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Chapter: 243.2

The stage moves to the hangar of the merchant guild’s Knight near the eastern gate of the royal capital.

(We finally got back)

Knights training ground located north of the royal capital.

There, a full-body inspection of the Old Lady was conducted through the night. The work finally ended after the morning sun had risen high in the sky.

Naturally, our departure was late, and we arrived at the royal capital only a short while ago. It was just past noon now.

(I didn’t think we’d have to do it twice)

The cart carrying the Old lady was pulled into the hangar. As I looked at it, I remembered the time from last night to this morning.

As midnight gradually turned into dawn, we finished the inspection.

(Is it over? Can I get some sleep now?)

With this expectation in mind, I looked at the herbivore mechanic.

「I can’t seem to find anything wrong with it」

He didn’t say 『There’s no problem』, but 『I can’t find the problem』. I guess that’s why his expression was grim.

As soon as he finished, he started walking in a circular motion, mumbling something about 『The processing traces are…』 and 『It’s same as before』.

(He doesn’t seem going to stop anytime soon, not until he got to the bottom of this)

I let go of my expectations and sigh in my heart.

I’ve worked with him long enough to know this much. The flame that had been kindled in the herbivore mechanic’s technician’s soul would not be extinguished so easily.

「There may be something that I have missed. Let’s go over it once again after a short break」

The slender young man’s words did not betray my expectations in the slightest.

「We’ll have this as dinner. Please eat up」

What he gave me was another sweets. And the drink was a sweet and strong fruit water.

The herbivore mechanic ate the cookie with chocolate coating on one side while drinking some juice. Seeing that made me feel sick, as expected.

「Well then, let’s start」

The young man patted his hands and clothes to remove the crumbs of the cookie. I thought he said to take a break, but he seemed to be planning to immediately get back to work.

He’s the of person who must not be allowed to play MMORPGs. Since he will surely become a hardcore player.

「Please get the light higher up」

Under the direction of the herbivore mechanic, I extended the shining wand upward as far as I could.

I was in charge of lighting the hand of the herbivore mechanic.

(The time passes slowly since I don’t have anything to get into)

The herbivore mechanic who’s working enthusiastically, is probably concentrating so hard that he might not notice it’s already morning. But me on the other hand, just holding a light in my hand.

And I have to follow the movement of his hand, so I can’t take my eyes off him.

(I might’ve been a bit rash)

I think while keeping the wand high in the air.

『Let’s do the inspection immediately right here right now』

That behavior was right.

But the hardship of having to accompany him like this makes me had a second thought.

(I should have told him in a more concise manner)

If I had, we would probably have gotten back to the hangar.

At that moment, a gust of wind blew past us on the mountainside.

(So cold)

Thus, I continued to hold the wand while shivering in the cold of the winter night.


Called by the herbivore mechanic, I came back from reminiscing to present.

「Good work for today Tauro-san. You should go back to your house and take a good rest」

Herbivore mechanic told me in his usual manner. He didn’t seem to be affected by the work outdoors last night at all.

He doesn’t seem disheartened by the fact that the second result was the same as the first.

(Is it because he’s used to it? Or is it because he’s in charge and don’t feel much fatigue?)

Just where does his slender body have the strength to do this?

(Let’s not walk home)

Fortunately, there were many golem carriages waiting for customers at the eastern gate. I got into one of them and headed for the red-light district.

(Let’s take a bath first then get some sleep. And let’s eat a proper meal after I wake up)

I got off at a side street off the main street. It’s a place called 『Ippon Yokocho』.

The stores here are private owned small stores. In most cases, there is only one woman standing in front of the store.

Therefore, when a customer comes in, a sign saying 『Full house』 is displayed.

(I like how it can adapt to the customers’ accomodities)

The time and content of play are up to discussion. This is very convenient when I just want to take a bath after work.

(Oh? It’s open it’s open)

I entered a relatively familiar store. A woman in her mid-thirties, who looked like a young proprietress, was running the place by herself.

I like her because she is kind enough to go along with my selfishness.

「Thank you for your hadrwork. That must have been tough」

I told her that I had been working outdoors all night and asked her for a bath and a little rest. The young proprietress undressed me and said she would do her best to serve me.

After that, I went to the bathroom and let her do everything for me. She even gave me a shave.

(This is paradise)

It feels good, but I’m afraid I’m going to fall asleep in the bathtub if this continues. I managed to get up by sheer force of will.

「I’m going to get some sleep」

After all the water droplets were wiped off my body, I fell down on the bed.

Almost two hours passed in the brothel. When I woke up, I saw the young proprietress wearing an apron.

「Is there anything you would like to eat?」

It appears she will cook me a homemade meal.

「I’ll have vegetables and meat, please」

I’ve had enough of sweet flavored food.

The young proprietress smiled at my words and cooked skillfully. She served me a stew of meat and vegetables.

「….It’s delicious」

The fact that it was not stir-fried was probably her way of being considerate of my health.

「Thank you, I feel alive again」

Even though there’s no play involved, I gave her a large amount of tip and left the store.

From there, I walked home.

「I’m home」

『Welcome home』

A caterpillar and a dung beetle had come to the door to welcome me, they must have sensed my presence on the stairs.

My work as a pilot sometimes requires me to stay overnight, depending on the demon beast. Therefore, my familiars were not worried even if I returned the next day.

It was a good decision not to make a reservation at the brothel.

「There’s something I want to talk with you guys」

Hearing my words, the caterpillars and dung beetle gathered around me. I opened the window and called out to the turtles, and they responded.

It would take some time for them to walk to me, so I changed into my indoor clothes, including my underwear in the meantime.


The question came from Imosuke.

He probably thought I had come to the merchant guild to ask where the Capricorns live.

「About that, we still have to wait for the answer. What I want to talk to you about something else, it’s about Knights」

Imosuke and Dangorou tilted their heads. In the meantime, Zaratan arrives and takes a seat, well-behaved as usual.

「I see, so you know nothing about Knights huh」

Although I sometimes mention it in my stories, they must have never seen it before.

Zaratan’s words, 『Giant Puppets』, seems to have given them an idea of what it is.

「When I cast a cure injury magic from the cockpit, I got a response. Even though it’s not alive, it’s weird, right?」

With no mechanic or magician I can consult with, I can only count on my familiars.

I’m sorry, but I can’t count on Imosuke and Dangorou to help me this time. I looked at the long-lived, knowledgeable turtle.

『Is that puppet looks old?』

After thinking for a moment, Zaratan asked. Did he perhaps have something in mind?

「Yeah, it is. It was at least 300 years old, which makes it the oldest active Knight in the world」

The turtle closes its eyes and sinks back into the sea of thoughts.

A few moments later, he slowly opens his eyes.

「What? You want to see it yourself?」

He didn’t explain why. But his serious atmosphere made me swallowed my saliva and nodded.

「I got it, I’ll think of something」

Beside Zaratan, who nodded quietly, Imosuke and Dangorou began to move.

『Going out!』


I panically tell them.

「Wait wait, I can’t bring all of you guys all at once. Besides, we can’t have the ones who manage the garden forest away now, can’t we?」

At these words, Imosuke and Dangorou became silent.

『Is it still coming?』

『It’s gotten less than before, but it’s still coming』

After poking their heads together, the two animals look up at the sky. When they both turn to look at each other, they simultaneously send out a wave.

『That’s too bad』

I’m not sure what they’re talking about, but it seems they’ve given up.

I was a little pained, but I regained my good mood by playing with them.

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