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Chapter: 235.1

Translator: "Hakou"                             Editor: "Weasalopes"

A low-class brothel in the back alleys of the royal capital red-light district, 『Uniform Store』. There are three people in that playroom right now.There were now three people in the playroom.


One of them is me. I got down on both knees on the carpet, hung my head and shouted.

「Senpai, from me too, please!」

The other one was Black Tights-chan. She’s a girl with a light-weight body dressed in a pilot school uniform.

She sits next to me, both fists clenched in front of her chest, looking up to the front.

The last one was the girl standing in front of me. She’s also dressed in a pilot uniform, with her arms folded and her face contorted.

「Fine, I’ll show you the real wickedness to the defeated. Prepare yourself!」

Looking down at us, Ponytail replied in a shaky voice. Her tone is also a bit hesitant.However, the Black Tights-chan doesn’t notice. "Thank you very much!" she says, her eyes sparkling.

(To think it would turn out this way. I’m so lucky it’s almost scary)

Her hostility toward me and her affection for her junior had made Ponytail lose her composure.There’s no way I would miss such an opportunity. I immediately asked her to teach me together with her Black Tights-chan, and she agreed.

『Seasoned pilot with vast experience in wickedness to the defeated』

She probably couldn’t say no because she called herself such.While thanking her, I looked up and saw Ponytail’s complexion had turned pale. In the aquarium called "eyes", her pupils are swimming around like fish in an aquarium.

「….Right, let’s use that」

After muttering to herself, Ponytail wandered to the door into the hallway.

Opening the door slightly, she shouted for the apprentice girl. From further down the hallway, she heard a reply and the sound of pattering feet.

Through the crack in the door, Ponytail exchanged words with the apprentice girl. From what I could hear, she was trying to get her to bring her something.

However, she didn’t seem to be able to say yes, and Ponytail’s tone was starting to get aggressive.

(The apprentice girl is probably hesitated because of what Ponytail did today)

She holed herself up in the playroom and summoned me, a customer, which is unbecoming of someone who works in a brothel.She was probably wondering if she should follow the words of Ponytail who had done such a thing.

(It’s okay)

I nod silently from behind Ponytail. The apprentice girl notices this and nods back.The sound of footsteps running down the hallway soon returns. What Ponytail received from the gap in the door was a bundle of rope.

「Go and lie on the bed, on your back」

Ponytail’s expression was brighter than before as she gave me instructions. She seems to have regained some of her composure.

(I see now, she thought it well)

I thought as my hands and feet were tied to the legs of the bed with ropes. She must have thought that if she restrained me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

『Attacking at your pace and break away when it gets dangerous』

That is certainly possible with me in this position. She understood well the importance of taking the lead.Convinced by this, I noticed a gaze directed at me.


I look over to see Ponytail with her arms folded with an expression as if she was thinking. She walks over to the small table, takes out a rather big handkerchief from her bag, and wraps it around my face.I guess she was trying to gain a mental advantage by blocking my vision. It seemed very effective.

(That’s too bad. I was hoping to still be able to see her knight order uniform)

The fabric of the handkerchief was thin. I tried my best to see through it, but it was impossible.I could only see if it was bright or dark.

(Next time, I’ll wear my pilot’s uniform. I think it will be more fun that way if we’re playing wickedness to the defeated)

A merchant guild Knight turns coat and defeats her from behind. And so begins the wickedness to the defeated.

(It might be impossible to do it to Ponytail. But it might be possible to Black Tights-chan)

A dark setting would be no good even if it’s just a play. No, maybe if I got discovered and have the tables turned on me just like now, then maybe.

Just thinking about it makes the tension in my tent increase.

As I was thinking about this, a hand reached for my belt. The belt is loosened, and my pants are pulled down along with my underwear.


The pillar, which had been accumulating tension as it creaked inside the tent, was jerked out into the air as the tent was removed. I’d like you to be a little gentler with me, if possible.Just as I was thinking this, the cold hand of a ponytail touched my American cracker.

(What? What is it all of a sudden?)

Her strokes were somewhat awkward. But Ponytail had never been like this before.In the midst of this surprise and confusion, Ponytail’s boastful voice reached me.

「This is what Lightning-san taught me. Be prepared!」

Lightning, the top-ranked player in the Holy City’s Divine Tournament for two years in a row, is also a celebrity. Probably hearing him as a pilot for the first time, Black Tights-chan shouts in surprise.

「If you join the knight order, he will train you. So you should do your best」

Black Tights-chan responds to the encouragement from her senior with enthusiasm.It seems that Lightning is also doing a lot of things in the knight order. I’ll have to ask Lightning himself about this later.

「Alright, this should be enough」

You say things like that, but you should have known that when you took my pants off. I wonder if it’s a formality thing.

「Here I go… Hnn」

She straddles me and then leads me into herself. She kept her clothes on and her underwear off, just as I had always ordered.

(Uooohhh so hoott… As I thought she’s something else)

The temperature in Ponytail’s pot is higher than that of other people. Perhaps it was because it had been a while since I had been inside, but it felt hotter than usual.

(What’s this? The swell and suction are stronger than before. Her skill have improved, huh)

On top of me, Ponytail moves her hips in a pattern as if she’s drawing an eight. The way her insides tangles me, as if she’s trying not to let me go, is something I’ve never seen before.

「Ughh… As expected this is…」

I was about to say something, but Ponytail quickly interjects with a haughty tone.

「How is it? You must be very frustrated. You will finish just like this without being able to do anything」

The next scene was the interrogation of the prisoners. I guess it was Ponytail’s interpretation of the wickedness of the defeated.She swung her hips around and continued to interrogate me with ragged breaths.

「Come on! If you want me to stop, you’re gonna have to give me some information! Tell me everything you know」

I don’t want you to stop though, I want to continue. If it’s information, I’ll give you as much as you want, so long you’re fine with it being a genetic thing.

(Still, this situation sure is great)

My classmate at the pilot school, a beautiful and strong-willed girl who hates my guts. Now I’m being violated, albeit it’s a simulation, by that very Ponytail.

(…How wonderful. I want to savor this feeling for as long as I can)

This thought stopped me from using the magic eye and the astral sword.

Even if I was blindfolded with a handkerchief, I could still see Ponytail’s weak spots if I activated my magic eye. If I were to use the astral sword, I would probably defeat her in a single blow.

But I wouldn’t do it.

(After all, we’re in this position. I’m sure she’ll pull out as soon as she feels the limit)

The impression I had from the play so far was that Ponytail’s sensitivity was strangely high. Maybe it’s because she’s been back in action for a while and is not used to it yet.

(For now, let’s just enjoy this moment)

I suppressed my desire for service and concentrated on enjoying myself.The warmth of Ponytail unintentionally made me let out a sound as if I was taking a hot bath in winter. Hearing this, Black Tights-chan let out a sound of admiration.

「Senpai is amazing! I’ve never made instructor-dono let out such voice!」

It must have made her feel better. I can feel the heat from deep inside coming down.

「We’re just getting started. Get me that ring」

As if she had become more confident, she gave instructions to Black Tights-chan in a voice that was filled with tension.

「A ring? Did she mean the hula hoop that was propped up against the wall」

Ponytail’s voice reached my ears as I guessed what it was.

「This is one of the basic training exercises that Lightning taught me. But it’s also a real technique. I’ll show you how to do it, so you can use it as a reference」

It seems she was getting serious because I couldn’t attack her. I guess she’s trying to show her junior how good she is.A sharp voice is resounded following the presence of someone passing through the hula hoop.

「Here I go!」

A big grind at once. Then she kneads her hips.She must be spinning a hula hoop while straddling me, because I can hear the wind whistling.

(Is this another one of Lightning’s teachings? As expected of Lightning. Good job!)

Moving the hips with the purpose of spinning the hula hoop is very fresh. I ended up scrambling the inside of Ponytail that had never been used before.She seems to be taking more damage than I am, though, as she occasionally lets out a sweet, nasal sound.

「This is the first time I’ve seen something like this! I wish I could take some of Lightning-san’s teachings too!」

Black Tights-chan gasped as she finished her sentence.

「Ah, um, instructor-dono’s teaching is great too, you know! I’ve definitely grown after receiving your training!」

She felt bad for mentioning Lightning’s name in front of me. It was very typical of Black Tights-chan to be so considerate.Thinking that I should raise the bar for the senior of this girl who’s full of such consideration, I do my best to keep acting.

「Uwaa, this is bad! It’ll be over if I got hit by lightning sword here」

Ponytail must have been a pretty bad actor, because there was no response from her. She seems to continue with the hula hoop as it is.However, Black Tights-chan reacts.

「Senpai can use lightning sword!?」

From the tone of her voice, her eyes were definitely sparkling. "Eh?", on the other hand, what came out of Ponytail was a dumbfounded voice.

But it is only natural that she would ask this question, considering how Ponytail has boasted many times about how she receives training from Lightning.

After all, the lightning sword is everyone’s center of attention

「…O-Of course I can! Just watch」

As expected of the samurai Ponytail. A samurai uses toothpicks even if they haven’t eaten*.

While spinning the hoop, she moves up and down three times in small movements while shouting the name of the technique.

[*TL Note: Refers to "武士は食わねど高楊枝", which can also be interpreted as, "enduring something out of pride".]

「Lightning Sword!」

There was not much change of stimulation for me, but I still decided to let out a pathetic scream.

「Senpai, it’s working!」

Black Tights-chan shouted and urged her to do it again. I bet she’s saying it with a smile and eyes full of trust in her senior. Just like how she looked at me, her instructor.And Ponytail seems to have been unable to refuse.


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