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Chapter: 2465

Guardian level

For Ye Tianyi, there is no shortage of spiritual tools on his body.

Of course, in fact, he does not have many spiritual tools!

This thing is actually a parchment roll.

There may be some good things here, but Ye Tianyi doesn't understand. After all, some things in God's Domain are different from God's Domain.

But the ancient parchment scroll may hold a great secret.

"What is this parchment??"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"I accidentally caught it from the river when I was fishing. It feels like a very old object. If you really want it, I can give it to you."


Ye Tianyi then casually exchanged this spiritual tool for something with him, and then took the parchment scroll in his hand.

Ye Tianyi walked forward while scanning the parchment scroll.

"A map?"

I can't see it, it looks like a map.

To be honest, if this is an ancient map, then Ye Tianyi may have made a lot of money!

"But it seems to be only half, is that so?"

I remember that when he was in the underworld, Ye Tianyi was collecting parchment scrolls, but that time it was a quarter.

"Stay and see."

Because Ye Tianyi could really feel that this parchment scroll was ancient.

Is it a map, he really can't see it, let's keep it, what's the use in case?

"Senior, is this exchangeable for money?"

Ye Tianyi took out the object that was exchanged from the old man just now and asked.

The old man glanced at it and said, "No change, no change."

"Cheap, the money for a mobile phone."

Hearing what Ye Tianyi said, the old man stood up and took the thing in Ye Tianyi's hand!

It's exaggerated to think about it, the money for a holy-level spirit tool for a mobile phone.


But it doesn't matter, Ye Tianyi does not lack these spiritual tools.

"Okay, here it is."

He then gave Ye Tianyi a stack of cash.

Ye Tianyi took the cash and walked away.

I bought a mobile phone, bought a mobile phone card, and then went online to get a general understanding of the current situation.

He was in a medium-sized city in the Holy Sun Empire called Beiyang City.

This Sacred Sun Empire belongs to the northern part of this continent, but this Beiyang City is not particularly remote.

"Go to the League of God."

Ye Tianyi inquired about it casually, and then came to a branch of the Shenmeng here.

Ye Tianyi walked in directly.

"Hello, who are you looking for?"

At the front desk of the hall, a MM looked at Ye Tianyi and asked.

So handsome.

"Is this the place to join the League of God?"

"Are you going to join the League of God? You need to pass the assessment."

MM said.

"I came from the realm of the gods. I heard that you can join the alliance of gods by passing the nine-day trial sea nine-layer test."

Hearing Ye Tianyi's words, she was slightly surprised.

"You passed the Jiuzhongtian test, right?"


Ye Tianyi nodded.

At this time, a middle-aged man passed by Ye Tianyi's side, glanced at Ye Tianyi, and said, "You can join the League of God directly after passing the Jiuzhongtian test. Come with me."

Ye Tianyi glanced at him.

He walked towards a room with his hands behind his back, and Ye Tianyi also followed behind him.

The room is still quite grand.

"sit down."

He said something, then poured a cup of tea for Ye Tianyi and put it in front of Ye Tianyi.

"Thank you senior."

"When did you come to God's Domain?"

He sat in front of Ye Tianyi and asked casually.

"I just came today."

"Well, right here in Beiyang City?"

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Okay, how much do you know about Shenmeng?"

Ye Tianyi shook his head; "I don't know much, I probably only know some of the duties of the Shenmeng, and I hardly understand the rest."

"Then let me talk to you. By the way, my name is Beifeng, and I'm the captain of the third team of the guardians of the Shenmeng League of Beiyang City."

"I have seen Senior North Wind."


Beifeng then crossed Erlang's legs and said: "The Shenmeng is a national protection organization founded by the Holy Sun Empire, directly under His Majesty's orders, and now it fills every corner of the continent, but the main purpose is to maintain the integrity of the Holy Sun Empire. The power of the alliance together is very powerful."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"The members of the Shenmeng are called the guardians of the gods, and they are relatively high-ranking beings. The guardians of the gods are divided into nine levels, from the first-level guardians to the ninth-level guardians. If I am a third-level guardian, I can basically become this A squad leader of the City Branch Alliance."

"What does the ninth-level guardian envoy look like?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"It's hard to say, some people will climb up, and some people may even do it alone. For example, the president of our branch, he is a sixth-level **** guardian, and a sixth-level **** guardian can probably become a branch alliance. The guild leader, leading hundreds of divine guardians."

"Only a few hundred? That means, there are only a few hundred envoys in Beiyang City, right?"

Beifeng smiled and said: "There are quite a few hundreds, you must know that it is not easy for anyone who can become a guardian of the gods. You should be quite clear about your own situation. The guardian envoy of the gods must be an existence like you, and everyone is an elite, so the guardian envoys of our God Alliance are not much in essence."

"I see."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Then how to improve the level of the guardian of the gods?"

"Two ways, the first is to do tasks, you can earn points by doing tasks, and if you have enough points, you can increase the level, but this level is extremely difficult to improve. I have been here for eight years, and I am only a third-level guardian. , I am afraid that it will take a few years to be promoted to the fourth-level guardian of the gods."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"The second way is to make an exception to the promotion. This is something that the president is not qualified to do, but it can be reported. After the review is approved, the promotion can be made by exception."

"Does the above refer to the seventh-level guardian envoy?" Ye Tianyi asked.


"The seventh-level guardian envoys are their identities?"

"Many, some may also be the president of a certain branch, and some may be Lone Rangers, but they have a high status in the Divine Alliance, have access to more powerful beings, have higher rights, etc. To be honest, the specific I don't know either, I'm only a third-level guardian of the gods, and the highest I can contact is the president, but the alliance of the gods is more powerful and mysterious than I imagined. What I have learned is actually just gods The tip of the iceberg."


Then Ye Tianyi asked, "Then what if I join the Shenmeng here and I go to another city?"

"The alliance of the gods is not divided into cities, UU reading You are the guardian of the gods here, and you are the guardian of the gods wherever you go. If you take out your identity certificate of the guardian of the gods, you will be accepted everywhere, and many of the guardians of the gods are It’s an established system, and there are very few divine guardians like those who do it alone, unless the level is high."

Beifeng then stood up and said: "But you should stay in Beiyang City in the near future. My third team just has a shortage of people, so you can come to my third team."

At this time, a person walked in.

"Captain Luo."

Beifeng glanced at the approaching person.

Luo Yun's eyes also saw Ye Tianyi.

"It's your kid!?"

He frowned.

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