. I’d like to wipe them all in one fell swoop if I could.

(Bird-types are always aims at your eyes after all)

I groaned while holding my own eyes with one hand. Me and the Old Lady are in sync, which means we share the same pain perception, and just thinking about it is terrifying.I could try to barrage them with anti-aircraft fire, but I want to avoid getting attacked by entire herds.

(Now then)

It was almost dusk, and the sun would be going down before too long.I noticed there’s a movement on their nest when I looked at it. One by one, the parent bird and the young bird returned.

(It was right to wait for them)

I looked at the sky, but didn’t spot any other birds in the sky. The sun had already disappeared over the western horizon, and it’s gradually getting darker.Old Lady propped herself up on the giant rock and aimed the nest with the rifle.

(Pouring in D-rank magic in full power, without converging it to magic missiles)

This is the maximum power that the current Old Lady can unleash. It has a track record of slaughtering even the A-class Knights of the Empire with a single blow.

But I won’t compress it as much as I did then. I choose to make the magic missile wider, even though it will reduce the firepower.

There are multiple opponents. So I’m going to widen the diameter and wipe them out with a single blow.

(Flying creatures should have lower defense)

If an airplane had armor that was as thick as a tank, then the tank would have no place in a battlefield anymore. The giant turtle and heavy lancers should’ve been more durable than bird type demon beasts like them.

(Then this should work)

The cane rifle trembles with a whirring sound. It sounds like when a circuit breaker is turned on and a large current flows into heavy electrical equipment.Not long after, the fallen leaves and broken twigs around the Old Lady began to float in the air.

(Target confirmed)

A thin bolt of lightning appeared around the rifle, but they still haven’t noticed me yet.


It turned out as I expected, the bird-type demon beasts couldn’t withstand the attack. What I saw at the time of impact was the scene of an overripe persimmon slammed into the ground.Now there was nothing, even the pigs, remaining on the rock.

(Let’s wait here until morning, just in case. If by that time none of them shows up anymore, then it’s mission completed)

I leaned back and exhaled heavily. After a while, let’s bake the bacon we got from the village and have it for dinner.I spun my neck and shoulders as I thought about this.

Translator: "Hakou"                             Editor: "Weasalopes"

At the same time, a rural city in the northern part of the Kingdom. The first notable thing from the city were the people walking along the streets.

「What an impressive shooting star」

A bright white meteor with a long tail was moving through the sky from south to north. People who noticed it late opened their windows and leaned out to look at the sky.It was the final days of winter, but the night wind in the north was cold. Despite this, people still watched the shooting star without a care in the world.

「It’s a bad sign」

An old woman was looking up and talking to herself. Her voice, rather loud due to her deafness, reaches the ears of the people around her.However, no one cares. It was because the old woman was known to make negative comments about anything and everything.


And further north of the northern city. In the snowfield that spreads out there, there is a being that sees shooting stars as well.

A skeletal warrior clad in armor, riding a horse made of bones. It was the 『Winter Shogun』.

He was once defeated by the Old Lady, but was resurrected with the arrival of winter. He stayed there for a while after he reappeared.

『Let’s go back』

The Winter Shogun turned to the north and lightly tapped his horse’s ribs with his heel. As the horse slowly walked away, a large group of skeletons, his familiars, followed after him.The fierce cold air also moved north with the skeletons. Thus, the harsh winter, which had lasted longer than usual, came to an end.

「That must have been a sign for the Winter Shogun. A sign that tells him that it’s time to return to where he came from」

The people of the northern city later described it as such. The white shooting star from the south was remembered as 『The star that heralds the arrival of spring』.

Of course, there were also those who did not think so. A tall young woman was one of them.

Although she was wearing a hood now, she was actually a beautiful woman with long slit eyes, a pretty face, and straight chestnut-colored hair.

(There’s no doubt about it… that was magic)

The tips of her long, slender ears have grown cold, and she rubs them with her hands over her hood. She is an elf who travels while doing trades.

(I wonder who fired it, and for what purpose. Looking at the direction it’s heading, it doesn’t look like it’s aimed at the forest of spirits)

Since it was that flashy, it must have consumed a considerable amount of magic power. It would be a waste to simply fire it for no reason.

(Is it something like a firework show, perhaps?)

I wonder if some rich person who’s crazy drunk launched it as a sideshow or some sort. If so, I would love to visit them.A good looking and wealthy man is her ideal customer.

(Should I inform the village?)

She thought for a moment, but quickly shook her head with a bitter expression.

(There’s no need, I guess. It doesn’t seem like a big deal anyway)

She doesn’t want to contact her hometown too much. The reason is that she made a huge blunder against a human.

She had tried to brainwash the Grim Reaper and get information out of him, but she was forced to give in and opened the Heaven’s Gate.

This was a first for the Elves. It can even be said as a historical disgrace.

(Now then, I wonder what should I sell next)

Forcefully switching her thoughts, the elven woman merchant thought about what to do next.

Goods that are intended for elves and are difficult for humans to handle. She loved to see the people who appreciated them and bought them at a high price.

She loved seeing such people.

(What an idiot. But that’s idiotic part of them is what makes them really cute)

She felt as if it could even heal the wound in her heart.


Sitting down on the driver’s seat, she turns her eyes back from the night sky, where the shooting stars have disappeared, and swings the reins. With that, the single golem horse set forth.Pulling a carriage with a canopy, it began to move south along the night road.


The next morning, I was camped in the shade of a giant rock and looked at the top of the rocky mountain, which had become smaller.

「Large-type demon beast subjugation complete, I guess」

I muttered to myself as I took a simple breakfast of cookies, boiled eggs, and coffee.

Thanks to the abundance of magic power, my camp is comfortable. The back of the old lady’s cockpit is folded down, and I can leave the heater on.

I can even make a pot of hot water, so I can make coffee without going outside. The only times I have to go outside are when I cook the bacon and when I have to take a pee.

(There’s no shower so I can’t take a bath, but that’s not really a big deal)

On the way home, I could go to a brothel in a nearby town and have one of the girls clean me. Getting a chance to visit new places on a business trip is one of the perks of working.

(Still, similar events have been appearing a lot recently isn’t there)

While it happened in a different place, there are few sightings of demon beasts movement. I let my thoughts wander, while washing down the cookies I chewed with coffee.

(Maybe the spirit forest has finally reaching a dangerous state)

My familiars, Imosuke and Dangorou. According to the two spirit beasts, the spirit forest has become a very difficult place to live in.It seems that the reason why the Heavy Lancers have left the forest and invaded the Kingdom’s territory is because of the decrease in grasses, which was their food.

(It must be the same for those birds too)

It just so happened that they had wings, so they were able to fly over the northern country and reach here. Otherwise, they would have been blocked by mountains and rivers.

(Even Zaratan thinks that the garden forest is better)

The spirit lake in the spirit forest. The guardian of the lake is a giant spirit beast called Zaratan, which is two hundred meters long.The old turtle had recently shrunk in size and moved into our garden.

(Well, that’s partly because his aim was the pomelos)

The pomelos, which grow in the garden forest. In response to my request, Imosuke and Dangorou worked hard to plant and grow this fruit tree.

The fruit is Zaratan’s favorite. Yesterday morning, he looked up from the pond at the pomelo tree and happily struck the surface of the water with his tail.

I recalled that scene.

「This year’s harvest is supposed to be in the fall」

That’s what Imosuke had told me. Last year, when they harvested before summer, it was apparently a forceful approach by using potions.Zaratan nodded, but he showed no sign of disappointment. I’m starting to wonder if he really got the message.

『Don’t worry, he understand』

I glanced over at Imosuke on the branch of the pomelo tree, and he nodded and sent his thoughts at me.

『The next one is going to be more amazing』

Continuing after him was a spirit beast that looked just like the fifth instar larva of a swallowtail butterfly, while courageously slapping the branch with its butt. The feeling that came over me at that moment was something like, 『I’ll show you its true flavor when its on the height of its season, so just you wait』.I heard that the open-season plants harvested in the proper season are different from those harvested in the early season. I’m very much looking forward to it.

(I’m glad I can leave the matter of the garden forest to Imosuke and the spirit beasts)

As expected of my first familiar. I knew I could count on him to manage the garden forest well along with Dangorou and Zaratan.Having made that decision, I returned from the garden forest to the living room. And my consciousness returned to the present.

(Demon beasts and spirit beasts are overflowing out of the spirit forest. Shall I suggest that possibility?)

A petite, goblin-like old man and a Santa Claus-like old man. I nodded as I thought of the guild master and vice guild master of the merchant guild.They are excellent and dependable employers. All I had to do was say a few words and they would take care of the rest.

(Alright, let’s go home then)

There are no dropped items, so I’m as light as yesterday.The remains are there, but they are scattered on the ground after having flown in the air. When I looked at them this morning, it was clear demon beasts swarmed them during the night.

(Guess I’ll have him give up)

An acquaintance of mine, a reluctant old adventurer, was making a fuss about "cockscomb" and "pre-born eggs". And he said he would pay for it.But I can’t give him what’s not there.


I let the Old Lady get up and continued south along the highway. A little further on, I spotted a group of golem-drawn carriages.

(The thing they carry… doesn’t seem to be pigs)

They were pulling a canopied carriage. It is not the type that can carry living things.It stopped before the crossroads, so I quickly caught up with it. The figure on the driver seat turned to look at me, then pointed the finger of their left hand towards the east and withdrew it.

(What’s going on?)

Wondering what that meant, I made the Old Lady’s face turn to the road that stretches from the east. What I saw was a line of humanoid creatures taller than the trees on the side of the road.

(Knights huh?)

They were approaching in a line. They are not disorganized, but they are not as orderly as the Kingdom’s knight order.It reminded me of the time when I was on an expedition to intercept the heavy lancers.

Translator: "Hakou"                             Editor: "Weasalopes"

(Are they perhaps mercenary Knights?)

The caravan in front of me seemed to be planning to wait for the group of Knights to pass by.

(I should wait for them to pass too)

Unlike the caravan who formed a line, the Old Lady was alone. It would only take a moment for me to cross the street.

However, I decided to line up behind the caravan.

The other side was a group of armed men, more than half a dozen of B and C-class. There was no guarantee that they wouldn’t be offended by me crossing in front of them and getting myself in trouble.

(Most of all, I want to see it)

I like to look at Knights. And if I have the chance to see one in person, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Without much waiting, the line of knights arrived at the crossroads and continued to pass by to the west.

The Knight at the front and some of the riders along the way raised one hand as if to say, 『Sorry about this』.

(This kind of thing isn’t bad either)

I raise my hand in return. It’s like when you’re driving and someone gives you the right to pass.

(They had Lily crests huh)

On the Knight’s shoulder is a matched symbol, inlaid in white. They’re probably the Lily Knights.In this world, many of the symbols of a knight order are in the shape of flowers, such as roses and chrysanthemums. I think they’re elegant.

(They’ve a good taste)

Unlike the Kingdom knight order’s symbol, which always seemed to be freshly painted, I could feel the deterioration, or weathering on theirs.

It’s as if it has a weathering effect* on them.

「*TL Note: An effect where the paint is let deteriorate on purpose for aesthetic purposes. Often used in gundam or tank figurines.」

(I’ve seen something great)

After the group of Knights passes by, the Old Lady passes the merchant caravan and continues onward. However, we soon entered a town along the road.This is a stopping point for the regular golem wagons. It’s the same kind of place where I stayed overnight when I left Landbarn for Awoke.

(The town has no brothels or bathhouses, but I heard that you can take a bath in the barbershop here)

The booklet I flipped through in the cockpit was 『Let’s Travel the Kingdom』. Corneal had told me about it and I had bought it.

I parked the Old Lady on one knee in a spot reserved for big golem carriages, and took a rope ladder to the ground. It’s not as good as a wooden ladder because it swings and spins around too much.

After that, I used magic to lock the cockpit. Then I open the page that shows the map and look for my destination.

(Ah, there it is)

It’s a small town, after all, with all the stores on both sides of the street.

『Gentlemen’s and ladies’ dressing room』

I went to the store with that sign and entered through the men’s entrance. I was greeted by a group of women in pale blue uniforms.The entrance is separated for men and women, but there are no services like in a brothel. I guess it’s meant to be like a public bath or barber store.

(It is actually convenient)

I was thinking of using a brothel to take a shower instead of as a bathhouse so I wouldn’t have to wash myself. I don’t dare to play elsewhere before the play with Light cruiser-sensei tonight.It’s not money that I’m worried about, but I do want to save on ammunition.

(This place is quite big)

There were about eight chairs on the tiled floor, where customers were having their hair cut or their hair washed.

In the back, there was a shallow bathtub and a cot for lounging. There are two sets of these.

There are rails running along the ceiling, so I think they can be separated by curtains.

(Full body? So this is what they means by the replacement for a bath)

I looked at the price list on the wall and predicted. It was largely about hairdressing and hair washing, but each was divided into head and full body.

「Then, I will go with hairdressing and washing, full body ones for both」

It was the most expensive one. The price was one silver coin and five copper coins.A woman about my age stepped forward with a smile. She wasn’t exactly beautiful, but she wasn’t that unattractive either, just very ordinary.

「I’m going to cut your hair first, so please have a seat here」

After about ten minutes, she finished shaving me. But it’s not the time for the hair wash yet.

「Next I’m going to fix the hair on your body, so please move over there」

She led me into one of the four empty bathtubs. A woman pulled the curtain and told me to take off my clothes.And did as I was told, stripped naked, put my clothes in the changing basket, then I lay down in the tub.

(I’ve sure gotten used to it over the past year)

In a space separated by a single curtain, I had no hesitation in exposing my naked body, even in front of women. I grew used to it very fast if I do say so myself.

(It’s just like visiting a hot spring. Embarrassing at first, but you’ll get used to it midway)

As I was thinking about this, I was gently washed off with body soap.After wiping my entire body with a bath towel, I was placed on my back on a bed that was also covered with a bath towel.


I was a little frightened when I saw it in the woman’s hand. It was the shaving brush I used when I shave, except the size was about two times bigger.Smiling, she makes a foam and spreads it over my chest. Then she started to rub it all over my body.


It tickles like hell. But it seems she was so used to this kind of reaction that she didn’t even bother and kept doing what she was doing.I was relieved when she finished, but when I saw the knife she took out next, my whole body went stiff.

(So they use that to shave the hair all over the body huh)

I wasn’t afraid when she shaved me. Maybe since it was my face that time, so it was too close for me to see.But now it was different. I could clearly see the blade approaching with a smile on her face.

「Yes, it’s okay to keep your eyes closed. And please refrain from making sudden movement」

I closed my eyes and stiffened as she gently talked to me like a salesperson.I wonder how long she’s been doing this? My chest, abdomen, armpits, crotch, as well as the thighs, shins, squirrels and blades are shaved.

「Get down on your face, please」

Now I’m completely at her mercy. With my eyes closed, I turned over, and panicked.

(Ah! That place is!)

To my surprise, the shaving brush started to work its way down to my butt. She spreads it to left and right and goes on applying a generous amount of foam around my flower.


It can’t be helped that I almost leaked my voice. The knife began to shave my buttocks.

A few minutes later, I was soaked again in the tub and she washed me thoroughly.

The unnecessary hair was removed and some parts where it needed to be trimmed were neatly trimmed. My appearance as a gentleman is now perfect.

(I would be troubled if it was too short or even too clean, since it could hurt both me and my partner)

It was one thing if it wasn’t there in the first place, but if it was shaved off, there needed to be a lot of consideration.

(I can see why it’s popular with women)

I remembered the words of the guidebook and was convinced. It’s easier to ask for help if it’s too difficult for you to take care of that place yourself.In the women’s entrance next door, there were signs of a lot of people coming and going.

(I feel like my attractiveness as a man has increased)

I glanced at the mirror on the wall while putting on my clothes. I put my hand under my chin, nodded to myself, and left the store, feeling refreshed.

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